Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TRANSFER CONFERENCE was yesterday! Tomorrow is when the new transfer starts. It'll be my 12th.... and last??!! Aaaaaah!
SOOOO.... are you ready for the news? My new companion will be..... SISTER DENNY!!!!!! She was my companion in the MTC! We started our mission together, and we're ending it together! We are both SO excited. And to make it even better, we are ZONE LEADERS!! :)  Neither of us have been ZLs before, but we are going to give it our all, do our best, and rely on the Spirit. AND have a ton of fun together. It'll be a good transfer :)
But this transfer isn't over yet! Not for a day at least :) Last week we met a genuine and sweet couple from the Philippines. They were truly prepared to hear this message. It made us smile whenever we taught them something because they were just in awe. Especially about the Book of Mormon. They're Catholic, but they don't agree with a lot of the practices, and they've been searching for something more. It was fun to see the lightbulbs turn on in their minds. You could see the sincerity in their eyes. They know where the church is near their home, and they plan on going the week after Conference!
We contacted a Russian Motorcoach. It was funny! And very long. They had so many questions. I wished I could speak Russian so I could help Sister Chernyshova out. But she did really well. One of the men came up to me and with broken English, he asked if I had ancestors who were Vikings. LOL. I wore my hair really big and wavy that day, so maybe that's why he thought that. HAHA :)
Did any of you (women) watch the General Relief Society Conference? Wasn't it incredible!? Our mission president allowed us all to attend in the Conference Center. We are so blessed! You will not believe this though... I guess there has to be opposition in all things! ...While 21,000 righteous women were in that building, listening to words from God, there was a group of 1,500 men and women who were running the "Underwear Fun Run." All of them were only wearing underwear and tennis shoes, as they ran from the University of Utah, to the capital, to Temple Square. They even gathered in front of the Beehive House to take a group picture! Security had to come and kick them out! HAHA! Luckily we were where we were supposed to be (in the Conference Center), so we didn't have to witness that.... although it would have been a funny sight! Can you believe that?! People protest in the weirdest ways!
On Sunday, we took a tour with 8 black Texans!! I bet it looked funny too, since Sister Vennerholm and I are probably the whitest sisters on Temple Square! Anyway, they were just having the time of their lives and loved being on such beautiful and peaceful grounds. None of them were very familiar with the Church. However, one of them, Virginia, had been given a Book of Mormon by a friend years ago, but she had always been afraid to open it up and read it because she didn't want to be confused. After coming here and learning more about it, she is now going to go dig it out of her shelf and read it. We didn't find that out till the end of the tour- but not coincidentally, Sister Vennerholm and I had focused our entire tour and teaching on the Book of Mormon. We expressed our love for it and really testified from our hearts. It all came from Above because Virginia needed to hear that in order to develop the desire to read the Book of Mormon. I love that book with all of my heart and know that it is the word of God. And if we study it and follow it, we will feel true happiness, and eventually be led back into our Heavenly Father's presence.
You are my treasure! I will pray lots for you this week! Have fun watching Conference. I'm so excited to hear the words of God through His servants.
Talk to you soon!
Sister Frogget

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

17 Miracles

Wow, do the weeks go by as fast for you as they do for me? Sheesh, time flies! Especially when you're busy doing the Lord's work.
Last week we took a huge Mandarin tour (didn't you know I learned Mandarin on my mission too!? haha). We were contacting the tour for Sister Chen from China and Sister Rohner from California. So basically we lead the group and help them all get to the right places at the right times, and then we talk to them along the way. Anyway, as we were contacting these Chinese people, one of the Chinese girls caught my eye- she had a special light about her, so I went and talked with her. Her name is Joy and she's from Taiwan. We ended up talking the entire hour of the tour! She told me how special and peaceful she felt when she walked in the gates. She felt the Spirit especially strong when Sister Chen was testifying about God's love for us, while we were in the Assembly Hall. Joy later told me her story: as a teenager she was very negative and didn't believe in God at all. She even got to the point of considering suicide. Right as she was about to do it, she heard a voice telling her that God loves her and that she needs to be strong. From that moment on, she has believed SO strongly in God and His hand in her life. She now prays to Him daily and is SO close to the Spirit! I was amazed. She referred to have missionaries come tell her more about the gospel. She was praying in the Assembly Hall and had a feeling that she needed to learn more about it. She also wants to keep in contact with me through email! What a sweetheart! Those Chinese people are all so prepared and humble! It's too bad I don't speak Mandarin!
Even though my Spanish skills are really lacking, I'm still doing my best, and God is speaking through me. We had an awesome lesson with Evelyn over the phone. We called El Salvador, and taught her all about the Book of Mormon. After I read 3 Nephi 9:14 she was excited to read more about it. She was such a kind and genuine woman, and was very patient with my Spanish. We're teaching her again tomorrow! Along with her, I've been calling Spanish people all over the world, and 3 of them have met with the missionaries and have return appointments with them!! We are praying for them and hoping we can witness their baptisms!! The world is our mission!
Yesterday was a day of miracles. Miracle #1: We met a man at the East Gate named Raymond, from New Mexico. He had never been here before, but was just traveling through and thought he'd stop by. He's divorced and retired, and therefore feels alone at times. We were both prompted to take him to the Tabernacle and then to the Conference Center. Turns out he was raised Catholic but doesn't really believe in God anymore. Testimony, scriptures, and the Spirit are all key in the power of conversion. I remember after sharing Alma 26:37, testifying from my heart that I know God lives, and He loves him (Raymond) so personally and individually. And that he could find out for himself if God is there or not. By the end of the tour, he was excited to meet with the missionaries and read the Book of Mormon. He was also very excited to get a picture with us haha. People feel something special about us, but what they don't know is it's the Spirit!!
Miracle #2: Two weeks ago, we were walking past the Tabernacle, and I saw a young man just looking up at the temple. We walked right past him and didn't talk with him. Something was telling me we should. I told my companion we should turn around and go meet him. So we did...He's native American and is here in Salt Lake City, studying in the medical field. He hasn't heard very much about the church, but he decided to come visit Temple Square and see what it was all about. We testified of the Book of Mormon, and he didn't mind having one, but didn't want missionaries to come to his house (which is the only way we as Temple Square sisters can send it to people). So we gave him our phone number and hoped that he'd call so we could share more with him. Well, just yesterday, we met [him] AGAIN on the square!!! He had a tiny break from school and decided to come feel some peace and quiet. We taught more about the Book of Mormon, and with a good, bold re-invite, he decided that missionaries wouldn't be so bad after all, especially if the Book of Mormon is something that can bring him this peace ALL the time, even when he's not at Temple Square! We will now be teaching him over the phone, and hopefully we can attend his baptism!!!!! (when the time comes, of course).
Many more than 17 miracles have happened this week, but I don't have time to write them all! HOWEVER, just last night, we had a "mission meeting" down in the Theater, and guess what President allowed us to watch?!?!?!? 17 MIRACLES!!!!!!!! We were all SO happy! We had been hearing all about it from members and non-members on the square. I even bought it at Deseret Book before seeing it! But I'm glad that I did, because that movie is INCREDIBLE! And very intense. They called it a "tear-jerker" but it was much more than that. Tears were streaming down all our faces! Our testimonies and faith have been strengthened more than I thought possible. And our appreciation for those honored pioneers has sky-rocketed. Seriously. If you haven't seen it, then don't see it. lol. Because I bought it and I want to watch it with you later!
I am SO thankful for the faith of the pioneers, for the faith of us as latter-day saints, for this incredible work, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. With all my heart, I know that He lives!
More miracles to come... next week! Loves and prayers comin' your way!
Sister Rochelle Frogget

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am so thankful for a companion!

If I think back to all the interesting weeks that I've had on my mission, this one would definitely make the top 5. My companion had a jaw injury back when she was 14 years old, and has recently had some major pain in her joints. We went to the doctor, then to a dentist, then finally to a jaw specialist who told her she can't talk for more than 20 minutes in an hour! ... In normal life, that wouldn't be too bad. But we are missionaries and we are talking 24/7! So you can imagine how different it has been this week! I feel like I'm training again! I do most of the talking, and she says a few words here and there. Some tours, she doesn't say anything at all because she's in so much pain! Poor girl! So I do my best, but I have really increased my appreciation and need for a companion. We support each other, we testify to what we are saying, and we both have different stories and backgrounds that can help the guests. If it's just one of us doing the missionary work, it's definitely not as effective. I am so thankful for a companion! Anyway, the jaw specialist gave Sister Vennerholm a bottle of muscle relaxants.... so her jaw doesn't have much pain... BUT, she is extremely tired all the time... I sometimes feel like I'm walking around with a zombie! haha A funny zombie. She is a good sport about it all, and tries her best to help out, of which I'm grateful for. We've had less time on the square too, so Heavenly Father has reached out His hand in love for us each day and allows us to witness some amazing miracles.
For example, we were about to head home when 2 men passing by us asked a question, and it ended up being an incredible conversation about the gospel. They were from NEW HAMPSHIRE! In the same city that I served for a week! The older man, Richard, was a sailor, and looked like one too! It was funny. His 25-year-old grandson Matt was with him, and he was the one that was super interested in the church. But every time we tried to teach him, his grandpa would interrupt with a story. I didn't know what to do... but prayer WORKS because then his cell phone rang so he excused himself for just the right amount of time that we could talk to Matt :) It was perfect! He wants to learn more and read the Book of Mormon! He's excited for us to call and share more with him too!
We've met some incredibly prepared people this week. I'm always in awe because Heavenly Father just places them in our path at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place. We planned to meet someone at the Tabernacle at 4pm and take them at the Conference Center. We headed that direction, and I saw a couple, and knew that we were meant to talk with them. Sure enough, we did! And we took them to the Conference Center, where we had a very open and spiritual conversation. They sat down and just soaked everything in that we were saying. They told us their beliefs (they aren't part of a specific religion), and they were so aligned with the Church's beliefs- I was amazed! As our love for them increased, so did our ability to be bold with them. They ended up referring for missionaries :) They said they weren't planning to come to Utah, but something happened in their trip that led them here. They believed that God sent them here just to talk to Sister Vennerholm and I! That was a special moment. They knew God sent them here for a reason, and they heard the whisperings of the Spirit telling them so. I love this gospel! :)
Sister Vennerholm and I have really been seeing the Spirit work through us this week. After our tours, we evaluate how they went, and that's when we realize that we both felt inspired to take them to the certain places that we did. It feels SO great to know that the Spirit is guiding both of us and helping us increase our unity and reliance on Him. I love being a missionary. There's no place I'd rather be right now. I am strengthening my relationship with my Father in heaven and with His Son, Jesus Christ. That brings true happiness! :)
I hope all is going well back in NV! I think of and talk about all of you almost everyday!!! You mean the world and more to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Sister Rochelle Frogget
PS: One more story! We were telling a couple about the temple, and started talking about eternal marriage. The man interrupted us by saying, "Oh yeah, I've heard about that! Don't you believe that women are eternally pregnant too?" ..... LOL! I thought he was joking at first... but he wasn't! I've never heard that one before! People think the weirdest things about us lol. I'm glad we could clear that up for him :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Maori! (That's how they say it in the island of Kiribati! My roommate a few months ago is from there)
Last P-day, we were shopping in Deseret Book store, and there was a man looking at the Book of Mormon. He said he was interested in having one. When he heard about Christ's church being restored on the earth after being lost for a period of time, he said it made so much sense- that the other churches were "incomplete" and this church is "complete"! What a simple and refreshing way of putting it. It's complete. He sadly didn't refer for missionaries, but he went to go watch the Joseph Smith movie. I hope and pray that he'll feel the Spirit whispering to him that this is the truth.    
The next day I went to a Spanish meeting! with all the spanish-speaking sisters in the mission. We role-played and practiced, and it definitely paid off! The next day I made a phone call to Mexico, and a sweet girl named Jocelin referred for missionaries! We'll be teaching her this week... wish me luck! :)
There have been a lot of sick sisters in the mission lately! District leaders are the ones that stay home with them when they're sick, so I've been staying with different sisters for a couple days. I feel like a nurse! haha. But during that time, I get to study a LOT and contemplate. It is so refreshing and uplifting. I was talking with one of the sisters as she lay sick in bed, and she told me a story of a woman that she met a couple months ago, Sharon. She walked in the gates of Temple Square and had never been here before, even though she had been to Salt Lake City many times. The sisters approached her and offered a tour and she accepted. They took her to see the South Visitors center, which is all about the Plan of Salvation, families, and the temple. When they showed her a display of the purpose of life, she said, "I've heard this before. This is so familiar. Where have I seen this?" Her eyes filled with tears, and the Spirit was so strong. They took her over to the temple model, and as she looked inside, she teared up even more. She realized that she really has seen this before. 22 years ago, Sharon was in a coma for 3 weeks. During that time, she remembers a "dream" that she had. She was surrounded by people dressed in white, and one of them, called a "spirit-guide," was accompanying her as she learned the exact things that these sister missionaries were teaching her. She remembers going through a building, that looked almost exactly like the temple that she was staring at. But the one she went to didn't have a baptismal font or sealing rooms (which makes so much sense. We do that kind of work here on earth! Of course they wouldn't do it in the spirit world!) She remembers learning in the temple all about God's plan for us. She looked at the sister missionaries and said, "This is all true. This is a temple of God. That man over there [she pointed to the picture of President Monson] is a true prophet, and you should listen to his words." Ever since being in her coma 22 years ago, she hadn't told anyone about her experience until that day. She thought people would think she was crazy. But she finally found what she was looking for, and what was shown to her so long ago! It's amazing how the Lord prepares His children to receive the gospel, in different ways and at different times. I have such a testimony of the temple. I know that it is the house of God. His work is going on inside. I love the temple, and I LOVE serving on Temple Square!!! The Lord knows me better than I do, and He knew this is the place I needed to be sent. I am so honored to serve in the shadow of His house, each and every day!
I've been doing a lot of self-evaluating and self-improving lately. I want to become the best that I can be, for my Heavenly Father. I know it is only through Him that I can do that. I love Him. I know that He hears and answers my prayers. I know His gospel is on the earth today in its fulness- it is "complete"! I love my Savior, and I love all of you! I hope your week is full of missionary experiences and testimony-building experiences! I can't wait to hear from you again!
All my love-
Sister Rochelle Frogget