Monday, April 25, 2011


Transfer meeting was last Tuesday, and we found out our areas and our new companions! I am actually in a trio, with Sister Rust from Grantsville, UT, and Sister Steinbeigle from Arizona! She's actually from Romania, but adopted into a German family in AZ. It is quite interesting and fun! We all have incredibly different teaching styles and personalities, so it makes for a great teaching experience! lol

We drove 5 hours here to Burlington, and we're in some apartments right by Lake Champlaine. It is so cold!! Actually- they say it is so warm! lol. They had a really LONG and COLD winter, so they're happy that it's warming up. But compared to Utah, this is a bit chilly. I'm READY for Spring and Summer to come! We got here and unpacked (luckily we have a very spacious apartment, so all 3 of us fit), and then went TRACTING!!!! I was so excited since I've never tracted before :) It really wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. It's pretty much like approaching people on Temple Square, except you don't have the temple or the tabernacle to bridge to the gospel. And people are a LOT less accepting, of course. We've done a LOT of tracting this week. It is pretty miserable in the cold, but yesterday, we had BEAUTIFUL weather for Easter! And it was so much fun. We walked the ENTIRE day because we ran out of miles, so we came home exhausted and ready for bed. On Wednesday, it was so cold and windy, and everything was dirty and muddy, so we were walking through this muddy, slushy field. My shoes and clothes were a mess, my hair was a complete disaster, and my fingers and toes were frozen. It was crazy, but I was laughing the entire way- it was amusing! I had never experienced such things as a missionary! lol. And tracting is also hilarious because you find these crazy people that either hate you and chase you off their doorstep, or they love you and would do anything for you. OR they think of you as a therapist and spill all their problems and worries out at you. It's amazing what kinds of experiences a black tag can give you.

Anyway, this week we had a wonderful lesson with our investigator, Nancy! She is incredible! We invited her to commit to baptism, and she is currently praying about a baptismal date. She came to church yesterday and loved the Easter program. She'll be a member in no time :)

On Friday, we were prompted to tract a neighborhood called Village Green. We spent many hours there and found some great potential investigators! In fact, we met this woman with her 2 young boys, and when we told her who we are and what we had to share, she had never even heard the term "Mormon" before. But she had been looking for a church and for some peace, since she's going through a lot of hardships right now. She let us teach her and pray with her, and even invited us to teach a couple of her friends too! As we were saying the closing prayer, she thanked Heavenly Father for sending "these nice young women" to share this message with her. I know it's been said that tracting isn't the most effective way of finding people to teach, but it really does bring miracles that couldn't have happened unless we took the time and energy to tract. It is pretty hard, but what motivates me is knowing that there are people seeking for the truth, but don't know where to find it. And we have it!

Well, as always, I'm out of time! :'( But here is my mission address and local address. If you're going to write me within the next 5 weeks then you can write my local address. Otherwise, it might be safe to send it to the mission address....

Mission address:
New Hampshire Manchester Mission
2 Bedford Farms Dr. Ste 208
Bedford, NH 03110

Local address:
5 Olde Orchard Park #540
South Burlington, VT 05403

I look forward to hearing from you! I send my love and prayers to you all, and hope you can feel the Lord's hand in all things. Trust in Him and move forward with faith, and you will be guided. LOVES!!!

Sister Rochelle Frogget!!

We're at CHILE's eating dessert with the Elders! :) This is me, Sister Rust, and Sister Hatch- back when I served for a week in Manchester, NH. Sister Hatch is from CA.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Transfer in New England!

Hello from NEW ENGLAND!!! I am currently in the Manchester New Hampshire Mission!!!! Even though packing and preparing to get here was insane and sleepless, it is totally worth it! I'm loving it out here. It is a LOT colder. Actually, I'm in a trio with Sister Hatch from CA and Sister Rust from UT, and they both say that it's getting SO much warmer than it was before. I'm sure glad I missed the winter! Anyway, I got here after a full day of traveling (I woke up at 3:30 in the morning!), I finally arrived and met my wonderful mission president, President Wilkey, and his beautiful wife. I was immediately put into a companionship and we went to work! It is so amazing to actually be inside people's homes and teaching them in such a personal environment. Even though I haven't even been here for a full week yet, I have already learned that there is no such thing as a "best mission" in the world. Everyone says that their mission is the best mission, and of course, I even said that about Temple Square. But being out here and enjoying all the differences and new experiences, I've realized that NO mission is the best mission. It is all the same work. This is the best WORK in the world. And we're all doing it together. Anyway, we've already seen so many miracles together, and my companions have already taught me so much! I do feel like I'm being trained all over again because things work so much differently out here. But I'm loving every moment. The houses here are SO cute! Mom, you would LOVE them! They're all unique and very "new-England-ish". Everyone has a dog, and almost everyone smokes lol. So I'm trying to get used to all the hair and smoky air. There are also churches on every corner! So many different ones that I haven't even heard of. It will be interesting to get used to.

One night, I was explaining to my companions how we plan for specific people at Temple Square. They thought it was kinda weird, but we decided to try it. We planned to find a cute little family of 4. However, the next day, we pretty much forgot about it. Later that day, we then met a woman named Jenn, who was baptized about 15 years ago, but is inactive now. We came to her door at just the right time- she had fallen off her backyard fence and severely hurt her back. She couldn't walk or move easily at all. We called some Priesthood holders in the ward and they came and gave her a blessing. After that, she stood up with no pain and no struggle! She felt so much better! She told us how she felt God lifting her up and that his power was able to heal her. It was a miracle that we had the privilege of witnessing. It reminded me of when Christ came and healed the sick and afflicted according to their faith. AND, you know what?? She had a nonmember friend over at her house- Kylie- who was there with her husband and her 2 kids! That was the Family of 4 that we had planned for!!! We taught them a little about the gospel and will be teaching them again soon!!! :)

There have been so many other little miracles that have happened this week. I don't have time to type them all (I sadly don't even have time to write them either! There's no time for journal-writing, it's sad). I have grown to love the Manchester ward SO much already!!!!!! The Bishop even had me bear my testimony in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and I looked at the congregation and realized that I already know so many people there! It was awesome. BUT, their transfers here are a week after our transfers at Temple Square, so I'm actually being TRANSFERRED again tomorrow :( It's so crazy because I already feel attached to these people, and I have to leave them! Especially Sister Hatch. She is amazing. She is such a great example of working as hard as she can and just having genuine love for people. But sadly, we will not be companions anymore. I'm excited to see where I'll be transferred to tomorrow! I'll let you know next Monday! I could go to Vermont., New York, or Maine! Or stay here in New Hampshire! I love being a missionary. I'm loving the changes and the new experiences. Life is great. I haven't gone tracting yet, so I'll be excited to let you know how that goes next time! :)

Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. I feel them and I am strengthened by them. Have fun in Utah Mom!!! The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I guess we weren't supposed to see each other LOL :)

I'm being very well taken care of out here. President Wilkey has such a sincere love for us. He wants us to succeed and to feel important. I LOVE being a missionary! :) Be sure to let me know how life is going for you and what I can do for you! A scripture that has been helping me this week is Doctrine and Covenants 6:36: "Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not; fear not."


<3 Sister Rochelle Frogget

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today I went to New England on my outbound! I'll be able to tell more on my next P-Day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wasn't General Conference AMAZING!?!

Hello my beautiful family! and friends! Wasn't General Conference AMAZING!?! I only saw the Sunday morning session, but it was beautiful- to say the least. Questions were answered. The Spirit was felt. The prophet was there. THOUSANDS of members came! Saturday was SO warm! It was such a blessing. We talked to a lady named Sylvia from Arizona who recently got baptized. She had been in severe pain in her neck for years and was going to several different churches, trying to find someone who could heal her. She finally came to the LDS church, and some Priesthood holders came and gave her a blessing. The pain that she had been suffering for years was completely gone! She knew at that point that it was Christ's church, with the right power. The power of the priesthood is real and is strong. Those of you who hold that power- never underestimate it! And never lose faith that it works miracles! :) I was mistaken last week! We actually worked on the square from 8am to 10pm! With 20 minute lunches and dinners. Our feet ached and our cheeks hurt by the end of the weekend! (There's a lot of smiling involved in missionary work lol) I saw so many people I knew! (Including Sister NAKAJIMA!! my trainer from Japan, who is now engaged! Crazy!) It was so much fun :) And the Spirit was so radiant. There was a lady named Cherie who came to see conference with her member friend. Cherie isn't baptized yet, but it won't take long until she does! She has been seeking for the truth, and told us how God has sent her angels in the form of people and friends to help her find it. It reminded me of the scripture in Alma 13: 24:

For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory.

The next day, Sunday, wasn't as sunny... in fact, it SNOWED!!! (as you could see on the broadcast). But that didn't stop members of the church from coming to Conference to hear the words of the prophets and Apostles. When we got out of the Sunday morning session, we were contacting all the people that poured out of the Conference Center onto Temple Square. There were SO many people, so Sister Woo and I really had to use the gift of discernment. As we were walking, I saw a blind lady sitting on the planters by the Tabernacle. We immediately stopped to sit and talk with her. She was an incredible woman, with really strong faith. We were discussing what she liked about Conference. She mentioned that Conference helped her hunger. She hadn't had food in a long time- except for some carrots that she found earlier that day. After the conversation, I wanted to do something for her, but I didn't know what! We continued walking, and I saw a man sitting down who was eating lunch in between sessions. I knew I had to ask him to help. I pointed to Nancy (the blind lady) and told him she had no food, and asked if he would be willing to give her anything. He gladly took his food over to her. We watched from a distance in between contacting other people in the standby line, and after a couple minutes, the man was giving Nancy a blessing! They ended up talking for a long time. We finally talked to the man afterwards, and he said it was meant to be, and they would be keeping in contact from now on. It was great to see the gospel in action, and to see how service and sacrifice bless our lives and bring us closer together.

That same day, a young man that I recognized came up to me and asked if I remembered him. Sadly I couldn't remember from where! But he reminded me that last year, Sister Nakajima and I had contacted him and committed he and his friend to read Alma chapter 5, and to think of someone they could share the gospel with, even though they were going to school at BYU- where there are a lot of members of the church. He gave me some great news! He and his friend took up the challenge, prayed about it, and made friends with a nonmember girl at BYU. They had her meet with the missionaries and she is now a newly baptized member of the church! What a joy it was to hear that!! I just love missionary work! And members! They're the greatest missionaries, that's for sure!

That night, after 2 long and wonderful days of Conference time, we all met in the Tabernacle and had a mission meeting. The Assistants to the President reminded us that our goal at the beginning of the weekend was to receive 6,000 referrals.

They then announced (after lots of screams and drumrolls) that we got 6,455 referrals!!! Thus meeting and exceeding our goal!!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!! We all jumped and clapped and screamed :) [We had stickers for every referral we received... and put them up on our wall. I felt like I was in Elementary school again! lol]

President Holmes then announced that we could sleep in till 9am (YEAH!) the next morning, work on the square, and then come down to Theater 1 to have a nice dinner and watch a movie at 5pm! Have you ever heard of Secretariat?? We watched that. It was very inspirational and reminded us that we can make and reach high goals, and that we should never give up. I just LOVE our mission :)

So do you remember Otus from Nigeria who recently got baptized?? Well we hadn't been able to get a hold of him over the phone at all, since the time he got baptized. But on Tuesday, we finally spoke with him and he shared with us his conversion story. He then told us that he is from a royal family and is therefore a PRINCE in some kingdom in Nigeria! Crazy huh? Then he wanted us to give his brother, Efe, a call to share the gospel with him! We actually called Efe this morning- which was hilarious because we could hardly understand his accent! But we still managed to have a good conversation with him, and he now wants to meet with missionaries!!!! So we're in the process of sending them over to him :) :) :) I love this gospel so much and have seen it change lives. I'm so happy to have it in my own life and to share my testimony with everyone I meet! Thank you all for your examples and your support. I love you from the bottom of my heart. And I want to let you know that transfers are coming up next week, so Friday probably won't be my p-day anymore. And maybe I'll go outbound!!! I'll let you know, whenever my next p-day is.... wish me luck! :) Sister Woo and I are hoping to stay together, but we both have a feeling it might not happen.... we'll see!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Sister Frooooooggggggeeeeeeettttt

PS: (Otus thinks my name is pronounced Rochellee- it's so cute!! haha)

Friday, April 1, 2011


Temple Square is SOO busy right now! It feels weird being on p-day when we could be talking to ALL those people! I'm really excited for tomorrow and Sunday. There is such a special spirit here during Conference. I LOVE IT! Let me know what talks stand out to you! We only get to watch one session, but it'll be worth it for all the miracles we'll see in the next few days. We won't have any Personal or Companionship Study, or full hours of meal time, meaning we'll be on the square from 9am till 10pm!!! We had a huge pump-up mission meeting this morning to get us ready for the weekend. Our current goal for conference referrals is 6,000 as a mission. We're gonna blow it out of the water, just watch! :) We've already gotten quite a few, so we're well on our way! :)

Well, this past week has been an interesting one! We met a lady named Danielle from Michigan. She wasn't sure what led her to, but she felt she needed to go there. She is now our new investigator over the phone! We had an amazing lesson with her, and there was so much power as we testified of Joseph Smith, and as she said the closing prayer. It was so sincere and so full of love. We had been praying so hard for referrals on the square that week, and the Lord answered our prayers! The zone leaders came up to us in the call center and told us they felt prompted that Sister Woo and I needed to go up on the square for an hour. So we did, and sure enough, we met an amazing woman from Romania!! We showed her all the New Testament paintings- of Jesus Christ, and went up to the Christus. As we told her of Christ's appearance to the people here in the Americas, her eyes lit up and she wanted to read the Book of Mormon!! The missionaries should be meeting with her sometime next week! How amazing is that! By the time the tour was over, our hour was up, and we went back into the call center and told the zone leaders about our little miracle that they helped us witness. Our leaders are truly inspired!

The Book of Mormon is so powerful- I've even been having dreams of testifying of its truthfulness to different people. I love dreaming about missionary work! :) We met a woman named Diane who had met a couple elders in a laundry-mat. They gave her a Book of Mormon. She put it in a laundry basket, and later accidentally spilled water all over everything in the basket. Everything was water-damaged, except for the Book of Mormon. It was left unharmed! She noticed that, and has kept the book in her car ever since. We had a beautiful lesson with her over the phone last night and challenged her to actually read the book and pray about its truthfulness. She has been searching and searching for the truth. And we get to tell her the wonderful news that she has finally found it!!!

Sister Woo and I have the assignment to open and close the Joseph Smith movie (the new one is out now! You should come watch it!). On Tuesday, we were going to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to do that, and we ran into the General Primary Presidency! We also saw the General Young Women Presidency. There are so many meetings taking place on Temple Square before Conference. It's fun to see them all! :) That same day, we didn't have lunch till 4pm because of all the tours we were taking! We met a couple of anti-Mormon girls too.... that was lovely (sorry for the sarcasm). Luckily, other sisters saw us with them, and they paged me so we could get outta there (finally... after an hour of being with them)! The Spirit was definitely not there. We were ready for lunch after that. But we met a man named Estuardo from Guatemala! He was SUCH a nice man who was trying to take a picture all by himself by the Christus. We offered to take it for him. He said he didn't speak any English, and I happily switched languages :) I was really confident in my Spanish that day, thankfully! Normally I'm pretty hesitant to speak. The gift of tongues is real, my friends! I was saying things that I never thought I could say... fluently!! It felt amazing. He had heard a lot of bad things about Joseph Smith, but when I told him all about the First Vision, he had tears in his eyes as he told me he had never heard that story before. It was really quiet at that moment, and the Spirit carried the truths from my mouth to his heart. He referred to have missionaries come teach him more about it in Guatemala. I had been so frustrated that we got stuck with those anti's, but if it wasn't for them, then I wouldn't have met Estuardo. The Lord truly knows what He's doing! :)

We met an incredible man named Aunpau from Ghana who is a convert to the church with an unwavering testimony of our Savior. It was very uplifting to have spoken with him. Later, we met a man named Sasha from Serbia! And another man named Tylone from the Virgin Islands! He was such a sweetheart, and he loved the story we told him about John Moyle- who helped build the SLC Temple (you should look up the story in Our Heritage!). He also wanted to have the Book of Mormon, so we're sending the missionaries to him next week!! That evening we had a Spanish lesson with a man named Arturo! Originally from Mexico, but living here in Utah. The missionaries just met with him and gave him the Book of Mormon (I'm hoping he'll get baptized, and then I'll actually get to ATTEND!!!!) It was a wonderful lesson, and once again, my Spanish was improved through the Spirit. That night we ALSO talked to OTUS (from Nigeria) on the phone! We thought he was on a trip in Malaysia at the time, but he was still in Nigeria, so we woke him up in the middle of the night! Whoops... lol. But he was SO happy to hear our voices and share his happiness from joining the church after we talked to him online. What a JOY this work is! I can't wait to meet Otus, face-to-face! That will be a glorious day :) Meeting all these people from all over the world reminded me of that one time when Isaiah wrote about us, here on Temple Square: "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it" (Isaiah 2:2).

I love you all and love hearing from you! You are the silver lining on the clouds! :) You motivate me to be a better servant of God!! :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Sister Rochelle Frogget (Everyone in this mission now thinks my name is pronounced FrogGET instead of FROGget. it's so silly!!!)

PS: Aren't you glad I haven't played any April Fools jokes on you this year?? :)