Saturday, October 2, 2010

General Conference Weekend

September is already gone! And here comes October!!! And TOMORROW is General Conference!!!!! Aaaaaaah I'm SO excited! :) We were on the square this morning and there were already SO many members running around. We also had a mission conference this morning and heard that there will be over 100,000 people coming this weekend!!!! That would fill up the conference center about 5 times!!! We have to start our day at 8am and talk to members all day and get potential referrals from them. It's going to be awesome- It's going to be intense! :) It was good to have the meeting this morning because President was able to motivate us and pump us up for this exciting and wonderful time. We get to go to one session of conference! So I'll be at the Saturday afternoon one probably. Look for me on TV! :) lol.

We got a taste of what it's going to be like last weekend when the General Relief Society meeting was here. There were SO many women running around haha. And we unexpectedly got to attend the conference! Wasn't it amazing!? I love our prophet so much- and I support and sustain him with all of my heart. It is always an incredible experience to be in the conference center with 21,000 other people- everyone is talking and chatting, and suddenly, the prophet walks in; everyone stands up and a hush falls over the entire audience. The Spirit is so strong. And the testimony of many is confirmed that he truly is a prophet of God. I LOVE IT! And I can't wait to experience it again tomorrow afternoon! :) :) :)

I got to announce in spanish last Sunday!! It went really well! I'll include some pictures in the email! (They won't be in the ensign though haha- maybe I'll make it in the ensign tomorrow or Sunday!) After we announced, we all stood around for a few minutes to wait for people to come and ask for a tour. Two wonderful ladies from Puerto Rico came up to me and I was able to give them a tour of the square. I have to say that it was probably the best tour I've been able to give in spanish! The Lord truly filled my mouth with the words that He wanted me to say. It's incredible how He works through us. I'm so glad I could have been an instrument in His hands that day and bear my testimony to two of His wonderful children that don't have the gospel in their lives. Aaaah the gospel is so true! I love it! :)

Remember Elder Kortas??? he served his mission in Gardnerville a few years ago. Well i saw him on the square a couple weeks ago and he gave me a potential- a friend of his from back home. I was able to call her and talk to her about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and she ended up wanting to have the missionaries come over and teach her more! It's incredible how important the members are in this magnificent work. Their example and their testimonies make all the difference! So keep it up! :)

Well this week has been quite stressful as far as our assignments go. Since we're always in Westgate or doing things for Fleet, we hardly have any time on the square. Our numbers have decreased immensely. But it's comforting to know that we're sacrificing our time and energy in helping other sisters see success and miracles. President Holmes was able to tell us that in our interviews this week. AND, because we have been making sacrifices and working hard, God has blessed us with miracles when we ARE on the square! We only had 1 hour yesterday, and in that hour, we gave two tours- and each one gave us a referral! It took up our dinner time and companion study time, and it was completely worth it because we got to see two of His children take a step closer to Christ. Aaaaah I love it :)

This week we gave 5 Fleet trainings. Some to the new sisters, and some to the sisters who already passed off driving. We will be giving the new ones driving tests this upcoming week to pass them off. It was funny because at the beginning of one of the trainings, Sister McNaught and I decided that we would scare the sisters- we told them that President made a lot of changes in the mission and that we would no longer be able to drive mission vehicles- we would have to ride bikes the rest of the mission! It was HILARIOUS to see their faces- they were horrified (especially because Walmart is a 20-minute drive, so it would take hours on a bike lol) but we couldn't keep it going very long- especially me because I can't hold a straight face for more than 30 seconds!! Anyway, it was pretty funny. Good times :)

Well- my wonderful friends and family- I love you so much and pray for you every night. Enjoy every minute of General Conference. There's no better way to spend the weekend than to listen to the words of the prophets, seers, and revelators. Ask questions. Seek for answers. Listen, and the Spirit will speak to you.

Much love is coming your way!!! I LOVE YOU!

Sister Rochelle Frogget

PS: When you have some time I want you to think about and answer these questions:
-Whether you're a convert or have been a member of the church your whole life, when did you first come to know that the gospel was true?
-Who has had the most spiritual influence on you? What was it that they did that impacted you?
-When was your first time to the temple? Who helped you prepare? Who made the difference?

Those are the ones I want you to think about. But this next one I want you to actually answer and send it to me in a letter/email:
-What are some scriptures that have played a strong role in your own conversion?

Let me know!!!



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