Thursday, December 23, 2010


My new P-day is Wednesday! ONE week into the transfer, my companion and I were informed that we would be changing zones. So I'm no longer in the South 1 zone, but I'm back to Cover zone! And guess what!? Our assignment is in the Beehive House!! It was a really hard adjustment for me, but after a day I was just fine. And we see little miracles all the time at the beehive house! It was the house of Brigham Young, the second prophet of the Church. Two other prophets lived there as well: Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith. The walls and doorways are really small and narrow. It's a cute, cozy little house. It's like I'm giving tours of my own home! It's kinda fun! If there aren't any people coming in for tours, we go in one of the back rooms where there are a bunch of computers, and that functions as the referral center. So we make more calls during that time. We're there most of the day actually... so I'm hardly on the square anymore... that's probably why no one has been able to find me lately! I'm only on the square Monday nights and Saturday nights! Crazy huh? The rest of the time is Beehive House, or "motors" which means we make calls in the referral center, or have our teaching appointments with our investigators!!! We had like 10 appointments the other day, and no one picked up the phone! it was kinda sad. But luckily we found like 5 more potential investigators! Some were found over Chat, and others through the member referrals. Members are SO amazing! Without them, we wouldn't be able to do missionary work very effectively. They (and you) help us so much and I just love it! Thank you thank you thank you and keep it up!!!!

The other day, we met a lady on the square named Jennifer. She just got baptized into the church like 3 days ago! And it was all because she got on TWO WEEKS AGO, and talked with the missionaries on there! Her local missionaries were sent to her home, taught her, and committed her to be baptized. Talk about being prepared! She bore her testimony to us about how it has transformed her life and she's so much happier now. She feels the power of the Holy Ghost in her life. She's still learning and growing, and she loves every minute of it! I thought it was a great story.... USE those pass-along cards, everyone!!! They really work miracles! We have people call in the referral center and go on the website ALL the time because of those cards. This gospel is being carried forth to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. This is a great work! And I'm SO happy to be a part of it! :)

On Monday we had a mission meeting EARLY in the morning. After the meeting, President Holmes allowed us all to walk over to the Conference Center and take pictures with all the pretty Christmas decorations! It was fun :)

There have been a LOT of concerts and performances with the choir, so it's beautiful in there! That same day, I saw my BYU roommate ALISSA!!!! I love that girl so much!!! It was SO great to see her! And she's getting married soon! I can't believe everyone's going off and getting married! It's crazy how time flies and everyone grows up....

Do you have snow yet!?!? We got a BUNCH of it yesterday!! But it's all melting today because it's raining! I still hope we have a white Christmas! I don't know what President Holmes has in store for us for Christmas day.... it's all a surprise! But I'll let you know what happens when I talk to you on the PHONE this Saturday!! I'm excited to hear all of your voices! :)

Well, what a wonderful time of the year, to celebrate and share with others about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! I know that He lives and loves each one of us. I'm striving with all my heart to serve Him and do as He asks. I love you and will talk to you soon!!!

All my love,
Sister Ro Ro Ro Frogget!!!

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