Monday, April 25, 2011


Transfer meeting was last Tuesday, and we found out our areas and our new companions! I am actually in a trio, with Sister Rust from Grantsville, UT, and Sister Steinbeigle from Arizona! She's actually from Romania, but adopted into a German family in AZ. It is quite interesting and fun! We all have incredibly different teaching styles and personalities, so it makes for a great teaching experience! lol

We drove 5 hours here to Burlington, and we're in some apartments right by Lake Champlaine. It is so cold!! Actually- they say it is so warm! lol. They had a really LONG and COLD winter, so they're happy that it's warming up. But compared to Utah, this is a bit chilly. I'm READY for Spring and Summer to come! We got here and unpacked (luckily we have a very spacious apartment, so all 3 of us fit), and then went TRACTING!!!! I was so excited since I've never tracted before :) It really wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. It's pretty much like approaching people on Temple Square, except you don't have the temple or the tabernacle to bridge to the gospel. And people are a LOT less accepting, of course. We've done a LOT of tracting this week. It is pretty miserable in the cold, but yesterday, we had BEAUTIFUL weather for Easter! And it was so much fun. We walked the ENTIRE day because we ran out of miles, so we came home exhausted and ready for bed. On Wednesday, it was so cold and windy, and everything was dirty and muddy, so we were walking through this muddy, slushy field. My shoes and clothes were a mess, my hair was a complete disaster, and my fingers and toes were frozen. It was crazy, but I was laughing the entire way- it was amusing! I had never experienced such things as a missionary! lol. And tracting is also hilarious because you find these crazy people that either hate you and chase you off their doorstep, or they love you and would do anything for you. OR they think of you as a therapist and spill all their problems and worries out at you. It's amazing what kinds of experiences a black tag can give you.

Anyway, this week we had a wonderful lesson with our investigator, Nancy! She is incredible! We invited her to commit to baptism, and she is currently praying about a baptismal date. She came to church yesterday and loved the Easter program. She'll be a member in no time :)

On Friday, we were prompted to tract a neighborhood called Village Green. We spent many hours there and found some great potential investigators! In fact, we met this woman with her 2 young boys, and when we told her who we are and what we had to share, she had never even heard the term "Mormon" before. But she had been looking for a church and for some peace, since she's going through a lot of hardships right now. She let us teach her and pray with her, and even invited us to teach a couple of her friends too! As we were saying the closing prayer, she thanked Heavenly Father for sending "these nice young women" to share this message with her. I know it's been said that tracting isn't the most effective way of finding people to teach, but it really does bring miracles that couldn't have happened unless we took the time and energy to tract. It is pretty hard, but what motivates me is knowing that there are people seeking for the truth, but don't know where to find it. And we have it!

Well, as always, I'm out of time! :'( But here is my mission address and local address. If you're going to write me within the next 5 weeks then you can write my local address. Otherwise, it might be safe to send it to the mission address....

Mission address:
New Hampshire Manchester Mission
2 Bedford Farms Dr. Ste 208
Bedford, NH 03110

Local address:
5 Olde Orchard Park #540
South Burlington, VT 05403

I look forward to hearing from you! I send my love and prayers to you all, and hope you can feel the Lord's hand in all things. Trust in Him and move forward with faith, and you will be guided. LOVES!!!

Sister Rochelle Frogget!!

We're at CHILE's eating dessert with the Elders! :) This is me, Sister Rust, and Sister Hatch- back when I served for a week in Manchester, NH. Sister Hatch is from CA.

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