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It is officially the last week of the transfer! On Wednesday I will be in my 4th!!! Crazy huh?? I'm pretty sure I will stay in Fleet and train another sister in this assignment. Or maybe Sister McNaught and I will stay together! who knows- it's always a mystery! I'll find out on Monday though!! So just to warn you, it is a possibility that I won't have P-day on Friday anymore, so if I don't email you, now you know why. But I most likely will stay! This next week is going to be hectic in Fleet. We will be coordinating all the airport runs for departing and outbound sisters, as well as taking all the new sisters to walmart, etc, etc. Lots to do, and not much time on the square! So I apologize for not having lots of cool stories! Sacrament meeting was incredible this week though. We heard from an amazing man named President McConkie and he told us all kinds of incredible stories from his experience when he was a mission president. It reminded me to continue to nurture and strengthen my faith and never forget to rely on the Lord. I am striving to draw closer to Him so that He can draw closer to me. It's amazing to have such a close relationship with Him. The mission is wonderful! I LOVE IT! Like I've said before, I encourage all who is reading this to serve a mission one day! It'll be an experience you'll never regret!! :)

Yesterday and Wednesday, we had the opportunity to drive up to Park City to pick up the sisters up there and bring them back to Temple Square. They work in a cute little place called "The Family Tree"! It's similar to the Family Search center that I used to work in last transfer! They help people do their family history work. It's such a small place, and the sisters live right upstairs in one big room that has their beds, kitchen, bathroom and desks all in one room! When I went up there I had a feeling I would work there one day! We'll see!! I'm excited to find out :)

Yesterday we had planned to find a single lady and share with her about God's love for her and that she's not alone. (We were very specific in our planning that day!) Well, we found exactly what we were looking for! A young woman named Paige was sitting near the New Testament paintings and we talked with her and brought her to the temple display. We found out that she hasn't lived with or heard from her family in years (and she's barely 18 years old). She's going to school in SLC and has been inactive in the church for quite some time. We asked her what she turns to for a source of happiness, and she said she doesn't even know because she hasn't felt happy in a really long time. :( How sad!! I felt a taste of God's love for her and did everything I could to reach out to her. I truly felt the Spirit speaking through me. I forgot all my fears about not knowing what to say and just said what the Spirit put into my mind. And it all ended up being about God's love for her and that true happiness comes from living the gospel. A scripture reference popped into my mind: Mosiah 2:41. At the time I didn't even know what the scripture was about! But I knew I needed to share it. And when I opened up to it and read it, I realized that it pertained exactly to what we were talking about! Aaaah I love being a mouthpiece for the Lord. When I depend upon Him in humility, I have the privilege of working as an instrument in His hands. We encouraged Paige to come back to Temple Square and to come back to church. I don't know if I'll ever see her again, but I know that I said what the Lord wanted me to say, and hopefully it was exactly what she needed to hear. I love being a missionary! :)

I love you all and think about you often. Are you doing anything fun for Halloween? Let me know, and PLEASE send me pictures! I'd love to see them! You are all my pride and joy and are always in my prayers!!! MUCH LOVE!!!!!!


Sister Rochelle Frogget! :)

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