Monday, April 18, 2011

New Transfer in New England!

Hello from NEW ENGLAND!!! I am currently in the Manchester New Hampshire Mission!!!! Even though packing and preparing to get here was insane and sleepless, it is totally worth it! I'm loving it out here. It is a LOT colder. Actually, I'm in a trio with Sister Hatch from CA and Sister Rust from UT, and they both say that it's getting SO much warmer than it was before. I'm sure glad I missed the winter! Anyway, I got here after a full day of traveling (I woke up at 3:30 in the morning!), I finally arrived and met my wonderful mission president, President Wilkey, and his beautiful wife. I was immediately put into a companionship and we went to work! It is so amazing to actually be inside people's homes and teaching them in such a personal environment. Even though I haven't even been here for a full week yet, I have already learned that there is no such thing as a "best mission" in the world. Everyone says that their mission is the best mission, and of course, I even said that about Temple Square. But being out here and enjoying all the differences and new experiences, I've realized that NO mission is the best mission. It is all the same work. This is the best WORK in the world. And we're all doing it together. Anyway, we've already seen so many miracles together, and my companions have already taught me so much! I do feel like I'm being trained all over again because things work so much differently out here. But I'm loving every moment. The houses here are SO cute! Mom, you would LOVE them! They're all unique and very "new-England-ish". Everyone has a dog, and almost everyone smokes lol. So I'm trying to get used to all the hair and smoky air. There are also churches on every corner! So many different ones that I haven't even heard of. It will be interesting to get used to.

One night, I was explaining to my companions how we plan for specific people at Temple Square. They thought it was kinda weird, but we decided to try it. We planned to find a cute little family of 4. However, the next day, we pretty much forgot about it. Later that day, we then met a woman named Jenn, who was baptized about 15 years ago, but is inactive now. We came to her door at just the right time- she had fallen off her backyard fence and severely hurt her back. She couldn't walk or move easily at all. We called some Priesthood holders in the ward and they came and gave her a blessing. After that, she stood up with no pain and no struggle! She felt so much better! She told us how she felt God lifting her up and that his power was able to heal her. It was a miracle that we had the privilege of witnessing. It reminded me of when Christ came and healed the sick and afflicted according to their faith. AND, you know what?? She had a nonmember friend over at her house- Kylie- who was there with her husband and her 2 kids! That was the Family of 4 that we had planned for!!! We taught them a little about the gospel and will be teaching them again soon!!! :)

There have been so many other little miracles that have happened this week. I don't have time to type them all (I sadly don't even have time to write them either! There's no time for journal-writing, it's sad). I have grown to love the Manchester ward SO much already!!!!!! The Bishop even had me bear my testimony in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and I looked at the congregation and realized that I already know so many people there! It was awesome. BUT, their transfers here are a week after our transfers at Temple Square, so I'm actually being TRANSFERRED again tomorrow :( It's so crazy because I already feel attached to these people, and I have to leave them! Especially Sister Hatch. She is amazing. She is such a great example of working as hard as she can and just having genuine love for people. But sadly, we will not be companions anymore. I'm excited to see where I'll be transferred to tomorrow! I'll let you know next Monday! I could go to Vermont., New York, or Maine! Or stay here in New Hampshire! I love being a missionary. I'm loving the changes and the new experiences. Life is great. I haven't gone tracting yet, so I'll be excited to let you know how that goes next time! :)

Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. I feel them and I am strengthened by them. Have fun in Utah Mom!!! The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I guess we weren't supposed to see each other LOL :)

I'm being very well taken care of out here. President Wilkey has such a sincere love for us. He wants us to succeed and to feel important. I LOVE being a missionary! :) Be sure to let me know how life is going for you and what I can do for you! A scripture that has been helping me this week is Doctrine and Covenants 6:36: "Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not; fear not."


<3 Sister Rochelle Frogget


  1. I miss you Sis Frogget! I'm glad you're enjoying your outbound mission!