Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gomorgon Familjen!

Now I'm switching from German to SWEDISH!! Sister Vennerholm is absolutely hilarious and a lot of fun!!

It is going to be a FANTASTIC transfer! :) It's sad not to be with Sister Kleine anymore (we were really good friends), but she is in my district, so I see her and work with her all the time anyway! My district is awesome- there are 4 companionships and we're all from different countries- Tahiti, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, Belgium, and Hong Kong! I'm the only American!!! I'll have to send you pictures of our district next week (after my first district meeting! wish me luck!). Being District Leader is actually a lot of fun! We collect teaching numbers, interview each companionship, go on exchanges with them, meet w/the Zone Leaders to brainstorm ways we can help each sister, give trainings and district meetings, and just take every opportunity to serve! I am loving it so far.

Working with Sister Vennerholm has already taught me so much. She is so full of faith and always strives to follow the Spirit when we teach and take tours. We've been taking a lot of people from Germany around! It's so sad because my German is of course VERY limited, but we teach in English and teach very simply. It's helping us to keep our teaching brief and powerful- which is exactly what we need. We took a lady named Lynn around. So sweet, and not sure where she stands in God's eyes. She knows quite a few members of the church, and has noticed that all of us just seem so happy, no matter what happens. She recognized the really peaceful and special feeling on Temple Square. We promised her that she could have that feeling with her ALL the time, and she wanted it.... but she didn't want to give her information to us!!! It was so sad! We re-invited her a couple times and bore strong testimony, but she just wouldn't do it. I'm just glad she was able to feel the Spirit here and now knows where to contact us. I hope and pray that she does!

Guess what!?? Sister Vennerholm RUNS to the phone whenever I get a Spanish page, so I've been taking more Spanish tours!!! YAY! I'm getting back into the swing of it! We took 2 ladies from Spain around- which was absolutely exhausting because first of all, my Spanish was still rusty, and second of all, most Europeans always ask so many questions and don't believe the answers they hear. But it was VERY good practice for the future, that's for sure. THEN... the next day, I took a lady and her son around- from Mexico. They LOVED everything and believed what they heard. We took them through God's Plan for His Family. I asked the little boy in Spanish what he likes about his family. He replied by saying he likes being together with them, and then he just started bawling! And he was only 9 years old! It was the sweetest thing. No eyes were dry that day. Family is such a tender and special unit- central to God's plan for us on this earth! They referred for missionaries, and I'm sure they'll be baptized later down the road :) What was I thinking not taking Spanish tours!!! They're the miracles!! I'll be sharing a lot more of those this transfer! Just wait :)

We met 2 girls that served together in New York and got home last year. We were up by the Christus, just talking about post-mission life, and how it's harder than it seems to keep up the spirituality and missionary work. But still possible. We started talking about the importance of daily scripture STUDY and how vital it is if we want to stay close to the Spirit, and to really KNOW God and Jesus Christ. I asked them how much they'd like to have a scripture study session with one of the Apostles... How amazing would that be? A one-on-one session with an Apostle of the Lord. You would learn so much and find so many new treasures! right? .... well think of this.... imagine studying the scriptures, one-on-one, with a member of the Godhead... Now how amazing would that be? Well, we have that right! If we let Him, the Spirit of God can direct our scripture study. Everyday. And help us learn and grow and find new treasures each day. I know that when I do that, the results are miraculous. And I end up using what I learned throughout the day. I love the scriptures. I know they are the word of God. I know God speaks to us individually through them. I am determined to read and study them EVERYDAY, especially after the mission! I know the scriptures are TRUE!! :)

I was reading in the Conference Ensign the other day and found a powerful statement by President Eyring:

"There is danger to our testimony in only casual study and reading of the scriptures. They are necessary nutrients for our testimony."

It was eye-opening for me because it can be easy to just read a few chapters and call it good for the day. But that is not enough. STUDY them. SEARCH them. DELVE into the scriptures. Both your testimony and your spirit need that nourishment. Every single day.

I love you all more than words can say!!! Hugs and kisses from the one and only...

Sister Rochelle Frogget


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