Thursday, November 10, 2011

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith

Concerning my 18-month mission, I can honestly and sincerely say, like Paul, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”
            Wow, what a journey this has been! I have learned, grown, matured, and have been shaped, molded, and refined. My testimony has solidified more than I ever thought possible. I have helped at least one soul, if not many (all over the world!), come closer to the Savior Jesus Christ. I have witnessed miracle after miracle. I have seen God’s hand in my life and in theirs. This is a great and marvelous work! I am truly honored to have been a part of it for such a short and precious time. Duly called and set apart as a missionary of the Church, I have had authority to preach the principles of the gospel, and have been set apart to represent the Lord Jesus Christ. I have devoted all my time, talents, and attention to serving the Lord. How GREAT is my calling!

            This full-time mission is only the beginning. It is part of life’s greater mission- an eternal mission. It not only includes my mortal life, but my spiritual life, when I will continue to preach the gospel. I will continue to pray fervently, search the scriptures, serve others, and give my all to my Heavenly Father. I will press forward, and stand steadfast and immovable for the rest of this mortal life, until I kneel at the Master’s feet and stand at the right hand of the Father.
           There is a time and a season for all things... my time has come. My 18 months is up. I will miss Temple Square so much. But the work will carry on. The truth of God will go forth- boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.
Three important words.......   "IT'S ALL TRUE"
Love you. See you soon.
The one. The only. Sister Rochelle Frogget.
PS: We had 2 VIP tours this week!!! It was nerve-wracking but fun! Especially because we had Elder and Sister Hinckley escort us!!!! They are AMAZING!! :) He's just like his father. I love it. We saw him today after having a testimony meeting with our class in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We were all sad to say goodbye to President and Sister Holmes and to each other. Elder Hinckley greeted us and then said, "Stop crying, you'll get over it!" lol!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

God be with you till we meet again

I can't believe this is actually happening, but next Monday will be my last time to email!!!! This is the most bittersweet moment of my life!!! I am so excited to see you all and be with you again! But I love and treasure my mission SOOOO much and will miss it immensely. I absolutely LOVE being a missionary. I've heard a lot of people say that after the mission you don't have the Spirit as strongly with you... but I don't believe it has to be that way. I believe that if you work hard enough at it, you can keep that Spirit with you... the only thing is, you don't have the right to receive personal revelation for EVERYONE you talk to!! That's what I'll miss the most- being able to help someone come closer to Christ by receiving specific promptings and revelation for THEM- to know exactly what they need, after having only known them for a few minutes, and they live all the way across the WORLD!!! This mission is incredible. This work is miraculous!! I've loved these precious months to serve as a full-time representative of Jesus Christ.
Last week, we had the opportunity and privilege to attend the Bountiful Temple!!! What a BEAUTIFUL temple!! Revelation was received. The Savior's love was felt. Spiritual promptings were given. We were all uplifted and strengthened. I love the temple so much!
The closer Sister Denny and I get to the end of this transfer, the more miracles we are seeing!!!! It's so wonderful, but so sad! We are finding SO many new investigators, and we won't be able to teach them anymore :(  One of our investigators...went to church the past 2 Sundays!!! You know what's really sad? The first time he went, it was a singles ward, and NO ONE... NOBODY talked to him!!! They just looked at him and didn't say a word!!! Not even the missionaries! My heart sunk when I heard that. I couldn't believe it. But what surprised me was [him] saying that's not the reason why he was going anyway. He didn't go to meet new people or make friends. He went because he wants to get closer to God. He went to worship Him. How adorable!!! and very admirable. It taught me a few lessons... one of them being that I want to be THE BEST member missionary that I possibly can when I return home!!! It'll take effort and diligence to stay close to the Spirit and know who to reach out to, but I know that is my duty and obligation to do so. I love this gospel, and I'll make any sacrifices to lift and help others, and spread this goodness to all of God's children!!! 
The chapel that [he] went to was the exact same chapel that Sister Denny and I went to this week to attend a Baptism!!!! It was all in Spanish, so it was fun to use that again :) It was a special occasion that doesn't get to happen very often, so it was quite an honor to attend! It reminded me of another investigator of ours, Jorge, who just set a baptismal date!!!!! For January 11th!! He lives in North Carolina, so maybe I can attend! :) I love this gospel! I love this work so much!!! I think of and pray for you everyday!!! I'll email once more next Monday (probably)!!! God be with you till we meet again. I love you
Sister Rochelle Frogget

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No fires this week- except for the Spirit of God, like a fire is burning!! The Spirit has guided us SO much this week. Sister Denny and I are really learning to stay close to Him and be BOLD and loving with our investigators, and with the people on the square. We have an investigator named Jorge- Sister Denny met him on her outbound! in North Carolina! We have been teaching him and trying to get him to church. The lessons have been powerful. He knows this is the path he needs to take... it's just going to take a while before he enters into the waters of baptism. To hear his prayers is SO amazing. He is so sincere and pure and loving when he prays. He knows what he need to do. The time will come when he actually does it. Sister Denny is planning on flying out to NC to witness his baptism :)
Remember a few weeks ago, when Sister Vennerholm and I met this young man named C. E.? I was prompted to go talk to him... and now I know why!! He is GOLDEN! We called him for a lesson, and he said he was here on Temple Square! (He lives in Salt Lake City, going to medical school! lol). So we left the call center and had a lesson with him on the square!! He loves everything we teach him, and is now praying every night (his prayers are also so honest and heartfelt); he went to church last Sunday, and accepted the invitation to be baptized!!! I sure hope he can meet with the missionaries soon, so he can take the lessons and get baptized within the next 2 weeks!!! Not likely, but I would absolutely LOVE to see his baptism. He has progressed so much and is coming to know the truth.
The Referral Center this week has been INCREDIBLE. The most memorable conversation I had was with SHELBY. Her member friend that referred her is named Rochelle!! She is an AMAZING member missionary and already invited Shelby to go to church this past Sunday! and gave her a Book of Mormon. Shelby had gone to youth groups of other churches before, but didn’t find any fulfillment in them. She knew something was missing. I testified of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. I told her it will fill the hole in her heart that she might not even know is there, and it will give her the fulfillment she’s looking for. She is SO excited to have the missionaries (and Rochelle) all come over and teach her. And she’s super excited to go to church today and feel the Spirit. We completely clicked and will probably be friends after the mission! We’re teaching her this Wednesday!!!
One morning, we were all walking to the square, past the reflection pool, and we saw THE CUTEST young family, posing for a picture in front of the temple. They were all dressed in white. There was a mom and dad, 2 adorable little girls, and a TINY little boy with a white suit and tie. SO CUTE! They had just gotten sealed in the temple together. It was one of the most precious things I've ever see on my mission. I wish I had taken a picture. I know that families can be together FOREVER. The temple is truly the House of the Lord, where those sacred ordinances are performed by the proper priesthood authority from God. Family is SO sacred and SO special. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! and I LOVE YOU, FAMILY!!! :)
ALL my love and prayers to you!!
Sister Rochelle Frogget

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good news!!! ....I'M ALIVE!

Hello my wonderful family and friends!!!!!!
Good news!!! ....I'M ALIVE!!! haha.
Funny story!
So. It was Saturday night. We were exhausted from the very hectic day we just had. Ready to go to bed. Now, let me just tell you that our apartment is RIGHT next to what we call the "Great and Spacious Building" hahaha. It's full of college-age students that party every weekend and make a TON of noise. We always have a hard time getting to sleep on weekends because of them. So, I woke up at 1:30 in the morning to all these guys screaming words that I couldn't put together in my mind. I rolled my eyes and rolled over. Then I had to get up and use the bathroom, and noticed an unusual glow in the entire apartment. While I was washing my hands, I could still hear their voices. I was so frustrated! I came back into the room and looked through the blinds..... I screamed, and my heart jumped out of my chest as fast as Sister Denny jumped out of her covers to see what was the matter... Directly above our window was a HUGE, blazing FIRE!!!! Debris and embers were flying down towards us. The men that we heard were pounding on people's doors to wake them up so they could escape the fire. "Get out! Your house is on fire!"  Sister Denny and I stared in shock and knew we had to DO something. We heard the men say they already called the fire department, so all we could think of is to evacuate the building, because these flames were CLOSE, and could easily catch our complex on fire. Nearly 200 sisters were pouring out of our building to our evacuation spot. We had to run up this flooded hill through sprinklers!!! We were all SOAKING wet by the time we reached the top. We were shivering, cold, tired, and terrified out of our minds! What seemed like hours was only 5 minutes, and the firemen were finally putting out the flames. We stood out there till 3am, waiting for permission to get back in the building. During that time, we got in our individual zones and prayed together. Later, one of the sisters in our zone said she had been awake ALL night listening to these young men. They were drunk and were saying terrible, vile things about the Church, missionaries, and women. This sister could not believe what they were saying- she was nearly ill because of it. She said it was like the men in Liberty Jail- before Joseph Smith got up and yelled at them to be silent. Well, a similar thing happened to these young men. As they were saying these terrible things, suddenly one of them said, "Dude your apartment's on fire" It took them a while to find out what they should do. Apparently they tried putting it out with a bucket of water, but then it just got bigger. I don't doubt the Lord was in this! They sure suffered the consequences of their actions! Punishment with FIRE!  :) And fortunately, our apartment was completely unharmed, as well as all the people in the complex next door. President Holmes even drove down to see how we were doing. It was finally time to go back to bed- we headed back and met some of the fire fighters! They knew we were the sisters and talked with us for a bit. They really don't get paid enough for what they do! They're literally HEROS!! "You go save lives, and we'll go save souls!" we said before we left. haha. We finally warmed up and tried to go back to sleep... what a joke! The whole thing kept playing back in my mind. The words continued to haunt me: "Get out! Your house is on fire!!" ... I'm still trying to catch up on sleep lol. It was one of the scariest things that has happened to me on my mission, but I knew that God was protecting us. And humbling us. I love Him so much and know He watches over and loves all of us so deeply.
The next day was so weird because everyone was walking around like nothing had happened. It was just a normal, typical day. My testimony was strengthened, and despite our tired, weak bodies, we were bold and loving in testifying of the reality of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. The closer the end comes, the more I treasure my mission and treasure all the incredible moments that we experience with people. I love this work!!! I love preaching the gospel! I know God lives, and we've been seeing miracle after miracle as we tell that to the world!
I love you all, and I can't wait to hold you in my arms.
Talk to you soon!!!!!! Sorry this is short. I'll include more miracle stories next week!!! xoxoxo
Sister Rochelle Frogget

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey hey hey!!! It's a beautiful autumn day! I'm loving it.
This week has been PACKED with leader responsibilities- we're doing a bunch of trainings and meetings for our zone so that we can get them pumped up to call all the 9,222 referrals that we received last transfer. President Holmes wants us to call ALL of them by the end of this transfer! So we're really working hard toward that.
As zone leaders, we all had the opportunity to attend what is called a "Zone Leader Council" yesterday! And it was in Sandy- at President and Sister Holmes' huge, beautiful HOUSE!!!!!!!! We had REAL food, a breath-taking view, wonderful company, and a great spiritual feast!!! It was the best meeting I've been to yet! President Holmes is such a power-house. I love him and his family. They have 12 children, which means they have MANY grandchildren and some great-grand children now! We got to see a bunch of family pictures and photo albums, and play around in his personal gym downstairs! haha :)
A few transfers ago, when I was with Sister Kleine, we met a member who gave us a referral to call. I called her a few months ago, and then called her again today, and heard the news that her 2 sons, Erin and Gregory, got BAPTIZED, and she is now reactivated in the church!!!
Also, I don't know if I ever emailed about this, but way back in February when I was with Sister Woo, we had a Spanish tour with a young man named Luis, and his mom and 2 sisters. Luis is living in Arizona, while his family is back in Peru, where they're from. Well, he referred to have missionaries come teach him. And I found out when I came back from Vermont that HE GOT BAPTIZED IN APRIL!!!!!  I just called him last night and he's staying active and doing really well! He just was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood, and is thinking about serving a mission! He goes teaching with the full-time missionaries over there in AZ, and one family told him (Luis) that they really needed to hear his testimony. And now they're baptized! It's amazing to see this work move along. I'm SO happy that we can follow-up and see the results and fruits of our labors now. The WORLD is our mission. There are baptisms all across the globe. Not that I'm biased or anything, but can I just say.... THIS MISSION IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it. This is exactly where I was supposed to be called. I saw the Keeles during General Conference and Judy and I were reminiscing back to a year and a half ago when I was waiting for my mission call, and she was PRAYING that I'd go to Temple Square! Well, I just have to THANKK HER for praying me here because this seriously is exactly where I'm supposed to be. I couldn't ask for a better mission. I know the Lord is in it. He knows me SO well. He knows and loves each one of us more than we could ever imagine. I love Him and know that He lives!
You are all in my prayers! I love and treasure you!! Missionary work is THE BEST WORK in the world. I love being a missionary.
Until next week!
Sister Rochelle Frogget

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

General Conference Referrals

Good evening!!!
Emailing is late today... we've had some leadership trainings and meetings today... so don't expect many letters this week! :( sorry.
This week has been SO hectic, but SO FUN!!!!!
DIDN'T YOU LOOOOOOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE?!?!? I only saw the Saturday afternoon session, but what I saw was exactly what I needed to hear. The Lord knows me well :) We were up early Saturday morning to contact the standby line of people waiting to get an extra seat in the Conference Center. We met some AWESOME members and nonmembers. The Spirit is incredible during General Confernce time. Thousands of people, gathered from all across the globe come to listen to a prophet's voice. When we were all singing Praise to the Man together, I couldn't help but think of Joseph Smith, there in our presence. I don't think he would have ever imagined 21,000 people in one building PLUS millions of others across the world, singing praises to him!
Saturday night we contacted before and after the Priesthood session (my favorite session! I wish we could watch it haha). We met 2 young men who are preparing to serve missions in the near future. We told them some miracles that we've experienced lately on the square, which really brought the Spirit. They were so full of faith, and so motivated after conference to be bold about sharing the gospel. They said if it wasn't for Conference, the Spirit, and for the stories that we shared with them, they wouldn't have thought of the friends that they gave us to call. The Spirit motivates and inspires. He inspired thousands of people that weekend. Our mission made a goal of receiving 7,000 member referrals over Conference weekend (Last Conference we got just over 6,000). We were a little apprehensive about reaching such a high goal, but we had some motivating mission meetings, which pumped everyone up to work our hardest and do our best.
Well, it all paid off...... we ended up receiving 9,222 member referrals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it. We had met and exceeded our goal. We couldn't have done it without the help of the wonderful members that we met. THANK YOU!!!! :)
Now we have a TON of work to do in the Referral Center! We'll be calling people for half the day. The members and the Lord trust us with these souls. And we're going to do our best to give Spirit-filled messages. Think of the baptisms that will result out of 9,222 referrals! Think of the souls saved. The children of God brought closer to Christ. That's what it's all about.
Sister Denny and I are having a blast being back together! We're loving it :) Our zone is so supportive and diligent. We're working hard (even though it's stressful). And we're finishing strong.
This work is the best work that anyone could ever be a part of. I love it with all of my heart. I do it for my Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the center of it all!
See you soon
Sister Frogget

Wednesday, September 28, 2011