Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love this season!!! Temple Square is the perfect place to be with all the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! The first day they turned on was the day after Thanksgiving! And it was almost shoulder-to-shoulder with all the members and guests that came!!! It was awesome!! We had p-day in the morning and then went on the square for the rest of the night! We talked to SO many members, and got lots of potentials!! It was great! We thought all the nights would be like that, but it's actually not that much. Don't get me wrong, there are still thousands of members coming through, but it's not as crowded as the first night. I'm sure it'll speed up as school gets out and Christmas comes closer. I can't believe it's that time of year again! I just love it! What greater time to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ!!
Last Saturday I was able to do MTC contacting again! A sister from Japan, Sister Wada, was my companion for a few hours. She's actually going to the visitor's center in Hawaii!! But they all come to temple square to practice before going to their visitors centers. So I helped her out and we met wonderful families and received quality potential referrals! We met a man named Brian and his wife Lori and daughter Maggie. They were glowing with the Spirit! They gave us 2 potentials to call. I actually called both of them yesterday! One of them was Brian's older brother. I told him why I was calling, developed a good relationship with him, and introduced the Book of Mormon to him. I told him a little about it and testified of its truthfulness. He ended up wanting to receive one for himself through the missionaries! I was so happy I could act as an instrument in helping his brother take a step closer to Christ.

As we talk to all the members, we invite the spirit into our contacts and quite frequently read scriptures to do so. One time we were talking to some members, and the Spirit was SO strong. But instead of them giving us potentials, I was the one prompted to give my own potentials! So I had my roommate call mom to get the numbers of some of my high school teachers. I'm now praying to know which sisters should be the ones to call them and invite them to learn more about the gospel! We'll see what happens!! Missionary work here is amazing!

Yesterday Sister Smith and I were in the office almost the entire day because we have so much to accomplish before the transfer ends (which will be on Tuesday!!) As we were working on the computer, we heard a familiar voice behind us saying, "Thank you so much for all you do!" We turned around and it was Sister Barbara Thompson and Sister Silvia Allred- the counselors in the General Relief Society board!!! We met them and talked with them. They gave us all Christmas gifts! How sweet of them! I don't know where President Beck was... probably at the MTC since Blaine got to hear her speak just recently! haha :) We are so privileged to be here where the headquarters of the church are! We are going to get tickets to the Christmas Devotional this Sunday!!! I'm so excited!

The mission is amazing. I don't know how else to put it! Completely devoting my time, talents and efforts to the Lord is something I absolutely love and will never regret. I am learning how to become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm striving to listen to the Spirit's promptings. It is certainly very difficult at times, but completely worth every minute. I'm currently reading the book Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. It is incredible. It goes into such intricate depth of Jesus Christ's life. Thinking about His life more often helps me to have His Spirit to guide me even more. I hope that each day I can become more like Him so that one day, when He comes again, He will know me and welcome me into His arms. Forever. I love Him. I am devoted to Him. May we all devote our lives to the Savior and never stray!

All my love to you!!!
Remember the Reason for the season!!

Love, yours truly,
a representative of Jesus Christ-
Sister Rochelle Frogget


  1. Hi! I'm ISabel.. Pleaaasee if you know Sister HIcks can you give her my email or can you tell me her email address? Is she still a missionary?
    My email is
    Thank you and good luck in your mission :)

  2. I met her last summer while I was in Temple Square for vacations. I´m from Ecuador. If you can help me I really appreciatte it please I want to get in touch with her.

    Att, Isabel Molina

  3. Hey Rochelle!
    I'm glad you're doing well! My two best friends from Delaware who are non-members are coming out on Saturday for Erin's wedding. We are going to be on Temple Square Saturday night at some point. I know that you don't always make it to the Square and that you're an important busy sister, but I would love for you to be there to maybe explain some things to them- or if you could give me some recommendations for who I could look for?! Well I don't know how you can get ahold of me. My email is and our blog is! Love you girl! Can't wait to see ya