Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It really and truly was a very happy Christmas!!! It made me SOOO happy! Christmas eve was really special too! We worked on the square until 3:30pm and then headed downstairs to change into p-day clothes. We had no idea what was planned for us until we got on the bus and drove to Heritage Park, where they had a huge place for us to eat dinner! It was a nice and fancy dinner :) We took pictures, played the piano, ate dinner, had a beautiful Christmas program, and made gingerbread houses for little kids in hospitals! It was so much fun :)
President gave us permission to sleep in and not be on the square until NOON! I still woke up early :) I decided to take the time to study about my Savior. I read from Jesus the Christ and the scriptures. It was an amazing start to a Christmas day! My companion and I opened our stockings that were given to us by local stakes in SLC- each item had a scripture to go with it :) It was fun. Then I suggested that we make crepes for breakfast!!! They were absolutely delicious! Then we opened gifts from family and friends! They were all so wonderful!! Thank you all so much! I loved every gift :) We then got ready for the day and headed to the call center to CALL OUR FAMILIES!!! I had butterflies in my stomach, I'll admit! It was SO WONDERFUL to talk to you all! Thanks for making the time for me :) What a great and uplifting phone call! It made Christmas day that much more enjoyable! After the call, we worked until 5pm and went downstairs. There was yet another huge dinner waiting for us... yummmm! After we finished, President announced that we were watching the Chronicles of Narnia!!!! It was SUCH a great movie! What a spiritual experience too! SO many things paralleled to the gospel, especially to the atonement of Jesus Christ. It motivated me to be the best missionary possible and to never get discouraged! We are all in a life-long war with Satan. We know that the Lord is on our side, helping us along the way! Let us put on the armor of God and fight with all our might! :)

It was a wonderful Christmas! The lights are still on, thankfully, because that's what brings all the people! So we still have morning p-days until after the first of the year. It will be a sad day once they turn them off! Well, we've been working a lot in the Beehive House and I really have grown to love it! We see a lot of miracles there! There's a special spirit in the home of a prophet! We met some Romanians the other day who weren't members of the church. They loved the home and the things that we shared with them about the gospel. They want to have missionaries come teach them! They also gave us their friends' names and phone numbers to share it with them!! It's not too often that nonmembers give us referrals!

Yesterday I was thinking all day about ELDER BLAINE FROGGET!!! Can you believe he's now in GERMANY?! I love that boy and am SO excited for him to get out in the field! Won't he be an amazing missionary!? Germany is just the place for him. I've been bragging about him to people on the square all week. (Actually my whole mission! haha) I've met a lot of people who have served in the Berlin Germany mission, and they loved it, so I'm sure he will too :)

Guess what!? Yesterday we got to go to the HUMANITARIAN CENTER for the day!!! I had never been there before and had hoped to! We finally went and it was sooo amazing! I was actually in a really bad mood that morning, but once we got there and got a tour ourselves (so that we would know how to give the tours), I was so appreciative of what I am blessed with, and of all the work that the church does to help others all around the world. It was sooooo great! Our first tour was with nearly 50 people! I was a bit nervous, but it was actually our best tour! The Spirit was strong, and lots of people gave us referrals of their friends. I'll be looking forward to calling them and sharing the gospel message with them! It was actually a busy day there- we took a tour every hour and each tour was huge! I hope I get to work there again someday! It's so uplifting and so interesting! We got to show people all the 1000-pound bails of clothing donated. 300 of them come in every week! They're sorted and then sent out to places all over the world. We got to see all the kits made- hygiene kits, newborn kits, school kits, etc. We got to help tie a bunch of quilts too! There are 4000 quilts made or donated every month and sent out to people who need them! There were wheelchairs, kits, quilts, clothes, clean water, food, and everything you can imagine that goes out to help God's children almost everywhere! What a wonderful program!

Well, my time is short!
I love you all and appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts and support! I couldn't do this work without it!
Much love!!!!
Sister Frogget :)

I just realized that I forgot my camera :( sorry about that! I'll try to send pictures in my next email! Love you!

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