Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to cover zone

My dearest FAMILY!!!! Long time no see!! :) I JUST LOVE YOU ALL TO PIECES!!! I was SO thankful to have been able to see you and take you on a tour :) And then see you again right before you left! What a blessing and tender mercy from the Lord!!!

Guess what!??! TRANSFER CONFERENCE was this morning!!! We got to find out what zones we'll be in and which companions we'll have!! It turns out that Sister Nakajima is TRAINING again!!!! She's getting another new MTC companion! :) I'll have a SISTER! :) haha so she'll be living in the same place with the same roommates. I'm kinda bummed that i won't be living with all of them anymore, but I'm also excited because I will now be with Sister McNaught!!!!! From Idaho :) She's really nice and she's the FLEET director, meaning she's in charge of all the vehicles and driving and training new sisters to pass off driving and stuff like that. So I'll be her assistant :) This transfer will be quite different from my last 2. It's exciting! We're in the "cover zone" (that's what I was in my 1st transfer!!! I love cover zone! yay!!) So that means that I will have p-day on Fridays again!!! (I have 2 p-days this week! I guess that makes up for last transfer when I went more than a week w/o a p-day!) Transfer conference was so much fun :) and 26 sisters are going outbound!! Crazy! It was so fun to see all of them open their calls :) And it's so fun to find out who everyone's new companions are! We don't actually switch till Wednesday, but we found out today. So there's the scoop on all the changes!!!! Fun stuff! :) The mission is so much fun in SO many ways!

Well, soon after you all left the square yesterday, I got a page for Spanish! But it wasn't a nice, small tour- it was 13 people! From SPAIN!!! I was scared out of my mind! I even said that I wouldn't do it because my Spanish isn't good enough, but the sisters at the booth told me to just do it- it'll be good for me. After my half glare, half smile, I reluctantly walked over to the south visitors center, hoping that some other Spanish sisters had found them. But that was not the case! So it was my job to take them on a tour! I was SO lucky and blessed because they were so nice and understanding. I seriously stumbled and stuttered and was all over the place. But they were willing to listen- to my words, and to the Spirit. We ended at the Christus and 8 of them referred! It was quite the miracle, that's for sure! Heavenly Father helped me every step of the way. I was SO exhausted after that. Luckily we had a one hour lunch break and I took a nap! I thought I was done with Spanish tours for the day, but I came back to the square after lunch, and an even BIGGER group came! 17 people- a youth group. So most of them were members, but it was still intimidating because the group seemed so big. I did my best and God did the rest. Man, I really need to work on my Spanish though. There are so many words that I have forgotten! I'll be studying the script a lot more this transfer. I'm learning and growing so much! And those Spanish people are so open and accepting and loving! I love them so much! :) A few days ago I took a Spanish couple on a tour. They were catholic and from Bolivia. As I taught them they were taking everything in and soaking it all up. When I took them to the Christus statue, the husband seriously just broke down in tears. It is so amazing to see those people that truly just LOVE Jesus Christ so much. I think we as members of the church can work on increasing our faith in and love for Him. That couple ended up referring. They were so amazing!! Aaaah I just love this gospel! And I love my Savior Jesus Christ!!

I better get going! there's lots to do today, including packing all my stuff and moving it downstairs! lol. I don't have to go too far which is quite a blessing! But before I go, I would like to publicly say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!!!!!!!- the best little sis in the world! I LOVE YOU and hope you have the greatest day ever! :) You are such a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold! :) I love you all and I will email you again this Friday!! :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Much much love,

Sister Ro-Belle :)

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