Monday, September 6, 2010

My very first Spanish tour

My dearest family,

Well it has been an eventful week!!! I took my very first Spanish tour (without passing off yet) with a guy from Mexico. I found out at the end of the tour that he already referred, but at least I was able to get some good practice in!! It went pretty well! And I realized that I'm more ready than I thought to pass off. That was on Tuesday last week. THEN, on Thursday, I PASSED OFF THE SPANISH TOUR!!!! I was pretty scared at first, but Sister Cheta (the Spanish coordinator) was so sweet and helpful. She actually got a Spanish page while we were practicing together and so we took that one! It was with a family that is getting baptized this month so they were really nice and understanding, and that tour is what I did to pass off! SO EXCITING! I now get Spanish pages all the time. But since there are so many Spanish sisters, I hardly ever actually get to take them. But yesterday, we were walking through the south visitors center and 3 Spanish ladies from California came to us with all kinds of questions about the church. I answered to the best of my abilities and bore simple testimony to them. They ended up referring! My first Spanish referral!!! (that was yesterday!) Those people are so open and accepting to this message! I'm in for many miracles throughout my mission with those Spanish people!! I'm excited! :) And I'm excited to keep my Spanish going! I never thought I would have passed off this early in the mission!! yay! :)

GUESS WHAT?!? Do you remember when I emailed you about a guy named Charles? I think it was last transfer. Well we took him on a tour quite a few weeks ago and taught him. He was so accepting and so golden!! He referred to have missionaries come teach him more. Well for the first time on my mission I have actually been able to see progression!!! Charles came to the square last week! He told us that the missionaries have been coming for almost 3 weeks now and he has been going to church. He says it feels like home when he goes. He's reading from the Book of Mormon. He even shared with us his favorite scripture! (Mosiah 3:19) He also shared what he's learning and feeling. He has such a strong testimony and he knows he has finally found what he was searching for all these years. He has given up chewing tobacco and is currently trying really hard to give up smoking. He says that's the hardest part, but he now recognizes that the temptations are from Satan, so that helps him resist. What an amazing man!!! I love Charles so much and I'm SO GLAD we could run into him again on Temple Square!!! He's definitely on the right path to following Christ's example and getting baptized!! I was in awe because I actually got to see success from one of our referrals!!! Miracles happen every day!! I truly felt the joy of missionary work that day. I'll never forget it. Charles has motivated me to forget about my fears and just BE BOLD!! this message is for EVERYONE and we must do our very best to share it with them!!! I love being a missionary :)

It must be amazing to be a proselyting missionary! To find people, and then actually continue teaching them and seeing progress in them! We found a young man in the Assembly Hall yesterday who grew up in Arizona (which has a high LDS population). His parents raised him in the church until he was 6 years old, and then they went inactive. So he never got a chance to be baptized. But most of his friends were LDS and he even went to seminary with them sometimes. He goes to church once in a while but he's not active. And he doesn't plan to become a member anytime soon. He said he's still young and has plenty of time to do that later. Plus he's busy and doesn't really have a desire to be a member anyway. BUT something that he said threw me off a bit. He really wants to get married in the temple!!!!!! When he said that, Sister Nakajima and I looked at each other, looked at him, and then we started being really bold with him. What is he waiting for!?? We read him some scriptures about the importance of baptism (since he asked why we have to get baptized if we can still live good lives and follow Christ without getting baptized). We explained the importance of following Christ's example. We also explained the importance of doing it NOW!!!! Don't procrastinate! After a while, I was prompted to challenge him to baptism. So I did, and his countenance changed. He nodded his head and said yes!!! He filled out the card to have the missionaries teach him the discussions and we made him promise that he would come back to the square (since he lives in SLC now) and tell us when his baptismal date would be!!!!! Aaaaah it's so exciting!! I wish WE could be the missionaries to teach him because we built a great relationship with him. But we just have to trust the missionaries in SLC to do it! We were so happy after that. What a miracle! I love missionary work! I love Temple Square!! I love this gospel with all of my heart! I love my Savior Jesus Christ!! I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week! You mean the world to me! :)


Sister Rochelle Frogget!! :)

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