Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It really and truly was a very happy Christmas!!! It made me SOOO happy! Christmas eve was really special too! We worked on the square until 3:30pm and then headed downstairs to change into p-day clothes. We had no idea what was planned for us until we got on the bus and drove to Heritage Park, where they had a huge place for us to eat dinner! It was a nice and fancy dinner :) We took pictures, played the piano, ate dinner, had a beautiful Christmas program, and made gingerbread houses for little kids in hospitals! It was so much fun :)
President gave us permission to sleep in and not be on the square until NOON! I still woke up early :) I decided to take the time to study about my Savior. I read from Jesus the Christ and the scriptures. It was an amazing start to a Christmas day! My companion and I opened our stockings that were given to us by local stakes in SLC- each item had a scripture to go with it :) It was fun. Then I suggested that we make crepes for breakfast!!! They were absolutely delicious! Then we opened gifts from family and friends! They were all so wonderful!! Thank you all so much! I loved every gift :) We then got ready for the day and headed to the call center to CALL OUR FAMILIES!!! I had butterflies in my stomach, I'll admit! It was SO WONDERFUL to talk to you all! Thanks for making the time for me :) What a great and uplifting phone call! It made Christmas day that much more enjoyable! After the call, we worked until 5pm and went downstairs. There was yet another huge dinner waiting for us... yummmm! After we finished, President announced that we were watching the Chronicles of Narnia!!!! It was SUCH a great movie! What a spiritual experience too! SO many things paralleled to the gospel, especially to the atonement of Jesus Christ. It motivated me to be the best missionary possible and to never get discouraged! We are all in a life-long war with Satan. We know that the Lord is on our side, helping us along the way! Let us put on the armor of God and fight with all our might! :)

It was a wonderful Christmas! The lights are still on, thankfully, because that's what brings all the people! So we still have morning p-days until after the first of the year. It will be a sad day once they turn them off! Well, we've been working a lot in the Beehive House and I really have grown to love it! We see a lot of miracles there! There's a special spirit in the home of a prophet! We met some Romanians the other day who weren't members of the church. They loved the home and the things that we shared with them about the gospel. They want to have missionaries come teach them! They also gave us their friends' names and phone numbers to share it with them!! It's not too often that nonmembers give us referrals!

Yesterday I was thinking all day about ELDER BLAINE FROGGET!!! Can you believe he's now in GERMANY?! I love that boy and am SO excited for him to get out in the field! Won't he be an amazing missionary!? Germany is just the place for him. I've been bragging about him to people on the square all week. (Actually my whole mission! haha) I've met a lot of people who have served in the Berlin Germany mission, and they loved it, so I'm sure he will too :)

Guess what!? Yesterday we got to go to the HUMANITARIAN CENTER for the day!!! I had never been there before and had hoped to! We finally went and it was sooo amazing! I was actually in a really bad mood that morning, but once we got there and got a tour ourselves (so that we would know how to give the tours), I was so appreciative of what I am blessed with, and of all the work that the church does to help others all around the world. It was sooooo great! Our first tour was with nearly 50 people! I was a bit nervous, but it was actually our best tour! The Spirit was strong, and lots of people gave us referrals of their friends. I'll be looking forward to calling them and sharing the gospel message with them! It was actually a busy day there- we took a tour every hour and each tour was huge! I hope I get to work there again someday! It's so uplifting and so interesting! We got to show people all the 1000-pound bails of clothing donated. 300 of them come in every week! They're sorted and then sent out to places all over the world. We got to see all the kits made- hygiene kits, newborn kits, school kits, etc. We got to help tie a bunch of quilts too! There are 4000 quilts made or donated every month and sent out to people who need them! There were wheelchairs, kits, quilts, clothes, clean water, food, and everything you can imagine that goes out to help God's children almost everywhere! What a wonderful program!

Well, my time is short!
I love you all and appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts and support! I couldn't do this work without it!
Much love!!!!
Sister Frogget :)

I just realized that I forgot my camera :( sorry about that! I'll try to send pictures in my next email! Love you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


My new P-day is Wednesday! ONE week into the transfer, my companion and I were informed that we would be changing zones. So I'm no longer in the South 1 zone, but I'm back to Cover zone! And guess what!? Our assignment is in the Beehive House!! It was a really hard adjustment for me, but after a day I was just fine. And we see little miracles all the time at the beehive house! It was the house of Brigham Young, the second prophet of the Church. Two other prophets lived there as well: Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith. The walls and doorways are really small and narrow. It's a cute, cozy little house. It's like I'm giving tours of my own home! It's kinda fun! If there aren't any people coming in for tours, we go in one of the back rooms where there are a bunch of computers, and that functions as the referral center. So we make more calls during that time. We're there most of the day actually... so I'm hardly on the square anymore... that's probably why no one has been able to find me lately! I'm only on the square Monday nights and Saturday nights! Crazy huh? The rest of the time is Beehive House, or "motors" which means we make calls in the referral center, or have our teaching appointments with our investigators!!! We had like 10 appointments the other day, and no one picked up the phone! it was kinda sad. But luckily we found like 5 more potential investigators! Some were found over Chat, and others through the member referrals. Members are SO amazing! Without them, we wouldn't be able to do missionary work very effectively. They (and you) help us so much and I just love it! Thank you thank you thank you and keep it up!!!!

The other day, we met a lady on the square named Jennifer. She just got baptized into the church like 3 days ago! And it was all because she got on TWO WEEKS AGO, and talked with the missionaries on there! Her local missionaries were sent to her home, taught her, and committed her to be baptized. Talk about being prepared! She bore her testimony to us about how it has transformed her life and she's so much happier now. She feels the power of the Holy Ghost in her life. She's still learning and growing, and she loves every minute of it! I thought it was a great story.... USE those pass-along cards, everyone!!! They really work miracles! We have people call in the referral center and go on the website ALL the time because of those cards. This gospel is being carried forth to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. This is a great work! And I'm SO happy to be a part of it! :)

On Monday we had a mission meeting EARLY in the morning. After the meeting, President Holmes allowed us all to walk over to the Conference Center and take pictures with all the pretty Christmas decorations! It was fun :)

There have been a LOT of concerts and performances with the choir, so it's beautiful in there! That same day, I saw my BYU roommate ALISSA!!!! I love that girl so much!!! It was SO great to see her! And she's getting married soon! I can't believe everyone's going off and getting married! It's crazy how time flies and everyone grows up....

Do you have snow yet!?!? We got a BUNCH of it yesterday!! But it's all melting today because it's raining! I still hope we have a white Christmas! I don't know what President Holmes has in store for us for Christmas day.... it's all a surprise! But I'll let you know what happens when I talk to you on the PHONE this Saturday!! I'm excited to hear all of your voices! :)

Well, what a wonderful time of the year, to celebrate and share with others about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! I know that He lives and loves each one of us. I'm striving with all my heart to serve Him and do as He asks. I love you and will talk to you soon!!!

All my love,
Sister Ro Ro Ro Frogget!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The greatest gift

"The greatest gift that we can offer is to point others to [Jesus Christ] and eternal life" --President Eyring

Feliz Navidad!
How are you all doing? I hope the Christmas season is not too busy! It sure is crazy here on Temple Square!! Every single night is packed with people! It's soooo much fun! I'm bummed that I didn't get to see everyone from home that came! Hopefully you enjoyed the lights :) Well, where should I start?! Sister Wilson and I are getting along so well! She's such a hard working missionary with a love for our Savior-- a great example for me! We are having fun living in Gordon Place apartments (which has a ton of space!) We had a good time putting up lights in our living room while listening to David Archuleta's Christmas CD :) And Motab of course! : )

Teaching is going so well! Like I mentioned last week, we can teach people over the phone (the ones who referred on temple square, or the ones that members referred to us) until the missionaries make their first appointment with them. We've found out that in some missions, it takes months for the referral to get to them. And in other missions, it only takes a couple days. Some missions don't even receive them! So it's great that we get the chance to teach them and help them feel the Spirit during the "in-between" time. Once we know that the missionaries are visiting them, we call it an "Investigator Referral Confirmed" or an IRC. We received our first IRC last week! His name is Quincy and he's from New York! We're gonna call him next week to see how the visits are going. Hopefully he'll be our first baptism! :D How awesome is that!? We have a lot of new investigators and potential investigators. It is so great!

I forgot to mention last week that I'm the new ward organist!!! So crazy! I'd definitely rather be the pianist, but it's actually not as hard as I thought it would be :) YAY! We're having our Christmas program this Sunday, and I'm really excited about it! I'll give you some pictures of me at the organ when we had practice time this week :) President Hinckley's son joined us for sacrament meeting last Sunday, so it was a privilege to play for him.

Just yesterday I had an amazing experience! Last week, a member came to the square and we asked him if he knew anyone we could call and share the gospel with. He gave us the number of his friend, Tyler, who is in "alcoholics anonymous" with him! I was a little hesitant to give Tyler a call this week. But yesterday I felt like I needed to call him. So I did, and it was incredible! We talked and I got to know him a little bit. I then asked him about his religious background, but he had none. I asked him if he has faith in God or Jesus Christ, and he completely opened up to me and told me how he used to be completely addicted to alcohol and heroin. He was in the darkest part of his life and almost ended it, but felt like he should pray first. At that moment he felt an overwhelming love from God. He decided to give up all that he had become enslaved to and live a better life. With help from Above, Tyler was able to pull himself out of the deep hole that he was in. After a while, I introduced the Book of Mormon to him and promised him that it would bring him closer to God and Jesus Christ. He was amazed. He sincerely wanted to open it up and read it. So we're sending the missionaries over to Tyler, and we're teaching him over the phone this week! What a great and humble man!

There are miracles like that all the time. The Spirit is incredible here. God truly works through us and helps us say what his children need to hear. It's incredible how many people are searching for the truth but "know not where to find it." I'm honored to assist Him in this work.

Thank you all for your love and support and prayers. They're definitely needed! :) I love you and pray for you often! MERRY CHRISTMAS my loves!

Sister Rochelle Frogget

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!"

I just love Christmas! It will be different and weird being away from home, but it will be worth it. Serving the Lord as His full-time servant is exactly what I need and want to be doing right now. It is incredible!
Well, Sister Smith and I did MTC contacting again last Saturday! And it was for the sisters that were coming here to Temple Square on their missions! So I was able to meet Sister Klein who was in Blaine's zone in the MTC! That was fun. I was companions with Sister Buleje from Peru!! She hardly knows ANY English, so I basically explained everything to her in Spanish! We practiced making phone calls in the referral center, and I taught her how to do it all in Spanish! She did really well when she called one of my potentials. And now she's here on the square because TRANSFERS were on Wednesday!!!! I'm already in my 5th! I'm no longer with Sister Smith :( I thought for sure we would stay in Fleet together. But now she's in Fleet with another sister, and I'm with Sister Wilson from Portland, Oregon! She went to BYU, and we just found out last night that we had the same Book of Mormon class freshman year!! haha! She is such an obedient missionary with a strong testimony! I'm excited to serve with her! I am in "South 1" zone. All the zones have changed. SO MANY things are changing in this mission. It is completely different from when I first got here. We are now all TEACHING zones! That means that we all get to have progressing investigators over the phone! They've had a couple zones doing that the last 2 transfers, but I never had the chance to do it. So Sister Wilson is helping me and teaching me what to do. We actually had 2 lessons yesterday, and we're going to teach them again tomorrow! It's so different! I'm not used to talking to people more than once! haha But it was incredible. We start and end with a prayer in each lesson (which is kind of weird on the phone, but you get used to it after a while). We always invite the investigator to say the closing prayer. Every time I'm almost in tears because of their humility and their willingness to learn and apply these teachings. We are currently teaching a man named Quincy from New York and a young guy named Henry from California. Henry basically bore his testimony to us yesterday and I was amazed at his faith! He will be a SOLID member, for sure. What an amazing thing this is! I'm really excited for this transfer. There are many miracles in store. I can't wait to tell you all about them! Another neat thing about teaching is that we get to be in "chat" which means we are assigned to talk to the people that come on and teach them about the basic beliefs of the church! It is so fun! Except there are SO many people that are "trollers" and are just there to waste our time. I'm learning to discern who is sincere and who is not. It is awesome. Henry is actually a guy that came onto and talked to us. Then we offered to teach him over the phone and that's what we're doing! Cool huh? I love it!

I absolutely loved the Christmas Devotional last week! If you haven't seen it, go online and watch it! President Holmes was kind enough to allow us to attend! Something that President Eyring said really stood out to me: "The greatest gift we can offer is to point others to [Christ] and eternal life." I use that quote all the time now with the members that come on the square. It truly is our privilege and responsibility to share the gospel with those that don't yet have it. I just love this Christmas season and send the best wishes to you all! Remember our Savior Jesus Christ. Make Him your priority- for Christmas, and for the rest of your life. I love Him and His gospel! I hope to hear from you all soon! ALL MY LOVE!


Sister Rochelle Frogget

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love this season!!! Temple Square is the perfect place to be with all the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! The first day they turned on was the day after Thanksgiving! And it was almost shoulder-to-shoulder with all the members and guests that came!!! It was awesome!! We had p-day in the morning and then went on the square for the rest of the night! We talked to SO many members, and got lots of potentials!! It was great! We thought all the nights would be like that, but it's actually not that much. Don't get me wrong, there are still thousands of members coming through, but it's not as crowded as the first night. I'm sure it'll speed up as school gets out and Christmas comes closer. I can't believe it's that time of year again! I just love it! What greater time to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ!!
Last Saturday I was able to do MTC contacting again! A sister from Japan, Sister Wada, was my companion for a few hours. She's actually going to the visitor's center in Hawaii!! But they all come to temple square to practice before going to their visitors centers. So I helped her out and we met wonderful families and received quality potential referrals! We met a man named Brian and his wife Lori and daughter Maggie. They were glowing with the Spirit! They gave us 2 potentials to call. I actually called both of them yesterday! One of them was Brian's older brother. I told him why I was calling, developed a good relationship with him, and introduced the Book of Mormon to him. I told him a little about it and testified of its truthfulness. He ended up wanting to receive one for himself through the missionaries! I was so happy I could act as an instrument in helping his brother take a step closer to Christ.

As we talk to all the members, we invite the spirit into our contacts and quite frequently read scriptures to do so. One time we were talking to some members, and the Spirit was SO strong. But instead of them giving us potentials, I was the one prompted to give my own potentials! So I had my roommate call mom to get the numbers of some of my high school teachers. I'm now praying to know which sisters should be the ones to call them and invite them to learn more about the gospel! We'll see what happens!! Missionary work here is amazing!

Yesterday Sister Smith and I were in the office almost the entire day because we have so much to accomplish before the transfer ends (which will be on Tuesday!!) As we were working on the computer, we heard a familiar voice behind us saying, "Thank you so much for all you do!" We turned around and it was Sister Barbara Thompson and Sister Silvia Allred- the counselors in the General Relief Society board!!! We met them and talked with them. They gave us all Christmas gifts! How sweet of them! I don't know where President Beck was... probably at the MTC since Blaine got to hear her speak just recently! haha :) We are so privileged to be here where the headquarters of the church are! We are going to get tickets to the Christmas Devotional this Sunday!!! I'm so excited!

The mission is amazing. I don't know how else to put it! Completely devoting my time, talents and efforts to the Lord is something I absolutely love and will never regret. I am learning how to become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm striving to listen to the Spirit's promptings. It is certainly very difficult at times, but completely worth every minute. I'm currently reading the book Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. It is incredible. It goes into such intricate depth of Jesus Christ's life. Thinking about His life more often helps me to have His Spirit to guide me even more. I hope that each day I can become more like Him so that one day, when He comes again, He will know me and welcome me into His arms. Forever. I love Him. I am devoted to Him. May we all devote our lives to the Savior and never stray!

All my love to you!!!
Remember the Reason for the season!!

Love, yours truly,
a representative of Jesus Christ-
Sister Rochelle Frogget

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving pictures


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Gobble Gobble! :)

How was it for everyone!? It was a wonderful day for us! We had 3 hours of square time in the morning, then personal study, then we all headed off on buses to a place called Noah's- which is a really nice reception place- we watched Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story 3 :) We had delicious food, did karaoke to Christmas and Disney music (hilarious), played volleyball in a racquetball court (I guess you could call it walley-ball lol), and played ping pong and pool! It was a really fun night! A couple of President and Sister Holmes' kids and grandkids joined us! They have 12 children! So we're always seeing all their family members and new grandbabies. It's cute! Thanksgiving came and went so quickly!! And GUESS WHAT?! The Christmas lights turn on TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be SO exciting! We now have morning p-days so that we can be on the square during the nighttime! And don't worry- I bought some boots today and I got my scarves in the mail (thank you Steph!!), so I'll be staying nice and warm! There is an expected MILLION people coming to temple square this month!! It's gonna be like General Conference time every single night! We are SO excited! There will be mostly members, so we'll be encouraging them to join us in sharing this amazing message with the people that they know that don't have the gospel. What better time than now, during this Christmas season, when the world is celebrating that great birth of the Son of God! The Spirit is strong here. The Gospel is true. Christmas is here. Missionary work continues to carry on! I love it! :)

It has been an incredible week! There were about 3 days when Sister Smith and I didn't have ANY time on the square. But we're making specific goals each week and each day to help us stay focused and missionary-minded, even in the office. All those hours in the office makes square time so much more valuable! Last Saturday we got 5 hours!!!! It was amazing! And we used every minute wisely. We talked to so many guests and just had a blast telling them all about the gospel. They all had so many questions that day and were so interested. I truly felt privileged to be set apart and called as a missionary to preach the gospel. At the end of those 5 hours, we had about 5 minutes left before we had to head back downstairs to the office. We decided to use those 5 minutes wisely and find someone that was prepared to talk with us. We talked to a member couple, and when we asked who we could call and share the gospel with, the lady ended up giving us 10 people to call! I've only called 2 so far, and one of them wants to meet with missionaries! Members truly make such a difference in missionary work.

It has also been an unusual week. On Tuesday, we did service over at Heritage Park and decorated for Christmas!! We came home around 2pm, and we were about to change back into our proselyting clothes, but we got a call saying that the square was closing because of a huge blizzard that was headed our way. So we stayed home for the rest of the night! It was like a mission p-day! All the sisters were in the apartments, cooking, eating dinner with each other, studying, cleaning, and just having a good time. We got a bunch of snow, but it wasn't much of a storm. I was slightly bummed :) Now it's freezing cold outside! Good thing we found some boots today! Gotta love Target :) Anyway, it's almost like we've had 3 p-days this week. So I'm ready and pumped to get back on the square and talk with all the members tonight!!! It's going to be insane! I've heard that sometimes you're walking shoulder-to-shoulder because it's so packed. I'll let you know how it goes! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! And I love you all so much! May you remember the reason for the season, and then share it with others!! :)

Loves and hugs,

Yours truly,

Sister Frogget :)

PS: I recently found out that you can still send letters through!!! So if you don't want to use a stamp (which is a lame excuse for not writing lol), or if you like typing better, then feel free to send me a message through dearElder! :) I promise I'll write you back :) LOVE YOU!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I feel so privileged

Hello my dears!
Well I have less than a year left as a missionary! How crazy is that? I'm loving my mission more and more as it goes along. Even when it's slow and there aren't very many people on the square! BUT, there WILL be more people, once they turn on all the Christmas lights!!! I'm sooooo excited :) They've been working on putting them up since the beginning of August, and they're finally almost finished. The day after Thanksgiving will be when they turn them on. That means our P-days will change from evenings to mornings. So we'll be like regular missionaries for a month and a half! haha.

A few weeks ago, my companion and I got called into President Seppi's office (he's the counselor in the mission presidency). A few other companionships were there as well. We were privileged to be asked to attend the "Orange Street Branch" which is a branch of ladies who are in a half-house, working their way out of prison. It was like a sacrament meeting without partaking of the sacrament. All of the sisters were asked to speak on different topics, except for my companion and I- we were in charge of the music. We prayerfully considered which hymns to sing and which musical number to perform. I played A Child's Prayer from the primary hymn book and the rest of the sisters sang it. It was beautiful!!! And it really touched the hearts of these wonderful ladies who are all working on the repentance process. They were so sweet and full of love! It was an amazing experience that allowed me to see the STRONG power of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. It does work. It does change people. It does change lives. I've seen it. I don't fully comprehend it, but I do not doubt in it.

Also this week, the mission was able to take a field trip to BYU!!!!!!! (It was weird going back! I miss it! lol) We went to the Museum of Art where they had two wonderful exhibitions on Jesus Christ. The artists were Carl Bloch and James Tissot. Bloch is a pretty well-known artist in the church. Tissot, however, is probably not. His art was very unique and interesting. He did hundreds of watercolor paintings of Jesus Christ and his life. It was interesting to see all the different points of view that he had. I was able to think about my Savior and His life in a new way. As a mission, we were able to spend a number of hours there looking at all the paintings. What a testimony- builder! I know that my Redeemer lives! What joy this sweet sentence gives! :)

I feel so privileged to be a part of this mission and a part of this work. There's nothing else like it. When I forget myself and think of others, I truly see the rewards and blessings and joys of missionary work. In the Referral Center a couple days ago, a man called in and he only spoke spanish. Despite my fears and doubts about my spanish-speaking abilities, I pushed them out of my mind and bore testimony in Spanish of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. I did all I could, and God did the rest. The man ended up wanting to meet with missionaries. I love this work! Oh, the gospel is true! (no matter what language you speak haha)

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you! Your letters mean so so so much to me! :)

Love, Sister RoFrogget!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Buenos dias mis amigos!!!

Buenos dias mis amigos!!!

Can I just tell you how much I love you? And can I just tell you how much I love missionary work!!? I wish you were all out here doing this with me! There are experiences that you just can't get anywhere else. Last Saturday, my companion and I were called to do MTC CONTACTING!!!!! That means we were, in a way, trainers for a day! The sisters in the MTC that are going to other visitors' centers came here to get a taste of it. That's exactly what I did during my last week in the MTC. And that's when I saw you guys! Remember that? lol. Anyway, I was a little nervous about doing it, but once we met the sisters, everything felt right and I was excited. My companion, for the few hours that we were together, was Sister Hyde from Alabama, who is going to the visitors' center in St. George- Spanish speaking. What a sweetheart! We planned for the people we would meet that evening, and went up to the square. We found a group of college students, who were here for a convention, and took them on a tour. It was a little rough because most of them were atheists. Not to mention there was a concert in the Assembly Hall that was really loud, and we had to try to speak over the music. Plus, it was scattered and unorganized. But none of that really mattered because we were sharing what we knew and bearing our testimonies together. Sister Hyde has such a radiating testimony, which brought the Spirit into that tour, and all of our contacts with the guests that night. She was fresh from the MTC and still had that "fire". It reminded me to "keep the fire" and never let it go. She had such LOVE for the guests. And, as a tender mercy from Above, we met LOTS of spanish people and she was able to practice her spanish! I was quite impressed to say the least! I was so proud of her. :) I wish she was coming here to Temple Square. We became such great friends within that short time, and we've decided to write to each other and maybe even be roommates when we go back to BYU in 2012! I love that girl so much! And I love the gospel and being able to keep that fire and bear my testimony everyday! That whole experience made me really excited to train someday!! :)

On Sunday, Sister Smith and I were able to attend the "Music and the Spoken Word"! Go MoTab!!! :) They are absolutely amazing! And it's kinda fun to point out all the choir members that I have met and gotten to know when I was in WestGate last transfer!! haha. I feel SO privileged to be here where the headquarters of the church are, and to be able to be a part of all the amazing things that go on here. At the end of the performance, we were excited to find out that President Monson was there with us! I love that man :) Afterwards I was able to give a spanish tour to a family whose daughter has been called here to Temple Square! She'll be coming in January!

Ok, Monday I had one of the most amazing experiences ever! It was a great day in general. We started off by going to the Church History Museum for companionship study :) We learned and saw so much! All about the pioneers and what they went through, and we saw some original belongings of the prophets and pioneers! I could have spent hours in that place. We're going again SOON because there's so much to see and so little time! My love for the pioneers grew so much. It was a great way to start the day. When we walked out, it was breath-takingly beautiful outside! It was raining and all the leaves were really bright colors. It felt like I was walking around in a painting! I love Temple Square! :) After working in the call center for a couple hours, it was time for our district to do SERVICE!! And guess where we got to go?? Inide the Salt Lake City Temple!!! We did temple cleaning for 5 hours that day! And let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE. That temple has so much history behind it. My appreciation for it grew 100 times what it was before. Sister Smith and I were taken from the group of sisters to do a "special assignment." And boy was it special! We were assigned to go through all the rooms and check if the outlets were working! haha it sounds kinda funny, but it was amazing. We got to walk through the beautiful hallways and rooms and just gaze at all the intricate details on the walls and ceilings. I could feel the presence of the pioneers. I could feel the Spirit's peace. We saw all the sealing rooms- I could feel the power of heaven as I thought of families and couples being sealed for all time and eternity in those very rooms. I saw and felt the granite staircases. I gazed at the large windows, and miraculous paintings and murals. We walked through the large solemn assembly room. (I could really feel the temple model in the south visitors center come to life at this point!) We saw the study room where James E. Talmage wrote Jesus the Christ. We got lost so many times because there are more than 170 rooms in that temple, but it was okay because there was so much to see and so much to feel. I felt SO privileged to enter into such a sacred place. I have a whole new perspective of that temple now. There's also so much that I learned and felt there. Not only is it beautiful and amazing physically, it is more importantly the most holy and sacred place on earth. Heaven on earth! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!

I hope that all of you are preparing yourself to enter into the temple. Those of you who already have, I hope you are keeping yourself worthy to go. And I hope you are GOING OFTEN! Weekly if possible! The Lord will bless you and strengthen you and pour out blessings upon you.

I love you.

And congrats to you, Elder Frogget, for becoming the ZONE LEADER!!! You will be amazing. The Lord will bless and guide you more than you could ever imagine.

All my love and support and prayers,

Sister Rochelle Frogget

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aloha from Temple Square

Aloha from Temple Square!! It's still amazingly warm here and it's NOVEMBER! I'm in shock! But snow is coming our way on Monday... you're probably already getting it right now! Well, it has been another wonderful week! (That's how being a missionary is! I love it!). Sister Smith and I received an assignment to work at Welfare Square every Saturday morning! Last Saturday we took one tour with 2 ladies- one of them was from Croatia! She was so sweet, and she loved what she saw. She now wants to meet with the missionaries! Only one tour, but that means one soul was brought closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. Welfare Square is so great. We get to see not only how the church is able to give to those in need, but also how the church helps those people foster self-reliance by working for what they receive. Also, many church members volunteer their time, talents, and skills to do much of the work in the facilities here. And a lot of our fast offerings go to the Welfare program. As I was learning all about it, I felt the need to increase the amount of money I contribute to fast offerings. You can never contribute too much. We are told to "feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to provide for the widow, to dry up the tear of the orphan, to comfort the afflicted, whether in this church, or any other, or in no church at all wherever he finds them." (Joseph Smith). We cannot attain eternal life without serving or giving to the poor and the needy. God will pour out blessings upon us as we give freely! That's what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. His teachings motivate this welfare effort. Welfare is not a program, but the essence of the gospel. It is the gospel in action!!! And Sister Smith and I have another opportunity to serve there tomorrow! In fact, we were just told that a group of 200 people are coming!! I'm a little nervous since I've only given one tour before, but I'm confident that the Lord will bless us as we prepare ourselves and express our love for the gospel. Wish me luck! :)

Well how was your Halloween? The night before Halloween, the square closed at 6pm so we got to go home and make and decorate pumpkin cakes! We had a little party with our roommates :) The next day, Sunday, the square closed at 5pm and we had a "mission meeting" where we all gathered together and watched movies and ate candy! haha! We watched the Emma Story and the Errand of Angels. Loved it!!

Don't worry, we've been doing more than just partying! We've been working too!! Sister Smith and I planned for a Spanish contact one day, and sure enough, that whole hour was full of spanish people. Our nightly planning is seriously such a sacred time- Heavenly Father gives us a little glimpse of the future and lets us know who's coming and helps us prepare for them. As we are faithful and obedient, we really see those people come and miracles happen. I love it! We're also blessed when we don't pass anyone by- and talk to everyone! We saw a girl sitting on a bench the other day and figured that a bunch of sisters had probably already talked to her. We were almost about to pass her by, but we felt the need to talk to her. Surprisingly, NO sisters had approached her that day! We ended up taking her on a tour and developing a really good relationship with her. She had so many questions and was so accepting to everything we shared with her. To our amazement, we later found out that we were teaching the great niece of President Ezra Taft Benson!! And she had hardly heard much about the church! Except from some of her LDS friends!! Crazy huh?? She referred to have missionaries, and so we're hoping that she continues to keep her heart open and continues turning more towards Christ. I'm sure President Benson would be proud :) Another day this week, we were walking, trying to find someone to teach. We saw a man by the New Testament paintings and felt the need to talk with him. We walked towards him, but then his phone rang and he left the building. We were kind of disappointed. But a couple hours later, that same man was by the flagpole and we ended up taking him on a tour! He absolutely loved everything he saw. It was just a blessing to me because it renewed my testimony of the guidance of the Holy Ghost. As we are worthy of His constant companionship, and as we truly listen, He will speak to our hearts and lead us where we need to be, and help us say what we need to say. We are all instruments in the Lord's hands. I am honored to be assisting Him in this magnificent work!

Well, I sure love you all so much! And I miss you too! I hope you're having a great week- despite the challenges and trials that may come your way- just keep your chin up and keep moving forward! Trust in the Lord with all your heart. He will direct you. LOVES!!!



we went to heritage park again yesterday for service

My lovely Sister Smith, me, and Sister Gilbert at the mission meeting on halloween night.

roomies and i had hot chocolate one night.

look at all the junk they gave us on Halloween! President Holmes is really trying to make us obese!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

You won't believe this

My dearest, most wonderful familia!!

Well, you won't believe this, but transfer conference was on Monday and I got called OUTBOUND!! To the GEORGIA ATLANTA MISSION!!! Can you believe that?!? If so, then.... I GOTCHA!!! hahahaha I'm just kidding. I'm still here on Temple Square :) hehehe I hope I got one of you :) ...............ANYWAY, transfer conference really was on Monday- it was SO much fun! Many sisters got called outbound, but I wasn't one of them. :) I actually stayed in the cover zone, still doing FLEET! However, I now have a new companion! Her name is Sister Smith and she is from Tacoma, Washington!! I am now senior companion because she's in her 3rd transfer and I'm in my 4th. We're both really young, but we work reallllly well together! She is such a sweetheart and an amazing missionary! Our first time on the square yesterday was a wonderful experience! We taught together in unity and met some great people! We planned to find 2 men at East Gate at 4pm. Sure enough, we found them! I love it when we find exactly what we're looking for! They were two Germans, so I thought a lot about Blaine!! (Or should I say, Elder Frogget!!!!) They didn't refer for missionaries, but we built a solid relationship with them and at least planted some good seeds. :) Sister Smith is so positive and optimistic- and I can feel her sincere love for the guests that come to the square. I'm really excited for this new transfer. It's gonna be a good one! :)

The first day of the transfer (Wednesday), however, was one of the most stressful days of my life! Sister McNaught was no longer my companion and I couldn't turn to her or depend on her for all the things that I'm still unsure about in Fleet. So all the responsibility was put on my own shoulders and it was intense! I had to wake up at 3am that morning to start sending sisters to the airport. Then, the flights for the returning-outbound sisters were mixed up, delayed, or changed, and I had to coordinate and re-organize, find drivers AND deal with all the other problems that sisters were calling me about for the day. I was exhausted, but I was glad to be able to serve the sisters and to serve the Lord.

There's really no place I'd rather be than right here, serving the Lord. And I'm SO SO SO SO incredibly happy that Blaine is now doing the same!!! I thought a LOT about him on Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. He is now a MISSIONARY!! I'm so proud of that boy!! Wow, our family will really be blessed for having 2 missionaries out serving! I'll strive to work my hardest for you guys and for the Lord! You mean so much to me and you're ALWAYS in my prayers. The Lord is watching over you. I thank Him everyday for protecting and blessing you, and for allowing me to be a part of your lives. You are my shining stars and I love you so much!!! God be with you this week!

ALL MY LOVE, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Sister Rochelle Frogget

PS: Last week, when I was still with Sister McNaught, we were in West Gate for our last time, and it was raining pretty hard.... and guess who came and asked for an umbrella??? DAVID ARCHULETA!! hahaha He comes on the square all the time for recordings and performances in the Tabernacle. And we happened to see him. And now, I always use the umbrella that I lent to him that day :) Pretty funny and random.

Saturday, October 23, 2010



It is officially the last week of the transfer! On Wednesday I will be in my 4th!!! Crazy huh?? I'm pretty sure I will stay in Fleet and train another sister in this assignment. Or maybe Sister McNaught and I will stay together! who knows- it's always a mystery! I'll find out on Monday though!! So just to warn you, it is a possibility that I won't have P-day on Friday anymore, so if I don't email you, now you know why. But I most likely will stay! This next week is going to be hectic in Fleet. We will be coordinating all the airport runs for departing and outbound sisters, as well as taking all the new sisters to walmart, etc, etc. Lots to do, and not much time on the square! So I apologize for not having lots of cool stories! Sacrament meeting was incredible this week though. We heard from an amazing man named President McConkie and he told us all kinds of incredible stories from his experience when he was a mission president. It reminded me to continue to nurture and strengthen my faith and never forget to rely on the Lord. I am striving to draw closer to Him so that He can draw closer to me. It's amazing to have such a close relationship with Him. The mission is wonderful! I LOVE IT! Like I've said before, I encourage all who is reading this to serve a mission one day! It'll be an experience you'll never regret!! :)

Yesterday and Wednesday, we had the opportunity to drive up to Park City to pick up the sisters up there and bring them back to Temple Square. They work in a cute little place called "The Family Tree"! It's similar to the Family Search center that I used to work in last transfer! They help people do their family history work. It's such a small place, and the sisters live right upstairs in one big room that has their beds, kitchen, bathroom and desks all in one room! When I went up there I had a feeling I would work there one day! We'll see!! I'm excited to find out :)

Yesterday we had planned to find a single lady and share with her about God's love for her and that she's not alone. (We were very specific in our planning that day!) Well, we found exactly what we were looking for! A young woman named Paige was sitting near the New Testament paintings and we talked with her and brought her to the temple display. We found out that she hasn't lived with or heard from her family in years (and she's barely 18 years old). She's going to school in SLC and has been inactive in the church for quite some time. We asked her what she turns to for a source of happiness, and she said she doesn't even know because she hasn't felt happy in a really long time. :( How sad!! I felt a taste of God's love for her and did everything I could to reach out to her. I truly felt the Spirit speaking through me. I forgot all my fears about not knowing what to say and just said what the Spirit put into my mind. And it all ended up being about God's love for her and that true happiness comes from living the gospel. A scripture reference popped into my mind: Mosiah 2:41. At the time I didn't even know what the scripture was about! But I knew I needed to share it. And when I opened up to it and read it, I realized that it pertained exactly to what we were talking about! Aaaah I love being a mouthpiece for the Lord. When I depend upon Him in humility, I have the privilege of working as an instrument in His hands. We encouraged Paige to come back to Temple Square and to come back to church. I don't know if I'll ever see her again, but I know that I said what the Lord wanted me to say, and hopefully it was exactly what she needed to hear. I love being a missionary! :)

I love you all and think about you often. Are you doing anything fun for Halloween? Let me know, and PLEASE send me pictures! I'd love to see them! You are all my pride and joy and are always in my prayers!!! MUCH LOVE!!!!!!


Sister Rochelle Frogget! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

October is flying by

Greetings from the square!! :)

October is flying by and the gospel continues to go forth to all nations, kindred, tongue, and people!

Guess what!? Ok so we were privileged to attend the performace of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday- man, was it breathtaking!! I felt like I was in the presence of angels in heaven, singing praises to God! The Spirit was incredible. And at the end, to our surprise, President Monson walked up on stage, along with the governor of Utah! He read a declaration that October 10th is the official Mormon Tabernacle Choir Day in Utah!!! hahaha I thought that was awesome :) And President Monson approved of it. I've been in the same room as the prophet countless times now, and yet, each time my testimony of him is strengthened and renewed. I love and sustain that man. I know that he is a true prophet of God!

Fleet continues to bring unexpected adventures to our lives. There's never a boring day. Sisters always have some random emergency or errand to make. Square time is very limited for us, as I've mentioned before. But I can truly testify of the importance of exact obedience. Sister McNaught and I were able to see the blessings of obedience a few days ago. Tuesday night, as we were planning for the next day, we both had the feeling that we should share the scripture Alma 37:37 with someone. So we wrote it down in our planners and both knew it would be a good day. We hardly had ANY time on the square that day. In fact, we were happy that we at least had an hour. So we made sure to make that hour a good one. Sure enough, the Lord blessed us with a wonderful couple from Kentucky. They were both so teachable- the wife even pointed out the special feeling here on the square. She teared up as we talked about eternal families, prayer, and as we read from the Book of Mormon. We read our planned scripture: Alma 37:37!!! And she was so touched by it! They referred to have missionaries in their home back in KY! What a miracle :) After that tour, we met another couple from Iowa. They were strong baptists and had misunderstandings about the Book of Mormon. but as we explained it to them and testified of its truthfulness, they decided they would find out for themselves and read it. The wife wiped away tears when we talked about the importance of the temple. These two tours were blessings sent from Above!!! Preaching the Lord's gospel brings so much joy and happiness!
It also brings opposition and persecution. A random guy that same day walked up to us and said, "you know the church isn't true, right?" We were kinda caught off guard because he was so blunt about it. He kept going off about how we need to stick with the Bible and that the church is a cult. He said, "Remember me... you'll see... the church isn't true..." Then he walked off and disappeared. It was odd. And it was interesting to see the adversary trying to carry forth his work in hopes that he'll stop the Lord's work from progressing. But his hopes are in vain! Joseph Smith once said, “The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done." ...AMEN TO THAT!!! :)

Yesterday as a district, we were able to drive up to Heritage Park again to do more service! Hundreds of little kids were running around in their Halloween costumes and we got to help them out with crafts! :) it was fun! This morning we were able to attend the temple!! I didn't want to come out! It was so beautiful and peaceful. I found comfort and answers to my prayers. We are SO FORTUNATE to preach the gospel in the shadow of the Lord's temple each and every day. I love this mission :)

I want to thank you, Blaine and Tara, for your letters!!! :) Sorry i didn't mention that in my last email, and sorry for not writing you last week. Maybe I'll write you today :) I love you so much and was so happy to hear from you!!! (by the way, nice painting Blaine! hahahaha At first I thought Derek did it, but then I saw your initials in the corner. You're quite the artist LOL)

As always, you're in my thoughts and prayers, and you all motivate me to do and be better! Blaine, can you believe how quickly october is speeding by!? Pretty soon you'll be in the MTC!!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Keep preparing! You're in for the best two years of your life!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


All my love,

Sister Frogget

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are you ready for this?

Hello everyone!! What an amazing week! Are you ready for this?

Well, as you know, GENERAL CONFERENCE was last weekend! Didn’t you just LOVE it!?? I’m jealous that you got to watch all the sessions! We were only able to watch the Saturday afternoon session, but boy was it great! We had to find out what all the other sessions were about by asking the members! So we heard there were some wonderful words spoken. I’m anxious to receive the Conference issue of the ensign next month!

Ok first of all, we had to be on the square at 8:00 in the morning instead of 10:00! No exercise, no studying, no meal times (besides 15 minutes) It was just full-out preaching the gospel, uplifting the members and getting potential referrals from them! Let me tell you, there were THOUSANDS of members. They were everywhere. We were literally going from one family or individual to the next, back-to-back, for 14 hours straight. President told us only to visit with each one for 5 to 10 minutes at the most so that we could get as many names and numbers sent out to the missionaries around the world as possible. Our mission goal was to receive 5,000 referrals in those 2 days. Ha! We dominated!!! We almost made it to 6,000! We worked hard and felt the Spirit so strongly! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE with all my heart!! Even though I didn’t get to listen to all the words, I still got to feel the Spirit and know that we have a TRUE and LIVING prophet today!! How lucky are we?? It is seriously such a privilege to hear, through these men, what the Lord would say if he were here. The protesters that were here couldn’t stand a chance because we as members of Christ’s church have that knowledge! It is now time to use the words that we have heard and apply them to our lives! President Benson said this:

“For the next six months, your conference edition of the Ensign should stand next to your standard works and be referred to frequently--let these conference addresses be the guide to your walk and talk during the next six months. These are the important matters the Lord sees fit to reveal to this people in this day.”

Let us LIVE what we hear and read from these prophets, seers, and revelators!!

I saw many people that I know here on the square!! It was SO GOOD to see them! I also heard that there were many more looking for me but couldn’t find me, so if you were there, I’m sorry I couldn’t see you!! I wish I could have! Saturday was a REALLY HOT day! Can you believe how great the weather was this conference? It has been YEARS that it hasn’t rained or snowed or been freezing cold at temple square during conference. And this time it was over 80 degrees! The whole summer that I’ve been here, I didn’t get sun burnt. But in OCTOBER of all times of the year, I got a nasty sunburn on my arms, face and neck; ironic! After Saturday night, my entire body was aching. I was about ready to collapse! You have no idea how amazing it is to feel really sore from doing missionary work! I love it! And guess what?? President Holmes gathered us all in the Tabernacle that night and praised us for our hard work and rewarded us by allowing us to SLEEP IN for 2 days!!! He also gave us free pizza for lunch those same days! It was amazing and much needed! I love General Conference time! Immediately after those two days, the square was completely empty, and the weather turned on us. It’s now really cold and rainy, and hardly anyone comes to visit. But we’re still having great experiences and miracles. Being a missionary is so rewarding! I love it :)

So apparently there was a talk given by one of the General authorities who spoke strongly and sternly against homosexuality. Well, that really riled some people up--just last night there was a huge protest about it. President told us to get home and locked in our apartments by 5:30pm. We could hear all the people from our apartments yelling and screaming. It was intense. But, we're so fortunate to be wrapped up in the arms of God’s safety, love, and protection. I love this gospel- it has brought me such happiness and true joy in my life. I know it to be true. Keep up your member-missionary work! The Lord needs you! I love you all so much and I just LOVE hearing from you. You're in my prayers. I just love you to pieces!!! :) xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo



Saturday, October 2, 2010

General Conference Weekend

September is already gone! And here comes October!!! And TOMORROW is General Conference!!!!! Aaaaaaah I'm SO excited! :) We were on the square this morning and there were already SO many members running around. We also had a mission conference this morning and heard that there will be over 100,000 people coming this weekend!!!! That would fill up the conference center about 5 times!!! We have to start our day at 8am and talk to members all day and get potential referrals from them. It's going to be awesome- It's going to be intense! :) It was good to have the meeting this morning because President was able to motivate us and pump us up for this exciting and wonderful time. We get to go to one session of conference! So I'll be at the Saturday afternoon one probably. Look for me on TV! :) lol.

We got a taste of what it's going to be like last weekend when the General Relief Society meeting was here. There were SO many women running around haha. And we unexpectedly got to attend the conference! Wasn't it amazing!? I love our prophet so much- and I support and sustain him with all of my heart. It is always an incredible experience to be in the conference center with 21,000 other people- everyone is talking and chatting, and suddenly, the prophet walks in; everyone stands up and a hush falls over the entire audience. The Spirit is so strong. And the testimony of many is confirmed that he truly is a prophet of God. I LOVE IT! And I can't wait to experience it again tomorrow afternoon! :) :) :)

I got to announce in spanish last Sunday!! It went really well! I'll include some pictures in the email! (They won't be in the ensign though haha- maybe I'll make it in the ensign tomorrow or Sunday!) After we announced, we all stood around for a few minutes to wait for people to come and ask for a tour. Two wonderful ladies from Puerto Rico came up to me and I was able to give them a tour of the square. I have to say that it was probably the best tour I've been able to give in spanish! The Lord truly filled my mouth with the words that He wanted me to say. It's incredible how He works through us. I'm so glad I could have been an instrument in His hands that day and bear my testimony to two of His wonderful children that don't have the gospel in their lives. Aaaah the gospel is so true! I love it! :)

Remember Elder Kortas??? he served his mission in Gardnerville a few years ago. Well i saw him on the square a couple weeks ago and he gave me a potential- a friend of his from back home. I was able to call her and talk to her about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and she ended up wanting to have the missionaries come over and teach her more! It's incredible how important the members are in this magnificent work. Their example and their testimonies make all the difference! So keep it up! :)

Well this week has been quite stressful as far as our assignments go. Since we're always in Westgate or doing things for Fleet, we hardly have any time on the square. Our numbers have decreased immensely. But it's comforting to know that we're sacrificing our time and energy in helping other sisters see success and miracles. President Holmes was able to tell us that in our interviews this week. AND, because we have been making sacrifices and working hard, God has blessed us with miracles when we ARE on the square! We only had 1 hour yesterday, and in that hour, we gave two tours- and each one gave us a referral! It took up our dinner time and companion study time, and it was completely worth it because we got to see two of His children take a step closer to Christ. Aaaaah I love it :)

This week we gave 5 Fleet trainings. Some to the new sisters, and some to the sisters who already passed off driving. We will be giving the new ones driving tests this upcoming week to pass them off. It was funny because at the beginning of one of the trainings, Sister McNaught and I decided that we would scare the sisters- we told them that President made a lot of changes in the mission and that we would no longer be able to drive mission vehicles- we would have to ride bikes the rest of the mission! It was HILARIOUS to see their faces- they were horrified (especially because Walmart is a 20-minute drive, so it would take hours on a bike lol) but we couldn't keep it going very long- especially me because I can't hold a straight face for more than 30 seconds!! Anyway, it was pretty funny. Good times :)

Well- my wonderful friends and family- I love you so much and pray for you every night. Enjoy every minute of General Conference. There's no better way to spend the weekend than to listen to the words of the prophets, seers, and revelators. Ask questions. Seek for answers. Listen, and the Spirit will speak to you.

Much love is coming your way!!! I LOVE YOU!

Sister Rochelle Frogget

PS: When you have some time I want you to think about and answer these questions:
-Whether you're a convert or have been a member of the church your whole life, when did you first come to know that the gospel was true?
-Who has had the most spiritual influence on you? What was it that they did that impacted you?
-When was your first time to the temple? Who helped you prepare? Who made the difference?

Those are the ones I want you to think about. But this next one I want you to actually answer and send it to me in a letter/email:
-What are some scriptures that have played a strong role in your own conversion?

Let me know!!!



Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost Conference Time

Hello everyone! Can you believe how fast time flies?? It's already almost October. And you know what that means!!!! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! It's going to be an amazing conference this year, I can just feel it! And we're gonna see SOOO many people come. I can't wait! We only get to see one session of conference (SO SAD!) but it's ok because the rest of the time we will be uplifting members and encouraging them to do missionary work and spread this wonderful gospel!

This new transfer is sooooo great! I'm enjoying it a lot! My roommates and my companion and I are all becoming really great friends, and we're having a blast together as we live the life of a missionary! Sister McNaught and I have been together for a week and 2 days, and we've only taken TWO tours! You know why that is? It's because we're in Fleet, and in the West Gate Booth. We stay in the booth for 6 hours everyday. We organize and arrange all the language tours and motorcoaches on the square. It is quite a stressful assignment, especially when sisters don't respond to their pages, or when there are hardly any sisters on the square to come take tours! But we manage and we have fun. WestGate doesn't allow us to take tours of course, so what happens is one of us steps outside of the booth and contacts the people that come through the gate. It's a bit harder to teach, testify, and invite, but it's definitely possible!! I really like being in WestGate and in fleet! There's always something to keep us really busy, especially as the summer season is ending and a LOT less people are coming to Temple Square. Right now we're preparing to train all the sisters who want to pass off in driving. We get to teach them the driving rules of the mission, give them a written test, and take them on a drivers test!! It should be fun :)

My Spanish is coming along quite nicely!! I have taken quite a few spanish tours this week and each one of them has been wonderful! Those people are just amazing and accepting. I love them so much! I got to take a lady from Mexico on a tour- she's currently living in Salt Lake City, and her member neighbors brought her here. She was completely prepared to hear this message. She came as a visitor and left as an investigator! The Spirit here is so incredible and it touches the hearts and the lives of the people that come. I'm SO fortunate to be a missionary here. I'm fortunate to be a missionary- period!! My companion and I were studying together yesterday and we were amazed because President Monson has so much weight on his shoulders. His main responsibility is to bear witness of Christ and spread His gospel. But he's only one man and can't do it by himself. So he has put his trust in US to help him. The prophet of God trusts in us to be missionaries- not only missionaries who have been called and set apart to do so, but also YOU as member missionaries! He trusts you. God trusts you. We all have the responsibility and privilege to share this message with everyone! Your friends, your neighbors, your family members, your co-workers, anyone. Everyone! So get up on your feet and get to it! We have work to do! :)

Guess what? Every Sunday morning, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in the Tabernacle. After the performance, everyone pours out of the building, and we as sister missionaries get to do what we call "announcing". So about 10 to 15 of us hold up a sign with a language written on it and then we announce in that language who we are and why we're here- and we tell the people who speak that language to meet us afterwards to take a tour of Temple Square. (remember those pictures in the conference ensigns? You'll see sisters holding up language signs- that's what this is!) SO, I get to announce this Sunday in SPANISH!!! I'm really excited :) I'm a little nervous, but it should be fun! I'll let you know how it goes next week :)

Speaking of the MoTab, we get to meet the members of the choir every week. And mom, guess who I saw?! Alex Boye!!! He was about 8 feet away from me!! haha but sadly I didn't get to meet him. I just saw him walk into the tabernacle right before their performace :) I thought that was kinda cool :)

Well, the Lord continues to show His love and mercy to us each and every day. We witness His tender mercies ALL the time. He is there. He is watching over and protecting us and blessing us SO much! I love Him with all of my heart. I'm SO grateful to be here as a full-time servant for Him, to help Him with His work and His glory- to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. To turn the hearts of His children to our Savior, Jesus Christ. I was reading the other day in Alma chapters 56 and 57 about the 2,000 stripling warriors. (You should read those chapters!) They each had such indescribable FAITH. Their faith led them to do whatsoever thing was required of them- as they were obedient and diligent. They could do ANYTHING through their Father in heaven- with faith. It really motivated me to increase and strengthen my faith. I need to forget about my fears- my fears of approaching people, my fears of rejection, my fears of not speaking eloquently, ALL of my fears, and put my trust and faith in God. He will direct my paths. He will lead me and guide me and work through me. I am an instrument in His hands. I am His mouthpiece. I am His daughter. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

and miss you like crazy!

you're all the best!

keep in touch!!

I pray for you all the time!!!



Ro :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Being a Fleet director

My dearest family,

It is always great to hear from you! Thank you for the emails! I just love ya :)

Well, we're back to Friday p-days! This is my second p-day this week, but to tell you the truth, it sure doesn't seem like it! It has been a CRAZY 3 days! Being a Fleet director, there are a LOT of responsibilities that we have to take care of. In fact, Sister McNaught and I have only been on Temple Square for TWO HOURS in the past 3 days! Everyone calls us about the vans, p-day schedules, moving their stuff, and pretty much anything that involves using a vehicle! With sisters going outbound, going home, coming BACK from outbound, and all the new transfer sisters, we have organized and arranged MANY trips to the airport, walmart, back and forth between apartment buildings, and soooo much more! Not only am I learning all the new stuff for "Fleet", but we're covering the Westgate booth for half the day! So that means that we organize and arrange for motorcoaches and tours and answering really random questions and giving information about the square and the city. Both responsibilities are REALLY busy and a bit stressful. Going to bed is definitely a treat! We sometimes don't even have time for personal study or companionship study! We didn't make it to the square today... so we're teaching a lot less, and taking care of all the behind-the-scenes stuff lol. What's cool is that we have our own cell phone! haha :) And our own car :) This transfer will definitely be a lot different than my past 2, but it will be good. I'm really learning how to be a leader, how to use good judgment, and how to deal with stress!! (which is great because I lack skills in all of the above!!)

It's really weird to be with someone other than Sister Nakajima! This is my first time having a different companion on the square, so it will take some getting used to, but Sister McNaught is SO good! I feel like I'm being trained again because I have to adjust to new teaching styles (and also because I knew very little about fleet or westgate before this week). She is SUCH a good teacher and a really hard worker. She's a great example for me and is helping me become better and better each day. Sister Nakajima is training a beautiful sister named Sister Felici! That's my sister now! :) There are a LOT of changes happening on the square- which follows the mission motto: Always Improving. Our President is SO good to us and is such a wonderful and hard-working man. I love this mission SO much and I'm so happy to be here! I thank you all for your love and support and prayers. It all means the world to me. I hope all is going well at home and I hope to hear from you as soon as possible! I love you! :)



Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to cover zone

My dearest FAMILY!!!! Long time no see!! :) I JUST LOVE YOU ALL TO PIECES!!! I was SO thankful to have been able to see you and take you on a tour :) And then see you again right before you left! What a blessing and tender mercy from the Lord!!!

Guess what!??! TRANSFER CONFERENCE was this morning!!! We got to find out what zones we'll be in and which companions we'll have!! It turns out that Sister Nakajima is TRAINING again!!!! She's getting another new MTC companion! :) I'll have a SISTER! :) haha so she'll be living in the same place with the same roommates. I'm kinda bummed that i won't be living with all of them anymore, but I'm also excited because I will now be with Sister McNaught!!!!! From Idaho :) She's really nice and she's the FLEET director, meaning she's in charge of all the vehicles and driving and training new sisters to pass off driving and stuff like that. So I'll be her assistant :) This transfer will be quite different from my last 2. It's exciting! We're in the "cover zone" (that's what I was in my 1st transfer!!! I love cover zone! yay!!) So that means that I will have p-day on Fridays again!!! (I have 2 p-days this week! I guess that makes up for last transfer when I went more than a week w/o a p-day!) Transfer conference was so much fun :) and 26 sisters are going outbound!! Crazy! It was so fun to see all of them open their calls :) And it's so fun to find out who everyone's new companions are! We don't actually switch till Wednesday, but we found out today. So there's the scoop on all the changes!!!! Fun stuff! :) The mission is so much fun in SO many ways!

Well, soon after you all left the square yesterday, I got a page for Spanish! But it wasn't a nice, small tour- it was 13 people! From SPAIN!!! I was scared out of my mind! I even said that I wouldn't do it because my Spanish isn't good enough, but the sisters at the booth told me to just do it- it'll be good for me. After my half glare, half smile, I reluctantly walked over to the south visitors center, hoping that some other Spanish sisters had found them. But that was not the case! So it was my job to take them on a tour! I was SO lucky and blessed because they were so nice and understanding. I seriously stumbled and stuttered and was all over the place. But they were willing to listen- to my words, and to the Spirit. We ended at the Christus and 8 of them referred! It was quite the miracle, that's for sure! Heavenly Father helped me every step of the way. I was SO exhausted after that. Luckily we had a one hour lunch break and I took a nap! I thought I was done with Spanish tours for the day, but I came back to the square after lunch, and an even BIGGER group came! 17 people- a youth group. So most of them were members, but it was still intimidating because the group seemed so big. I did my best and God did the rest. Man, I really need to work on my Spanish though. There are so many words that I have forgotten! I'll be studying the script a lot more this transfer. I'm learning and growing so much! And those Spanish people are so open and accepting and loving! I love them so much! :) A few days ago I took a Spanish couple on a tour. They were catholic and from Bolivia. As I taught them they were taking everything in and soaking it all up. When I took them to the Christus statue, the husband seriously just broke down in tears. It is so amazing to see those people that truly just LOVE Jesus Christ so much. I think we as members of the church can work on increasing our faith in and love for Him. That couple ended up referring. They were so amazing!! Aaaah I just love this gospel! And I love my Savior Jesus Christ!!

I better get going! there's lots to do today, including packing all my stuff and moving it downstairs! lol. I don't have to go too far which is quite a blessing! But before I go, I would like to publicly say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!!!!!!!- the best little sis in the world! I LOVE YOU and hope you have the greatest day ever! :) You are such a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold! :) I love you all and I will email you again this Friday!! :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Much much love,

Sister Ro-Belle :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

My very first Spanish tour

My dearest family,

Well it has been an eventful week!!! I took my very first Spanish tour (without passing off yet) with a guy from Mexico. I found out at the end of the tour that he already referred, but at least I was able to get some good practice in!! It went pretty well! And I realized that I'm more ready than I thought to pass off. That was on Tuesday last week. THEN, on Thursday, I PASSED OFF THE SPANISH TOUR!!!! I was pretty scared at first, but Sister Cheta (the Spanish coordinator) was so sweet and helpful. She actually got a Spanish page while we were practicing together and so we took that one! It was with a family that is getting baptized this month so they were really nice and understanding, and that tour is what I did to pass off! SO EXCITING! I now get Spanish pages all the time. But since there are so many Spanish sisters, I hardly ever actually get to take them. But yesterday, we were walking through the south visitors center and 3 Spanish ladies from California came to us with all kinds of questions about the church. I answered to the best of my abilities and bore simple testimony to them. They ended up referring! My first Spanish referral!!! (that was yesterday!) Those people are so open and accepting to this message! I'm in for many miracles throughout my mission with those Spanish people!! I'm excited! :) And I'm excited to keep my Spanish going! I never thought I would have passed off this early in the mission!! yay! :)

GUESS WHAT?!? Do you remember when I emailed you about a guy named Charles? I think it was last transfer. Well we took him on a tour quite a few weeks ago and taught him. He was so accepting and so golden!! He referred to have missionaries come teach him more. Well for the first time on my mission I have actually been able to see progression!!! Charles came to the square last week! He told us that the missionaries have been coming for almost 3 weeks now and he has been going to church. He says it feels like home when he goes. He's reading from the Book of Mormon. He even shared with us his favorite scripture! (Mosiah 3:19) He also shared what he's learning and feeling. He has such a strong testimony and he knows he has finally found what he was searching for all these years. He has given up chewing tobacco and is currently trying really hard to give up smoking. He says that's the hardest part, but he now recognizes that the temptations are from Satan, so that helps him resist. What an amazing man!!! I love Charles so much and I'm SO GLAD we could run into him again on Temple Square!!! He's definitely on the right path to following Christ's example and getting baptized!! I was in awe because I actually got to see success from one of our referrals!!! Miracles happen every day!! I truly felt the joy of missionary work that day. I'll never forget it. Charles has motivated me to forget about my fears and just BE BOLD!! this message is for EVERYONE and we must do our very best to share it with them!!! I love being a missionary :)

It must be amazing to be a proselyting missionary! To find people, and then actually continue teaching them and seeing progress in them! We found a young man in the Assembly Hall yesterday who grew up in Arizona (which has a high LDS population). His parents raised him in the church until he was 6 years old, and then they went inactive. So he never got a chance to be baptized. But most of his friends were LDS and he even went to seminary with them sometimes. He goes to church once in a while but he's not active. And he doesn't plan to become a member anytime soon. He said he's still young and has plenty of time to do that later. Plus he's busy and doesn't really have a desire to be a member anyway. BUT something that he said threw me off a bit. He really wants to get married in the temple!!!!!! When he said that, Sister Nakajima and I looked at each other, looked at him, and then we started being really bold with him. What is he waiting for!?? We read him some scriptures about the importance of baptism (since he asked why we have to get baptized if we can still live good lives and follow Christ without getting baptized). We explained the importance of following Christ's example. We also explained the importance of doing it NOW!!!! Don't procrastinate! After a while, I was prompted to challenge him to baptism. So I did, and his countenance changed. He nodded his head and said yes!!! He filled out the card to have the missionaries teach him the discussions and we made him promise that he would come back to the square (since he lives in SLC now) and tell us when his baptismal date would be!!!!! Aaaaah it's so exciting!! I wish WE could be the missionaries to teach him because we built a great relationship with him. But we just have to trust the missionaries in SLC to do it! We were so happy after that. What a miracle! I love missionary work! I love Temple Square!! I love this gospel with all of my heart! I love my Savior Jesus Christ!! I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week! You mean the world to me! :)


Sister Rochelle Frogget!! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

I TOTALLY called it

I read Blaine's email first and when I found out where he was going, I jumped up in the middle of this computer lab and cheered out loud!!! All the sisters say congratulations!!! Especially the one from Germany :) CONGRATULATIONS ELDER BLAINE FROGGET!!!! I'm so proud of you and I love you so much! You'll be an AMAZING missionary!!!!!!!! I can't express how happy I am for you! :)

FINALLY... sheesh!! I have been waiting for WEEKS to receive that email and hear the good news! :) I'm SO SO SO happy! And I TOTALLY called it! Whenever sisters would ask me where I thought Blaine would be going, I always said Germany first. :) I am a missionary after all, and we do have extra power and authority! :) (we're supposed to have humility too, but I'm pretty proud of being right about this! haha)

Well now it's hard to calm down and tell you about my week! My week wasn't nearly as exciting as yours, I'm sure! But I'll go ahead and tell you some special experiences I had. At the beginning of the week, we took a group of 40 Chinese people on a motorcoach tour. The great thing was that I didn't have any fear. That morning I had such a powerful and special personal study and I was spiritually prepared. I trusted in the Lord to fill my mouth with the words that He would have the guests hear. I truly felt Him speaking through me as we gave the tour. It was probably the most spirit-filled tour I have ever been on! It was so special, and the people were so teachable. A couple of them were in tears. Temple Square is such an amazing place! It's rich with pioneer history and rich with the Spirit! I am seriously SO lucky to be serving here :) This tour was special to me for another reason as well: Sometime last year I came to temple square (before knowing I would be serving my mission here of course) and saw 2 sister missionaries giving a tour to a huge group of people (similar to the one I took this week). I looked at the sisters and a tiny thought popped into my head that I would be doing that one day. At that time I envisioned myself in that position. As we were taking the motorcoach this week, I remembered that little "vision" that I had a year ago and realized that I was fulfilling it right then and there, by the flagpole in front of the temple! I love temple square! :) and I love being a missionary! This is exactly where I'm supposed to be!

Last week on Sunday a couple sisters and I went to a chapel in Sandy to give a little presentation to a meeting full of bishops and stake presidents. It was a bit intimidating but fun! Basically we encouraged them to use temple square as a teaching resource for YM/YW groups, relief society/ priesthood, investigators, home teaching, etc. Temple Square is an amazing teaching resource, and I have definitely seen success when people bring their friends here to see what it's all about. So hopefully they'll take advantage of such a wonderful place that's SO CLOSE to them!

Yesterday we took a very nice couple- Brian and Joyce- from Texas, on a tour. We ended in the Conference Center auditorium, which, as I've mentioned before, is such a special place to take our guests because the spirit is so strong there. But this tour was 10 times better than any of the others! I prayed so fervently to have the Spirit guide my teaching because I kept stumbling over my words and sentences and couldn't seem to say what I wanted to say! But as I paused and let the Spirit speak, THAT is when we saw miracles. Tears filled Joyce's eyes. As we explained the Book of Mormon, I could literally see both of them turn from visitors to investigators. Wow, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I pray that they will continue to hear and listen to the Shepherd's voice. They are two of the sweetest people I know! I love them and pray that they will accept the gospel! I love this work. I love this gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He is the reason why I am here. Blaine, you have much joy in store for you!!! You will love this work- even though it's tough. It's totally worth it. I love you all so much!!! I miss you and pray for you always!!

Love always,

Your daughter, sister, and friend,

Sister Frogget! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

God is working miracles among us

ANOTHER week, and no mission call!? Are you SURE the stake pres clicked the submit button? ;) jk. Well, NEXT WEEK FOR SURE!!! I've been praying for you Blaine! I'm so excited for you! And I definitely know how you feel! lol.

I got your tapes last week! It was SO fun to listen to! But way too short lol. I was so bummed when the tape was over. But at the same time I was laughing my head off because you ended it with the answering machine that Blaine recorded. That was hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :) Thanks for sharing that with me :) I love you all and I really enjoy hearing your voices! Thanks for taking the time to record for me :) xoxoxox

This week flew by! We're already almost done with week #3! Today is my 2-month mark at Temple square. The 26th will be my 3-month mark for the whole mission. Exciting! So like I said in mom's letter, the temple square mission now has new clothing guidelines! Pretty much we can wear anything now!! We no longer have to wear really long skirts and tucked in shirts and all that. And we can wear prints and patterns!! It's a really big deal here lol :) And we can wear pretty much any jewelry we want! YAY!

Every week is a week of miracles. Family search is such an awesome place to be! Such a great missionary tool! A college-aged girl named Aimee came in the other day with her grandparents. She just moved to Salt Lake City last week. A lot of her family is LDS but she is not. We talked with them and built such a great relationship with them! They're such wonderful people and it was hard to say goodbye! The next day while we were working on the square, we got a call from family search telling us that the grandpa (Ken) had called them and said that the "redhead and the japanese girl" really made an impression on his granddaughter and he wants us to come and teach her because she's interested in learning more!! Unfortunately we can't go out and teach anyone!! :( SO SAD!! But thankfully, we have the Referral Center. So Ken gave us her phone number so we can call her and invite her to have the SLC missionaries come and teach her. I haven't gotten a hold of her yet, but I will call her tomorrow and hopefully she picks up! I love the RC :)

Speaking of the RC, I was there yesterday, and as I was going through my list, I came across a potential referral that I got from an RM (Sam) that I met on Temple Square weeks ago. I wasn't in a hurry to call him because the 'potential' that he gave me was actually a member- Sam baptized him last year and just wanted me to check up on him because he heard he was inactive. The RC isn't really meant to call inactive people so I didn't really feel like calling him. Plus, he was spanish-speaking so I was nervous to use my spanish! BUT, I had an undeniable feeling that I needed to call him (his name is Lazaro). I knew I had to, but I really didn't want to speak spanish!! Despite my fears, I decided to put all my trust in Heavenly Father to put the words that I needed to speak into my mouth. I called the number, hoping Lazaro wouldn't pick up, but he did. And sure enough, I received SO MUCH help from Above!!! I was able to speak more fluently than ever before and the spanish words that I had forgotten came right back into my mind!! I talked to him about why he wasn't going to church. I assured him that he needed to go and that he needed to read the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and real intent. At the end of the conversation, he agreed to go to church the next morning, even though it was early :) And he agreed to read from the BOM that day!!! I hope that I was able to make a small impression on him and help him realize the importance of attending church and staying active!! I love spanish!! Even though I've had so much fear of using it lately! But when I trust in the Lord, He truly guides and directs me in what I need to say! That being said, I need to pass off the temple square tour in spanish pretty soon! Sister Cheta from Argentina is the spanish coordinator, and she told me on Thursday that I only have ONE WEEK to practice and then I have to pass off.... so that's my homework this week! Wish me luck! I'm so nervous! lol :)

We met an AMAZING couple last week: Joe and Lisa from Washington DC. We took them on a tour and had such a connection with them. Joe met Lisa in the middle of his conversion. He had been searching for the truth for 3 years and when he met her and went to church with her, he knew right away it was the true church and asked to get baptized. He has been a member since January and has such a solid testimony!! I hope the two of them get married! They're so cute! And they're in their 30s so they better hurry! :) Anyway, we asked if they knew anyone we could call and share the gospel with and they couldn't think of anyone. But we coincidentally ran into them hours later in the north visitors center JUST as we were headed toward the RC, and they had been looking for us because they thought of someone we could call! So I called Joe's friend, Johnathan and talked to him all about the church. He had been studying A LOT of anti-mormon literature and had so many incorrect ideas about the church. I tried my best to clear things up for him. He talked so much and so fast that I could hardly fit a sentence in! We ended up 1 hour late to dinner... whoops! So I finally was able to offer him to have the missionaries over to answer more of his questions and give him a BOM so he could find out for himself if it's true or not (and not just take my word for it). He said he would REALLY like that! 'Coincidentally', we ran into Joe and Lisa again in Family Search and I was able to tell them that their friend wants to be taught by the missionaries. They were so happy, and on top of that, we were able to find a lot of Joe's ancenstors! They developed such a love for us over the course of that day, and so we had to take a picture at Ellis Island together :) We also exchanged addresses :) What a special day!

Ok one more cool story and then I must be on my way! We met a guy named Adam the other day who just got baptized 3 months ago. His conversion story made my jaw hit the floor! He's from Canada and one day he was walking down the street. He found a pass-along card IN A BUSH, picked it up, saw that he could get a 'free book' and called the number. The book was sent to his house, he read it, found the nearest chapel to his house, went to church, and 2 weeks later, he was baptized!!! He hasn't been happier than in these last 3 months. I'm still speechless. It's incredible! It's true! I love this gospel and I love the tender mercies of the Lord :)

I love you all so much and think the world of you! Keep being shining examples and lights to the world. You really do make a difference. I love this work and am learning more than I ever thought I would. The Savior lives! God is working miracles among us! He is working through YOU. Continue to follow the Spirit to be the best instrument you can be in God's hands. Much love! God be with you till next week :)


sister Rochelle Frogget!!!