Friday, November 12, 2010

Buenos dias mis amigos!!!

Buenos dias mis amigos!!!

Can I just tell you how much I love you? And can I just tell you how much I love missionary work!!? I wish you were all out here doing this with me! There are experiences that you just can't get anywhere else. Last Saturday, my companion and I were called to do MTC CONTACTING!!!!! That means we were, in a way, trainers for a day! The sisters in the MTC that are going to other visitors' centers came here to get a taste of it. That's exactly what I did during my last week in the MTC. And that's when I saw you guys! Remember that? lol. Anyway, I was a little nervous about doing it, but once we met the sisters, everything felt right and I was excited. My companion, for the few hours that we were together, was Sister Hyde from Alabama, who is going to the visitors' center in St. George- Spanish speaking. What a sweetheart! We planned for the people we would meet that evening, and went up to the square. We found a group of college students, who were here for a convention, and took them on a tour. It was a little rough because most of them were atheists. Not to mention there was a concert in the Assembly Hall that was really loud, and we had to try to speak over the music. Plus, it was scattered and unorganized. But none of that really mattered because we were sharing what we knew and bearing our testimonies together. Sister Hyde has such a radiating testimony, which brought the Spirit into that tour, and all of our contacts with the guests that night. She was fresh from the MTC and still had that "fire". It reminded me to "keep the fire" and never let it go. She had such LOVE for the guests. And, as a tender mercy from Above, we met LOTS of spanish people and she was able to practice her spanish! I was quite impressed to say the least! I was so proud of her. :) I wish she was coming here to Temple Square. We became such great friends within that short time, and we've decided to write to each other and maybe even be roommates when we go back to BYU in 2012! I love that girl so much! And I love the gospel and being able to keep that fire and bear my testimony everyday! That whole experience made me really excited to train someday!! :)

On Sunday, Sister Smith and I were able to attend the "Music and the Spoken Word"! Go MoTab!!! :) They are absolutely amazing! And it's kinda fun to point out all the choir members that I have met and gotten to know when I was in WestGate last transfer!! haha. I feel SO privileged to be here where the headquarters of the church are, and to be able to be a part of all the amazing things that go on here. At the end of the performance, we were excited to find out that President Monson was there with us! I love that man :) Afterwards I was able to give a spanish tour to a family whose daughter has been called here to Temple Square! She'll be coming in January!

Ok, Monday I had one of the most amazing experiences ever! It was a great day in general. We started off by going to the Church History Museum for companionship study :) We learned and saw so much! All about the pioneers and what they went through, and we saw some original belongings of the prophets and pioneers! I could have spent hours in that place. We're going again SOON because there's so much to see and so little time! My love for the pioneers grew so much. It was a great way to start the day. When we walked out, it was breath-takingly beautiful outside! It was raining and all the leaves were really bright colors. It felt like I was walking around in a painting! I love Temple Square! :) After working in the call center for a couple hours, it was time for our district to do SERVICE!! And guess where we got to go?? Inide the Salt Lake City Temple!!! We did temple cleaning for 5 hours that day! And let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE. That temple has so much history behind it. My appreciation for it grew 100 times what it was before. Sister Smith and I were taken from the group of sisters to do a "special assignment." And boy was it special! We were assigned to go through all the rooms and check if the outlets were working! haha it sounds kinda funny, but it was amazing. We got to walk through the beautiful hallways and rooms and just gaze at all the intricate details on the walls and ceilings. I could feel the presence of the pioneers. I could feel the Spirit's peace. We saw all the sealing rooms- I could feel the power of heaven as I thought of families and couples being sealed for all time and eternity in those very rooms. I saw and felt the granite staircases. I gazed at the large windows, and miraculous paintings and murals. We walked through the large solemn assembly room. (I could really feel the temple model in the south visitors center come to life at this point!) We saw the study room where James E. Talmage wrote Jesus the Christ. We got lost so many times because there are more than 170 rooms in that temple, but it was okay because there was so much to see and so much to feel. I felt SO privileged to enter into such a sacred place. I have a whole new perspective of that temple now. There's also so much that I learned and felt there. Not only is it beautiful and amazing physically, it is more importantly the most holy and sacred place on earth. Heaven on earth! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!

I hope that all of you are preparing yourself to enter into the temple. Those of you who already have, I hope you are keeping yourself worthy to go. And I hope you are GOING OFTEN! Weekly if possible! The Lord will bless you and strengthen you and pour out blessings upon you.

I love you.

And congrats to you, Elder Frogget, for becoming the ZONE LEADER!!! You will be amazing. The Lord will bless and guide you more than you could ever imagine.

All my love and support and prayers,

Sister Rochelle Frogget

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