Sunday, November 21, 2010

I feel so privileged

Hello my dears!
Well I have less than a year left as a missionary! How crazy is that? I'm loving my mission more and more as it goes along. Even when it's slow and there aren't very many people on the square! BUT, there WILL be more people, once they turn on all the Christmas lights!!! I'm sooooo excited :) They've been working on putting them up since the beginning of August, and they're finally almost finished. The day after Thanksgiving will be when they turn them on. That means our P-days will change from evenings to mornings. So we'll be like regular missionaries for a month and a half! haha.

A few weeks ago, my companion and I got called into President Seppi's office (he's the counselor in the mission presidency). A few other companionships were there as well. We were privileged to be asked to attend the "Orange Street Branch" which is a branch of ladies who are in a half-house, working their way out of prison. It was like a sacrament meeting without partaking of the sacrament. All of the sisters were asked to speak on different topics, except for my companion and I- we were in charge of the music. We prayerfully considered which hymns to sing and which musical number to perform. I played A Child's Prayer from the primary hymn book and the rest of the sisters sang it. It was beautiful!!! And it really touched the hearts of these wonderful ladies who are all working on the repentance process. They were so sweet and full of love! It was an amazing experience that allowed me to see the STRONG power of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. It does work. It does change people. It does change lives. I've seen it. I don't fully comprehend it, but I do not doubt in it.

Also this week, the mission was able to take a field trip to BYU!!!!!!! (It was weird going back! I miss it! lol) We went to the Museum of Art where they had two wonderful exhibitions on Jesus Christ. The artists were Carl Bloch and James Tissot. Bloch is a pretty well-known artist in the church. Tissot, however, is probably not. His art was very unique and interesting. He did hundreds of watercolor paintings of Jesus Christ and his life. It was interesting to see all the different points of view that he had. I was able to think about my Savior and His life in a new way. As a mission, we were able to spend a number of hours there looking at all the paintings. What a testimony- builder! I know that my Redeemer lives! What joy this sweet sentence gives! :)

I feel so privileged to be a part of this mission and a part of this work. There's nothing else like it. When I forget myself and think of others, I truly see the rewards and blessings and joys of missionary work. In the Referral Center a couple days ago, a man called in and he only spoke spanish. Despite my fears and doubts about my spanish-speaking abilities, I pushed them out of my mind and bore testimony in Spanish of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. I did all I could, and God did the rest. The man ended up wanting to meet with missionaries. I love this work! Oh, the gospel is true! (no matter what language you speak haha)

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you! Your letters mean so so so much to me! :)

Love, Sister RoFrogget!

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