Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost Conference Time

Hello everyone! Can you believe how fast time flies?? It's already almost October. And you know what that means!!!! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! It's going to be an amazing conference this year, I can just feel it! And we're gonna see SOOO many people come. I can't wait! We only get to see one session of conference (SO SAD!) but it's ok because the rest of the time we will be uplifting members and encouraging them to do missionary work and spread this wonderful gospel!

This new transfer is sooooo great! I'm enjoying it a lot! My roommates and my companion and I are all becoming really great friends, and we're having a blast together as we live the life of a missionary! Sister McNaught and I have been together for a week and 2 days, and we've only taken TWO tours! You know why that is? It's because we're in Fleet, and in the West Gate Booth. We stay in the booth for 6 hours everyday. We organize and arrange all the language tours and motorcoaches on the square. It is quite a stressful assignment, especially when sisters don't respond to their pages, or when there are hardly any sisters on the square to come take tours! But we manage and we have fun. WestGate doesn't allow us to take tours of course, so what happens is one of us steps outside of the booth and contacts the people that come through the gate. It's a bit harder to teach, testify, and invite, but it's definitely possible!! I really like being in WestGate and in fleet! There's always something to keep us really busy, especially as the summer season is ending and a LOT less people are coming to Temple Square. Right now we're preparing to train all the sisters who want to pass off in driving. We get to teach them the driving rules of the mission, give them a written test, and take them on a drivers test!! It should be fun :)

My Spanish is coming along quite nicely!! I have taken quite a few spanish tours this week and each one of them has been wonderful! Those people are just amazing and accepting. I love them so much! I got to take a lady from Mexico on a tour- she's currently living in Salt Lake City, and her member neighbors brought her here. She was completely prepared to hear this message. She came as a visitor and left as an investigator! The Spirit here is so incredible and it touches the hearts and the lives of the people that come. I'm SO fortunate to be a missionary here. I'm fortunate to be a missionary- period!! My companion and I were studying together yesterday and we were amazed because President Monson has so much weight on his shoulders. His main responsibility is to bear witness of Christ and spread His gospel. But he's only one man and can't do it by himself. So he has put his trust in US to help him. The prophet of God trusts in us to be missionaries- not only missionaries who have been called and set apart to do so, but also YOU as member missionaries! He trusts you. God trusts you. We all have the responsibility and privilege to share this message with everyone! Your friends, your neighbors, your family members, your co-workers, anyone. Everyone! So get up on your feet and get to it! We have work to do! :)

Guess what? Every Sunday morning, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in the Tabernacle. After the performance, everyone pours out of the building, and we as sister missionaries get to do what we call "announcing". So about 10 to 15 of us hold up a sign with a language written on it and then we announce in that language who we are and why we're here- and we tell the people who speak that language to meet us afterwards to take a tour of Temple Square. (remember those pictures in the conference ensigns? You'll see sisters holding up language signs- that's what this is!) SO, I get to announce this Sunday in SPANISH!!! I'm really excited :) I'm a little nervous, but it should be fun! I'll let you know how it goes next week :)

Speaking of the MoTab, we get to meet the members of the choir every week. And mom, guess who I saw?! Alex Boye!!! He was about 8 feet away from me!! haha but sadly I didn't get to meet him. I just saw him walk into the tabernacle right before their performace :) I thought that was kinda cool :)

Well, the Lord continues to show His love and mercy to us each and every day. We witness His tender mercies ALL the time. He is there. He is watching over and protecting us and blessing us SO much! I love Him with all of my heart. I'm SO grateful to be here as a full-time servant for Him, to help Him with His work and His glory- to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. To turn the hearts of His children to our Savior, Jesus Christ. I was reading the other day in Alma chapters 56 and 57 about the 2,000 stripling warriors. (You should read those chapters!) They each had such indescribable FAITH. Their faith led them to do whatsoever thing was required of them- as they were obedient and diligent. They could do ANYTHING through their Father in heaven- with faith. It really motivated me to increase and strengthen my faith. I need to forget about my fears- my fears of approaching people, my fears of rejection, my fears of not speaking eloquently, ALL of my fears, and put my trust and faith in God. He will direct my paths. He will lead me and guide me and work through me. I am an instrument in His hands. I am His mouthpiece. I am His daughter. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

and miss you like crazy!

you're all the best!

keep in touch!!

I pray for you all the time!!!



Ro :)

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