Tuesday, July 26, 2011



!! We had a huge parade this morning. We even got to go to the pre-parade presentation in the Tabernacle, where President Hinckley's son spoke to us. Also yesterday, we were able to attend the Music & the Spoken Word in the Conference Center! It was beautifully centered around the pioneers, of course. It's an exciting time here on Temple Square! It's SO nice to be back in the summer time again! It reminds me of my first transfer last year. We are working hard and meeting all kinds of people. Last week there was a big hungarian family that was trying to get into the temple doors, so the temple workers called us to come give them a tour. They thought the family was German-speaking, but they were actually Hungarian-speaking (who woulda thought? lol), and we have no Hungarian sisters! :( So we spoke english while the dad of the family translated. They were hilarious and fun, and just a really good family. It was probably my favorite tour of the week, even though they didn't refer for missionaries. But they did feel the Spirit, and that's what matters!

Wednesday was a funny day! Sister Kleine and I had just finished with a great tour, when a young guy came up to us and started asking about missionary work. He's 18, so he's preparing to serve a mission and wanted to get some advice on how to approach people and share the gospel with them! He will be such a great missionary! Some other sisters had challenged him to give out 3 pass-along cards, so he was working on that. He then asked us if he could walk around with us and see how we do it!!! haha I had never been asked that before, so it was interesting to approach people with a young man and his skateboard standing next to us! lol. But surprisingly it never felt awkward. Then we saw a man watching a video clip in the visitors center, and Aaron (the young man) wanted to talk to him. We gave him some words of encouragement and then he walked over and stood next to the man, watched the rest of the video clip, and then started talking to him! We watched from a distance in amazement as he gave him a pass-along card and even offered a Book of Mormon!! What an AWESOME missionary he will be. It was a great example to me- he didn't even have a tag on, and still had the courage and confidence to do missionary work like that. It helped me to realize that I need to forget all my fears and know that I have the power and authority, and the RIGHT to talk to and teach these people!

That night, we were in the call-center, and had an amazing lesson over the phone with Jerome from Minnesota. He's a really funny black guy who pronounces my name "Ro-shay-l" We laugh every time he says it :) And boy, is he a TALKER! As he was talking, a scripture popped into my head, so I grabbed my Book of Mormon and opened up to it. I really wanted to share it, so I started introducing it, but then Jerome interrupted me and kept going on and on. I tried again, but again was interrupted (not in a rude way... he just has a lot to say! lol). I tried 2 more times, and couldn't get a word in, so I finally just gave up. My companion and I were laughing silently because I couldn't seem to share my scripture! Then Sister Kleine started talking, and said that a scripture popped into her mind and she wanted to share it, but she had forgotten where it was in the Book of Mormon. She started explaining what it was talking about, and I realized it was the SAME scripture that I had looked up and tried to share! So I shoved my book in front of her and pointed to the correct verse. She smiled and we almost started laughing as she read it to him. We both had thought of the same scripture!! (Alma 37: 6-7) What a "coincidence" :) And it was exactly what he needed to hear. After that, Jerome changed from being slightly hesitant, to extremely excited to learn more about the church and to receive a copy of the Book of Mormon. He even went to church yesterday and met with the missionaries! We are so excited for him! So this all goes to show that the Spirit works through us (if he can't get one of us to share the scripture, he'll work on the other one! lol), and the Book of Mormon has POWER!!

Those are just a FEW of the experiences that I had this week. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! There's so much to learn and so many people to teach! I'm glad to be a part of this work! Even though it gets rough at times! But I always like to say, "The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials."


Sister Rochelle Frogget

PS: I'm giving a talk in Sacrament meeting next week!! On HUMILITY! Wish me luck!
PPS: When I went to the choir yesterday morning, a lady walked up to me and asked me if I'm related to Tara Frogget! I of course told her she's my sister, and she was with a girl named Elena Watts- who was Tara's trek sister!!! Crazy huh? They thought I looked almost exactly like Tara. That was fun. IMMEDIATELY after I talked with her, ANOTHER lady walked up to me and asked if I was Blaine's sister! I said YES and she happened to be the mother of one of Blaine's companions in Germany! Elder Barnes' mom! Crazy small world, eh?

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