Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are you ready for this?

Hello everyone!! What an amazing week! Are you ready for this?

Well, as you know, GENERAL CONFERENCE was last weekend! Didn’t you just LOVE it!?? I’m jealous that you got to watch all the sessions! We were only able to watch the Saturday afternoon session, but boy was it great! We had to find out what all the other sessions were about by asking the members! So we heard there were some wonderful words spoken. I’m anxious to receive the Conference issue of the ensign next month!

Ok first of all, we had to be on the square at 8:00 in the morning instead of 10:00! No exercise, no studying, no meal times (besides 15 minutes) It was just full-out preaching the gospel, uplifting the members and getting potential referrals from them! Let me tell you, there were THOUSANDS of members. They were everywhere. We were literally going from one family or individual to the next, back-to-back, for 14 hours straight. President told us only to visit with each one for 5 to 10 minutes at the most so that we could get as many names and numbers sent out to the missionaries around the world as possible. Our mission goal was to receive 5,000 referrals in those 2 days. Ha! We dominated!!! We almost made it to 6,000! We worked hard and felt the Spirit so strongly! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE with all my heart!! Even though I didn’t get to listen to all the words, I still got to feel the Spirit and know that we have a TRUE and LIVING prophet today!! How lucky are we?? It is seriously such a privilege to hear, through these men, what the Lord would say if he were here. The protesters that were here couldn’t stand a chance because we as members of Christ’s church have that knowledge! It is now time to use the words that we have heard and apply them to our lives! President Benson said this:

“For the next six months, your conference edition of the Ensign should stand next to your standard works and be referred to frequently--let these conference addresses be the guide to your walk and talk during the next six months. These are the important matters the Lord sees fit to reveal to this people in this day.”

Let us LIVE what we hear and read from these prophets, seers, and revelators!!

I saw many people that I know here on the square!! It was SO GOOD to see them! I also heard that there were many more looking for me but couldn’t find me, so if you were there, I’m sorry I couldn’t see you!! I wish I could have! Saturday was a REALLY HOT day! Can you believe how great the weather was this conference? It has been YEARS that it hasn’t rained or snowed or been freezing cold at temple square during conference. And this time it was over 80 degrees! The whole summer that I’ve been here, I didn’t get sun burnt. But in OCTOBER of all times of the year, I got a nasty sunburn on my arms, face and neck; ironic! After Saturday night, my entire body was aching. I was about ready to collapse! You have no idea how amazing it is to feel really sore from doing missionary work! I love it! And guess what?? President Holmes gathered us all in the Tabernacle that night and praised us for our hard work and rewarded us by allowing us to SLEEP IN for 2 days!!! He also gave us free pizza for lunch those same days! It was amazing and much needed! I love General Conference time! Immediately after those two days, the square was completely empty, and the weather turned on us. It’s now really cold and rainy, and hardly anyone comes to visit. But we’re still having great experiences and miracles. Being a missionary is so rewarding! I love it :)

So apparently there was a talk given by one of the General authorities who spoke strongly and sternly against homosexuality. Well, that really riled some people up--just last night there was a huge protest about it. President told us to get home and locked in our apartments by 5:30pm. We could hear all the people from our apartments yelling and screaming. It was intense. But, we're so fortunate to be wrapped up in the arms of God’s safety, love, and protection. I love this gospel- it has brought me such happiness and true joy in my life. I know it to be true. Keep up your member-missionary work! The Lord needs you! I love you all so much and I just LOVE hearing from you. You're in my prayers. I just love you to pieces!!! :) xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo



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