Monday, August 1, 2011

Guten Tag!!!

This email will be brief and clear because I have even less time this week! lol. Last week we met a young lady (actually she's 36 but she looks 21!!!) named Adonay. She had never seen this place before, but was travelling through and thought she'd stop by. She is SO nice and SO much fun! We loved taking her around. She has had SUCH a hard life. She actually wasn't even Christian until last year, after her 11-year-old daughter got hit by a car and died. Ever since then, she decided to sacrifice her old self and all the habits and lifestyle that she had, and become a new person. Her second daughter has down syndrome, so that has taken a lot of her time and patience as well. But she has been so blessed by it all. Now she knows the Bible really well and loves the Savior so much. She LOVED everything that we shared with her. She was soaking it all up like a sponge! (I LOVE those people! haha) We were in the Tabernacle trying to speak louder than the Organ playing... which is VERY hard to do. lol. But right as we were explaining Joseph Smith's vision, the music stopped and it was silent. The Spirit was able to speak. Her eyes were huge as she was listening. It was such a beautiful feeling. She wants to meet with missionaries, and Sister Kleine and I will be teaching her over the phone too! She will definitely be baptized. God sent her here at the right time in her life. He does that a lot, actually. He sends His prepared and elect here.

Ok, this story isn't very exciting but I thought it was funny. We were in the south visitors center, and a huge family walked in. I thought I was in a movie or something. They looked unreal. They were dressed kind of old fashioned, and all the girls had long braids and the dad had his hat and overalls on. There was something eerie about them. Then the dad walked up to me, looked at me for a couple seconds and then asked where I'm from. I told him, and he looked at me up and down again, and said that I looked like I should be one of them! (It so happened that I braided my hair that day LOL). I found out that they were a family of polygamists!!! SO WEIRD!!!

Anyway, I have so many more stories that I want to share, but I'll have to do that next week. I gave my talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! I'm SO happy it's overwith. I talked about humility and how we must realize our complete dependence on the Lord. It went really well. I gave an analogy about rock-climbing and belaying, and how Christ arrested our free-fall to death more surely and completely than any mortal man could save another. We must do more for our Savior than give a few words of thanks before bed, or think of Him for a few moments during Sacrament meeting. We must remember him. We must ALWAYS remember Him.

I know that He lives!!! He is our Savior and King. I love Him with all of my heart.

Talk to you soon!
Sister Rochelle Frogget

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