Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It really and truly was a very happy Christmas!!! It made me SOOO happy! Christmas eve was really special too! We worked on the square until 3:30pm and then headed downstairs to change into p-day clothes. We had no idea what was planned for us until we got on the bus and drove to Heritage Park, where they had a huge place for us to eat dinner! It was a nice and fancy dinner :) We took pictures, played the piano, ate dinner, had a beautiful Christmas program, and made gingerbread houses for little kids in hospitals! It was so much fun :)
President gave us permission to sleep in and not be on the square until NOON! I still woke up early :) I decided to take the time to study about my Savior. I read from Jesus the Christ and the scriptures. It was an amazing start to a Christmas day! My companion and I opened our stockings that were given to us by local stakes in SLC- each item had a scripture to go with it :) It was fun. Then I suggested that we make crepes for breakfast!!! They were absolutely delicious! Then we opened gifts from family and friends! They were all so wonderful!! Thank you all so much! I loved every gift :) We then got ready for the day and headed to the call center to CALL OUR FAMILIES!!! I had butterflies in my stomach, I'll admit! It was SO WONDERFUL to talk to you all! Thanks for making the time for me :) What a great and uplifting phone call! It made Christmas day that much more enjoyable! After the call, we worked until 5pm and went downstairs. There was yet another huge dinner waiting for us... yummmm! After we finished, President announced that we were watching the Chronicles of Narnia!!!! It was SUCH a great movie! What a spiritual experience too! SO many things paralleled to the gospel, especially to the atonement of Jesus Christ. It motivated me to be the best missionary possible and to never get discouraged! We are all in a life-long war with Satan. We know that the Lord is on our side, helping us along the way! Let us put on the armor of God and fight with all our might! :)

It was a wonderful Christmas! The lights are still on, thankfully, because that's what brings all the people! So we still have morning p-days until after the first of the year. It will be a sad day once they turn them off! Well, we've been working a lot in the Beehive House and I really have grown to love it! We see a lot of miracles there! There's a special spirit in the home of a prophet! We met some Romanians the other day who weren't members of the church. They loved the home and the things that we shared with them about the gospel. They want to have missionaries come teach them! They also gave us their friends' names and phone numbers to share it with them!! It's not too often that nonmembers give us referrals!

Yesterday I was thinking all day about ELDER BLAINE FROGGET!!! Can you believe he's now in GERMANY?! I love that boy and am SO excited for him to get out in the field! Won't he be an amazing missionary!? Germany is just the place for him. I've been bragging about him to people on the square all week. (Actually my whole mission! haha) I've met a lot of people who have served in the Berlin Germany mission, and they loved it, so I'm sure he will too :)

Guess what!? Yesterday we got to go to the HUMANITARIAN CENTER for the day!!! I had never been there before and had hoped to! We finally went and it was sooo amazing! I was actually in a really bad mood that morning, but once we got there and got a tour ourselves (so that we would know how to give the tours), I was so appreciative of what I am blessed with, and of all the work that the church does to help others all around the world. It was sooooo great! Our first tour was with nearly 50 people! I was a bit nervous, but it was actually our best tour! The Spirit was strong, and lots of people gave us referrals of their friends. I'll be looking forward to calling them and sharing the gospel message with them! It was actually a busy day there- we took a tour every hour and each tour was huge! I hope I get to work there again someday! It's so uplifting and so interesting! We got to show people all the 1000-pound bails of clothing donated. 300 of them come in every week! They're sorted and then sent out to places all over the world. We got to see all the kits made- hygiene kits, newborn kits, school kits, etc. We got to help tie a bunch of quilts too! There are 4000 quilts made or donated every month and sent out to people who need them! There were wheelchairs, kits, quilts, clothes, clean water, food, and everything you can imagine that goes out to help God's children almost everywhere! What a wonderful program!

Well, my time is short!
I love you all and appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts and support! I couldn't do this work without it!
Much love!!!!
Sister Frogget :)

I just realized that I forgot my camera :( sorry about that! I'll try to send pictures in my next email! Love you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


My new P-day is Wednesday! ONE week into the transfer, my companion and I were informed that we would be changing zones. So I'm no longer in the South 1 zone, but I'm back to Cover zone! And guess what!? Our assignment is in the Beehive House!! It was a really hard adjustment for me, but after a day I was just fine. And we see little miracles all the time at the beehive house! It was the house of Brigham Young, the second prophet of the Church. Two other prophets lived there as well: Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith. The walls and doorways are really small and narrow. It's a cute, cozy little house. It's like I'm giving tours of my own home! It's kinda fun! If there aren't any people coming in for tours, we go in one of the back rooms where there are a bunch of computers, and that functions as the referral center. So we make more calls during that time. We're there most of the day actually... so I'm hardly on the square anymore... that's probably why no one has been able to find me lately! I'm only on the square Monday nights and Saturday nights! Crazy huh? The rest of the time is Beehive House, or "motors" which means we make calls in the referral center, or have our teaching appointments with our investigators!!! We had like 10 appointments the other day, and no one picked up the phone! it was kinda sad. But luckily we found like 5 more potential investigators! Some were found over Chat, and others through the member referrals. Members are SO amazing! Without them, we wouldn't be able to do missionary work very effectively. They (and you) help us so much and I just love it! Thank you thank you thank you and keep it up!!!!

The other day, we met a lady on the square named Jennifer. She just got baptized into the church like 3 days ago! And it was all because she got on TWO WEEKS AGO, and talked with the missionaries on there! Her local missionaries were sent to her home, taught her, and committed her to be baptized. Talk about being prepared! She bore her testimony to us about how it has transformed her life and she's so much happier now. She feels the power of the Holy Ghost in her life. She's still learning and growing, and she loves every minute of it! I thought it was a great story.... USE those pass-along cards, everyone!!! They really work miracles! We have people call in the referral center and go on the website ALL the time because of those cards. This gospel is being carried forth to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. This is a great work! And I'm SO happy to be a part of it! :)

On Monday we had a mission meeting EARLY in the morning. After the meeting, President Holmes allowed us all to walk over to the Conference Center and take pictures with all the pretty Christmas decorations! It was fun :)

There have been a LOT of concerts and performances with the choir, so it's beautiful in there! That same day, I saw my BYU roommate ALISSA!!!! I love that girl so much!!! It was SO great to see her! And she's getting married soon! I can't believe everyone's going off and getting married! It's crazy how time flies and everyone grows up....

Do you have snow yet!?!? We got a BUNCH of it yesterday!! But it's all melting today because it's raining! I still hope we have a white Christmas! I don't know what President Holmes has in store for us for Christmas day.... it's all a surprise! But I'll let you know what happens when I talk to you on the PHONE this Saturday!! I'm excited to hear all of your voices! :)

Well, what a wonderful time of the year, to celebrate and share with others about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! I know that He lives and loves each one of us. I'm striving with all my heart to serve Him and do as He asks. I love you and will talk to you soon!!!

All my love,
Sister Ro Ro Ro Frogget!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The greatest gift

"The greatest gift that we can offer is to point others to [Jesus Christ] and eternal life" --President Eyring

Feliz Navidad!
How are you all doing? I hope the Christmas season is not too busy! It sure is crazy here on Temple Square!! Every single night is packed with people! It's soooo much fun! I'm bummed that I didn't get to see everyone from home that came! Hopefully you enjoyed the lights :) Well, where should I start?! Sister Wilson and I are getting along so well! She's such a hard working missionary with a love for our Savior-- a great example for me! We are having fun living in Gordon Place apartments (which has a ton of space!) We had a good time putting up lights in our living room while listening to David Archuleta's Christmas CD :) And Motab of course! : )

Teaching is going so well! Like I mentioned last week, we can teach people over the phone (the ones who referred on temple square, or the ones that members referred to us) until the missionaries make their first appointment with them. We've found out that in some missions, it takes months for the referral to get to them. And in other missions, it only takes a couple days. Some missions don't even receive them! So it's great that we get the chance to teach them and help them feel the Spirit during the "in-between" time. Once we know that the missionaries are visiting them, we call it an "Investigator Referral Confirmed" or an IRC. We received our first IRC last week! His name is Quincy and he's from New York! We're gonna call him next week to see how the visits are going. Hopefully he'll be our first baptism! :D How awesome is that!? We have a lot of new investigators and potential investigators. It is so great!

I forgot to mention last week that I'm the new ward organist!!! So crazy! I'd definitely rather be the pianist, but it's actually not as hard as I thought it would be :) YAY! We're having our Christmas program this Sunday, and I'm really excited about it! I'll give you some pictures of me at the organ when we had practice time this week :) President Hinckley's son joined us for sacrament meeting last Sunday, so it was a privilege to play for him.

Just yesterday I had an amazing experience! Last week, a member came to the square and we asked him if he knew anyone we could call and share the gospel with. He gave us the number of his friend, Tyler, who is in "alcoholics anonymous" with him! I was a little hesitant to give Tyler a call this week. But yesterday I felt like I needed to call him. So I did, and it was incredible! We talked and I got to know him a little bit. I then asked him about his religious background, but he had none. I asked him if he has faith in God or Jesus Christ, and he completely opened up to me and told me how he used to be completely addicted to alcohol and heroin. He was in the darkest part of his life and almost ended it, but felt like he should pray first. At that moment he felt an overwhelming love from God. He decided to give up all that he had become enslaved to and live a better life. With help from Above, Tyler was able to pull himself out of the deep hole that he was in. After a while, I introduced the Book of Mormon to him and promised him that it would bring him closer to God and Jesus Christ. He was amazed. He sincerely wanted to open it up and read it. So we're sending the missionaries over to Tyler, and we're teaching him over the phone this week! What a great and humble man!

There are miracles like that all the time. The Spirit is incredible here. God truly works through us and helps us say what his children need to hear. It's incredible how many people are searching for the truth but "know not where to find it." I'm honored to assist Him in this work.

Thank you all for your love and support and prayers. They're definitely needed! :) I love you and pray for you often! MERRY CHRISTMAS my loves!

Sister Rochelle Frogget

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!"

I just love Christmas! It will be different and weird being away from home, but it will be worth it. Serving the Lord as His full-time servant is exactly what I need and want to be doing right now. It is incredible!
Well, Sister Smith and I did MTC contacting again last Saturday! And it was for the sisters that were coming here to Temple Square on their missions! So I was able to meet Sister Klein who was in Blaine's zone in the MTC! That was fun. I was companions with Sister Buleje from Peru!! She hardly knows ANY English, so I basically explained everything to her in Spanish! We practiced making phone calls in the referral center, and I taught her how to do it all in Spanish! She did really well when she called one of my potentials. And now she's here on the square because TRANSFERS were on Wednesday!!!! I'm already in my 5th! I'm no longer with Sister Smith :( I thought for sure we would stay in Fleet together. But now she's in Fleet with another sister, and I'm with Sister Wilson from Portland, Oregon! She went to BYU, and we just found out last night that we had the same Book of Mormon class freshman year!! haha! She is such an obedient missionary with a strong testimony! I'm excited to serve with her! I am in "South 1" zone. All the zones have changed. SO MANY things are changing in this mission. It is completely different from when I first got here. We are now all TEACHING zones! That means that we all get to have progressing investigators over the phone! They've had a couple zones doing that the last 2 transfers, but I never had the chance to do it. So Sister Wilson is helping me and teaching me what to do. We actually had 2 lessons yesterday, and we're going to teach them again tomorrow! It's so different! I'm not used to talking to people more than once! haha But it was incredible. We start and end with a prayer in each lesson (which is kind of weird on the phone, but you get used to it after a while). We always invite the investigator to say the closing prayer. Every time I'm almost in tears because of their humility and their willingness to learn and apply these teachings. We are currently teaching a man named Quincy from New York and a young guy named Henry from California. Henry basically bore his testimony to us yesterday and I was amazed at his faith! He will be a SOLID member, for sure. What an amazing thing this is! I'm really excited for this transfer. There are many miracles in store. I can't wait to tell you all about them! Another neat thing about teaching is that we get to be in "chat" which means we are assigned to talk to the people that come on and teach them about the basic beliefs of the church! It is so fun! Except there are SO many people that are "trollers" and are just there to waste our time. I'm learning to discern who is sincere and who is not. It is awesome. Henry is actually a guy that came onto and talked to us. Then we offered to teach him over the phone and that's what we're doing! Cool huh? I love it!

I absolutely loved the Christmas Devotional last week! If you haven't seen it, go online and watch it! President Holmes was kind enough to allow us to attend! Something that President Eyring said really stood out to me: "The greatest gift we can offer is to point others to [Christ] and eternal life." I use that quote all the time now with the members that come on the square. It truly is our privilege and responsibility to share the gospel with those that don't yet have it. I just love this Christmas season and send the best wishes to you all! Remember our Savior Jesus Christ. Make Him your priority- for Christmas, and for the rest of your life. I love Him and His gospel! I hope to hear from you all soon! ALL MY LOVE!


Sister Rochelle Frogget

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love this season!!! Temple Square is the perfect place to be with all the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! The first day they turned on was the day after Thanksgiving! And it was almost shoulder-to-shoulder with all the members and guests that came!!! It was awesome!! We had p-day in the morning and then went on the square for the rest of the night! We talked to SO many members, and got lots of potentials!! It was great! We thought all the nights would be like that, but it's actually not that much. Don't get me wrong, there are still thousands of members coming through, but it's not as crowded as the first night. I'm sure it'll speed up as school gets out and Christmas comes closer. I can't believe it's that time of year again! I just love it! What greater time to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ!!
Last Saturday I was able to do MTC contacting again! A sister from Japan, Sister Wada, was my companion for a few hours. She's actually going to the visitor's center in Hawaii!! But they all come to temple square to practice before going to their visitors centers. So I helped her out and we met wonderful families and received quality potential referrals! We met a man named Brian and his wife Lori and daughter Maggie. They were glowing with the Spirit! They gave us 2 potentials to call. I actually called both of them yesterday! One of them was Brian's older brother. I told him why I was calling, developed a good relationship with him, and introduced the Book of Mormon to him. I told him a little about it and testified of its truthfulness. He ended up wanting to receive one for himself through the missionaries! I was so happy I could act as an instrument in helping his brother take a step closer to Christ.

As we talk to all the members, we invite the spirit into our contacts and quite frequently read scriptures to do so. One time we were talking to some members, and the Spirit was SO strong. But instead of them giving us potentials, I was the one prompted to give my own potentials! So I had my roommate call mom to get the numbers of some of my high school teachers. I'm now praying to know which sisters should be the ones to call them and invite them to learn more about the gospel! We'll see what happens!! Missionary work here is amazing!

Yesterday Sister Smith and I were in the office almost the entire day because we have so much to accomplish before the transfer ends (which will be on Tuesday!!) As we were working on the computer, we heard a familiar voice behind us saying, "Thank you so much for all you do!" We turned around and it was Sister Barbara Thompson and Sister Silvia Allred- the counselors in the General Relief Society board!!! We met them and talked with them. They gave us all Christmas gifts! How sweet of them! I don't know where President Beck was... probably at the MTC since Blaine got to hear her speak just recently! haha :) We are so privileged to be here where the headquarters of the church are! We are going to get tickets to the Christmas Devotional this Sunday!!! I'm so excited!

The mission is amazing. I don't know how else to put it! Completely devoting my time, talents and efforts to the Lord is something I absolutely love and will never regret. I am learning how to become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm striving to listen to the Spirit's promptings. It is certainly very difficult at times, but completely worth every minute. I'm currently reading the book Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. It is incredible. It goes into such intricate depth of Jesus Christ's life. Thinking about His life more often helps me to have His Spirit to guide me even more. I hope that each day I can become more like Him so that one day, when He comes again, He will know me and welcome me into His arms. Forever. I love Him. I am devoted to Him. May we all devote our lives to the Savior and never stray!

All my love to you!!!
Remember the Reason for the season!!

Love, yours truly,
a representative of Jesus Christ-
Sister Rochelle Frogget