Friday, October 15, 2010

October is flying by

Greetings from the square!! :)

October is flying by and the gospel continues to go forth to all nations, kindred, tongue, and people!

Guess what!? Ok so we were privileged to attend the performace of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday- man, was it breathtaking!! I felt like I was in the presence of angels in heaven, singing praises to God! The Spirit was incredible. And at the end, to our surprise, President Monson walked up on stage, along with the governor of Utah! He read a declaration that October 10th is the official Mormon Tabernacle Choir Day in Utah!!! hahaha I thought that was awesome :) And President Monson approved of it. I've been in the same room as the prophet countless times now, and yet, each time my testimony of him is strengthened and renewed. I love and sustain that man. I know that he is a true prophet of God!

Fleet continues to bring unexpected adventures to our lives. There's never a boring day. Sisters always have some random emergency or errand to make. Square time is very limited for us, as I've mentioned before. But I can truly testify of the importance of exact obedience. Sister McNaught and I were able to see the blessings of obedience a few days ago. Tuesday night, as we were planning for the next day, we both had the feeling that we should share the scripture Alma 37:37 with someone. So we wrote it down in our planners and both knew it would be a good day. We hardly had ANY time on the square that day. In fact, we were happy that we at least had an hour. So we made sure to make that hour a good one. Sure enough, the Lord blessed us with a wonderful couple from Kentucky. They were both so teachable- the wife even pointed out the special feeling here on the square. She teared up as we talked about eternal families, prayer, and as we read from the Book of Mormon. We read our planned scripture: Alma 37:37!!! And she was so touched by it! They referred to have missionaries in their home back in KY! What a miracle :) After that tour, we met another couple from Iowa. They were strong baptists and had misunderstandings about the Book of Mormon. but as we explained it to them and testified of its truthfulness, they decided they would find out for themselves and read it. The wife wiped away tears when we talked about the importance of the temple. These two tours were blessings sent from Above!!! Preaching the Lord's gospel brings so much joy and happiness!
It also brings opposition and persecution. A random guy that same day walked up to us and said, "you know the church isn't true, right?" We were kinda caught off guard because he was so blunt about it. He kept going off about how we need to stick with the Bible and that the church is a cult. He said, "Remember me... you'll see... the church isn't true..." Then he walked off and disappeared. It was odd. And it was interesting to see the adversary trying to carry forth his work in hopes that he'll stop the Lord's work from progressing. But his hopes are in vain! Joseph Smith once said, “The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done." ...AMEN TO THAT!!! :)

Yesterday as a district, we were able to drive up to Heritage Park again to do more service! Hundreds of little kids were running around in their Halloween costumes and we got to help them out with crafts! :) it was fun! This morning we were able to attend the temple!! I didn't want to come out! It was so beautiful and peaceful. I found comfort and answers to my prayers. We are SO FORTUNATE to preach the gospel in the shadow of the Lord's temple each and every day. I love this mission :)

I want to thank you, Blaine and Tara, for your letters!!! :) Sorry i didn't mention that in my last email, and sorry for not writing you last week. Maybe I'll write you today :) I love you so much and was so happy to hear from you!!! (by the way, nice painting Blaine! hahahaha At first I thought Derek did it, but then I saw your initials in the corner. You're quite the artist LOL)

As always, you're in my thoughts and prayers, and you all motivate me to do and be better! Blaine, can you believe how quickly october is speeding by!? Pretty soon you'll be in the MTC!!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Keep preparing! You're in for the best two years of your life!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


All my love,

Sister Frogget

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