Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello once again from beautiful Temple Square!!

Miracles continue to happen everyday here on the Square. Not a day goes by without them. The Lord is sifting the people that come and is sending the truly prepared ones to us! However, we are still seeking for a German referral! We take SO MANY German tours, and they're GREAT... We meet so many cute families that love what they see. We teach and bear testimony, but they just don't want to meet with the missionaries!!! It's so sad! We are trying to have more Spirit-filled tours and contacts. The Spirit is the one that can speak heart-to-heart with these people. We cannot teach without Him. So we're working on that. Although.... Sister Kleine and I only have ONE MORE DAY together... :( We just had transfer conference this morning in the Tabernacle! It was a special occasion because we got a TOUR of the building- including all the underground tunnels!! We got to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, and recording rooms! And one of the well-known organists gave the tour and showed us all kinds of neat things about the organ :) It was fun! Then, we found out who our next companions would be and where we'll be serving! SO.... starting this Wednesday, I will be with SISTER WENNERHOLM!! from SWEDEN! We are in the North 3 Zone, and I am a district leader!!! lol. That should be fun! I'm excited to have the opportunity to serve these wonderful sisters. I have a lot to learn- it's going to be a great transfer! :)

During this busy summer season, we don't have much time in the call center, which makes it difficult to call all the referrals that we receive. Especially Spanish referrals! We receive hundreds of them a day!! So President allowed all the Spanish sisters to have a Spanish Marathon on the phones!!! It was a lot of fun! My spanish has been a little rusty lately, but doing the marathon for 2 hours everyday for 3 days helped me gain back some confidence and fluency. And a few of the people that I talked with referred for missionaries! This upcoming transfer, I am DETERMINED to take as many Spanish tours as possible and just work as hard as I can. I still don't have a Spanish companion to help me out, but I do have the Spirit, and that's all I need!!! :)

We met 2 co-workers last week, and one of them was Lina- she actually lived in Minden for a while, and worked at GE!!! She saw my tag and recognized the name! I think she has met you, Dad!! Anyway, she and her co-worker Ryan loved everything and decided to have missionaries come share more with them! I was thinking about it the other day, and SO many people pass by Temple Square, or walk through it, or even spend all day inside the gates, and most of them don't realize that what they're searching for in life is RIGHT HERE!!! They want to be truly happy-- we have the secret to true happiness! They want to know what life's purpose is... we know the answer! They want to feel loved or important. We know the way they can feel it! They are seeking for the truth, but they don't know where to find it... and it's right in front of them! So that gives me as a missionary a heavy responsibility I think! I must work hard and talk to everyone. I must bear bold and loving testimony of what I know to be true!!!

...and that's something we ALL must do! We have that responsibility. I love the hymn that says, "Because I have been given much, I too must give.." That's a pretty accurate theme of why I came on a mission. I love this work. I LOVE being a missionary. I love my Savior with all of my heart!

Talk to you soon! LOVE YOU!

Sister Rochelle Frogget

Last p-day we went to a Belgium Waffles place!! YUMMMMMM. Strawberries, vanilla bean ice cream, and a thick, sweet waffle. Can't get much better than that.

Sister Kleine is a vegetarian, so we made a veggie pizza! Yum :)

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