Monday, August 23, 2010

God is working miracles among us

ANOTHER week, and no mission call!? Are you SURE the stake pres clicked the submit button? ;) jk. Well, NEXT WEEK FOR SURE!!! I've been praying for you Blaine! I'm so excited for you! And I definitely know how you feel! lol.

I got your tapes last week! It was SO fun to listen to! But way too short lol. I was so bummed when the tape was over. But at the same time I was laughing my head off because you ended it with the answering machine that Blaine recorded. That was hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :) Thanks for sharing that with me :) I love you all and I really enjoy hearing your voices! Thanks for taking the time to record for me :) xoxoxox

This week flew by! We're already almost done with week #3! Today is my 2-month mark at Temple square. The 26th will be my 3-month mark for the whole mission. Exciting! So like I said in mom's letter, the temple square mission now has new clothing guidelines! Pretty much we can wear anything now!! We no longer have to wear really long skirts and tucked in shirts and all that. And we can wear prints and patterns!! It's a really big deal here lol :) And we can wear pretty much any jewelry we want! YAY!

Every week is a week of miracles. Family search is such an awesome place to be! Such a great missionary tool! A college-aged girl named Aimee came in the other day with her grandparents. She just moved to Salt Lake City last week. A lot of her family is LDS but she is not. We talked with them and built such a great relationship with them! They're such wonderful people and it was hard to say goodbye! The next day while we were working on the square, we got a call from family search telling us that the grandpa (Ken) had called them and said that the "redhead and the japanese girl" really made an impression on his granddaughter and he wants us to come and teach her because she's interested in learning more!! Unfortunately we can't go out and teach anyone!! :( SO SAD!! But thankfully, we have the Referral Center. So Ken gave us her phone number so we can call her and invite her to have the SLC missionaries come and teach her. I haven't gotten a hold of her yet, but I will call her tomorrow and hopefully she picks up! I love the RC :)

Speaking of the RC, I was there yesterday, and as I was going through my list, I came across a potential referral that I got from an RM (Sam) that I met on Temple Square weeks ago. I wasn't in a hurry to call him because the 'potential' that he gave me was actually a member- Sam baptized him last year and just wanted me to check up on him because he heard he was inactive. The RC isn't really meant to call inactive people so I didn't really feel like calling him. Plus, he was spanish-speaking so I was nervous to use my spanish! BUT, I had an undeniable feeling that I needed to call him (his name is Lazaro). I knew I had to, but I really didn't want to speak spanish!! Despite my fears, I decided to put all my trust in Heavenly Father to put the words that I needed to speak into my mouth. I called the number, hoping Lazaro wouldn't pick up, but he did. And sure enough, I received SO MUCH help from Above!!! I was able to speak more fluently than ever before and the spanish words that I had forgotten came right back into my mind!! I talked to him about why he wasn't going to church. I assured him that he needed to go and that he needed to read the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and real intent. At the end of the conversation, he agreed to go to church the next morning, even though it was early :) And he agreed to read from the BOM that day!!! I hope that I was able to make a small impression on him and help him realize the importance of attending church and staying active!! I love spanish!! Even though I've had so much fear of using it lately! But when I trust in the Lord, He truly guides and directs me in what I need to say! That being said, I need to pass off the temple square tour in spanish pretty soon! Sister Cheta from Argentina is the spanish coordinator, and she told me on Thursday that I only have ONE WEEK to practice and then I have to pass off.... so that's my homework this week! Wish me luck! I'm so nervous! lol :)

We met an AMAZING couple last week: Joe and Lisa from Washington DC. We took them on a tour and had such a connection with them. Joe met Lisa in the middle of his conversion. He had been searching for the truth for 3 years and when he met her and went to church with her, he knew right away it was the true church and asked to get baptized. He has been a member since January and has such a solid testimony!! I hope the two of them get married! They're so cute! And they're in their 30s so they better hurry! :) Anyway, we asked if they knew anyone we could call and share the gospel with and they couldn't think of anyone. But we coincidentally ran into them hours later in the north visitors center JUST as we were headed toward the RC, and they had been looking for us because they thought of someone we could call! So I called Joe's friend, Johnathan and talked to him all about the church. He had been studying A LOT of anti-mormon literature and had so many incorrect ideas about the church. I tried my best to clear things up for him. He talked so much and so fast that I could hardly fit a sentence in! We ended up 1 hour late to dinner... whoops! So I finally was able to offer him to have the missionaries over to answer more of his questions and give him a BOM so he could find out for himself if it's true or not (and not just take my word for it). He said he would REALLY like that! 'Coincidentally', we ran into Joe and Lisa again in Family Search and I was able to tell them that their friend wants to be taught by the missionaries. They were so happy, and on top of that, we were able to find a lot of Joe's ancenstors! They developed such a love for us over the course of that day, and so we had to take a picture at Ellis Island together :) We also exchanged addresses :) What a special day!

Ok one more cool story and then I must be on my way! We met a guy named Adam the other day who just got baptized 3 months ago. His conversion story made my jaw hit the floor! He's from Canada and one day he was walking down the street. He found a pass-along card IN A BUSH, picked it up, saw that he could get a 'free book' and called the number. The book was sent to his house, he read it, found the nearest chapel to his house, went to church, and 2 weeks later, he was baptized!!! He hasn't been happier than in these last 3 months. I'm still speechless. It's incredible! It's true! I love this gospel and I love the tender mercies of the Lord :)

I love you all so much and think the world of you! Keep being shining examples and lights to the world. You really do make a difference. I love this work and am learning more than I ever thought I would. The Savior lives! God is working miracles among us! He is working through YOU. Continue to follow the Spirit to be the best instrument you can be in God's hands. Much love! God be with you till next week :)


sister Rochelle Frogget!!!

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