Friday, November 26, 2010


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Gobble Gobble! :)

How was it for everyone!? It was a wonderful day for us! We had 3 hours of square time in the morning, then personal study, then we all headed off on buses to a place called Noah's- which is a really nice reception place- we watched Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story 3 :) We had delicious food, did karaoke to Christmas and Disney music (hilarious), played volleyball in a racquetball court (I guess you could call it walley-ball lol), and played ping pong and pool! It was a really fun night! A couple of President and Sister Holmes' kids and grandkids joined us! They have 12 children! So we're always seeing all their family members and new grandbabies. It's cute! Thanksgiving came and went so quickly!! And GUESS WHAT?! The Christmas lights turn on TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be SO exciting! We now have morning p-days so that we can be on the square during the nighttime! And don't worry- I bought some boots today and I got my scarves in the mail (thank you Steph!!), so I'll be staying nice and warm! There is an expected MILLION people coming to temple square this month!! It's gonna be like General Conference time every single night! We are SO excited! There will be mostly members, so we'll be encouraging them to join us in sharing this amazing message with the people that they know that don't have the gospel. What better time than now, during this Christmas season, when the world is celebrating that great birth of the Son of God! The Spirit is strong here. The Gospel is true. Christmas is here. Missionary work continues to carry on! I love it! :)

It has been an incredible week! There were about 3 days when Sister Smith and I didn't have ANY time on the square. But we're making specific goals each week and each day to help us stay focused and missionary-minded, even in the office. All those hours in the office makes square time so much more valuable! Last Saturday we got 5 hours!!!! It was amazing! And we used every minute wisely. We talked to so many guests and just had a blast telling them all about the gospel. They all had so many questions that day and were so interested. I truly felt privileged to be set apart and called as a missionary to preach the gospel. At the end of those 5 hours, we had about 5 minutes left before we had to head back downstairs to the office. We decided to use those 5 minutes wisely and find someone that was prepared to talk with us. We talked to a member couple, and when we asked who we could call and share the gospel with, the lady ended up giving us 10 people to call! I've only called 2 so far, and one of them wants to meet with missionaries! Members truly make such a difference in missionary work.

It has also been an unusual week. On Tuesday, we did service over at Heritage Park and decorated for Christmas!! We came home around 2pm, and we were about to change back into our proselyting clothes, but we got a call saying that the square was closing because of a huge blizzard that was headed our way. So we stayed home for the rest of the night! It was like a mission p-day! All the sisters were in the apartments, cooking, eating dinner with each other, studying, cleaning, and just having a good time. We got a bunch of snow, but it wasn't much of a storm. I was slightly bummed :) Now it's freezing cold outside! Good thing we found some boots today! Gotta love Target :) Anyway, it's almost like we've had 3 p-days this week. So I'm ready and pumped to get back on the square and talk with all the members tonight!!! It's going to be insane! I've heard that sometimes you're walking shoulder-to-shoulder because it's so packed. I'll let you know how it goes! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! And I love you all so much! May you remember the reason for the season, and then share it with others!! :)

Loves and hugs,

Yours truly,

Sister Frogget :)

PS: I recently found out that you can still send letters through!!! So if you don't want to use a stamp (which is a lame excuse for not writing lol), or if you like typing better, then feel free to send me a message through dearElder! :) I promise I'll write you back :) LOVE YOU!

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