Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wasn't General Conference AMAZING!?!

Hello my beautiful family! and friends! Wasn't General Conference AMAZING!?! I only saw the Sunday morning session, but it was beautiful- to say the least. Questions were answered. The Spirit was felt. The prophet was there. THOUSANDS of members came! Saturday was SO warm! It was such a blessing. We talked to a lady named Sylvia from Arizona who recently got baptized. She had been in severe pain in her neck for years and was going to several different churches, trying to find someone who could heal her. She finally came to the LDS church, and some Priesthood holders came and gave her a blessing. The pain that she had been suffering for years was completely gone! She knew at that point that it was Christ's church, with the right power. The power of the priesthood is real and is strong. Those of you who hold that power- never underestimate it! And never lose faith that it works miracles! :) I was mistaken last week! We actually worked on the square from 8am to 10pm! With 20 minute lunches and dinners. Our feet ached and our cheeks hurt by the end of the weekend! (There's a lot of smiling involved in missionary work lol) I saw so many people I knew! (Including Sister NAKAJIMA!! my trainer from Japan, who is now engaged! Crazy!) It was so much fun :) And the Spirit was so radiant. There was a lady named Cherie who came to see conference with her member friend. Cherie isn't baptized yet, but it won't take long until she does! She has been seeking for the truth, and told us how God has sent her angels in the form of people and friends to help her find it. It reminded me of the scripture in Alma 13: 24:

For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory.

The next day, Sunday, wasn't as sunny... in fact, it SNOWED!!! (as you could see on the broadcast). But that didn't stop members of the church from coming to Conference to hear the words of the prophets and Apostles. When we got out of the Sunday morning session, we were contacting all the people that poured out of the Conference Center onto Temple Square. There were SO many people, so Sister Woo and I really had to use the gift of discernment. As we were walking, I saw a blind lady sitting on the planters by the Tabernacle. We immediately stopped to sit and talk with her. She was an incredible woman, with really strong faith. We were discussing what she liked about Conference. She mentioned that Conference helped her hunger. She hadn't had food in a long time- except for some carrots that she found earlier that day. After the conversation, I wanted to do something for her, but I didn't know what! We continued walking, and I saw a man sitting down who was eating lunch in between sessions. I knew I had to ask him to help. I pointed to Nancy (the blind lady) and told him she had no food, and asked if he would be willing to give her anything. He gladly took his food over to her. We watched from a distance in between contacting other people in the standby line, and after a couple minutes, the man was giving Nancy a blessing! They ended up talking for a long time. We finally talked to the man afterwards, and he said it was meant to be, and they would be keeping in contact from now on. It was great to see the gospel in action, and to see how service and sacrifice bless our lives and bring us closer together.

That same day, a young man that I recognized came up to me and asked if I remembered him. Sadly I couldn't remember from where! But he reminded me that last year, Sister Nakajima and I had contacted him and committed he and his friend to read Alma chapter 5, and to think of someone they could share the gospel with, even though they were going to school at BYU- where there are a lot of members of the church. He gave me some great news! He and his friend took up the challenge, prayed about it, and made friends with a nonmember girl at BYU. They had her meet with the missionaries and she is now a newly baptized member of the church! What a joy it was to hear that!! I just love missionary work! And members! They're the greatest missionaries, that's for sure!

That night, after 2 long and wonderful days of Conference time, we all met in the Tabernacle and had a mission meeting. The Assistants to the President reminded us that our goal at the beginning of the weekend was to receive 6,000 referrals.

They then announced (after lots of screams and drumrolls) that we got 6,455 referrals!!! Thus meeting and exceeding our goal!!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!! We all jumped and clapped and screamed :) [We had stickers for every referral we received... and put them up on our wall. I felt like I was in Elementary school again! lol]

President Holmes then announced that we could sleep in till 9am (YEAH!) the next morning, work on the square, and then come down to Theater 1 to have a nice dinner and watch a movie at 5pm! Have you ever heard of Secretariat?? We watched that. It was very inspirational and reminded us that we can make and reach high goals, and that we should never give up. I just LOVE our mission :)

So do you remember Otus from Nigeria who recently got baptized?? Well we hadn't been able to get a hold of him over the phone at all, since the time he got baptized. But on Tuesday, we finally spoke with him and he shared with us his conversion story. He then told us that he is from a royal family and is therefore a PRINCE in some kingdom in Nigeria! Crazy huh? Then he wanted us to give his brother, Efe, a call to share the gospel with him! We actually called Efe this morning- which was hilarious because we could hardly understand his accent! But we still managed to have a good conversation with him, and he now wants to meet with missionaries!!!! So we're in the process of sending them over to him :) :) :) I love this gospel so much and have seen it change lives. I'm so happy to have it in my own life and to share my testimony with everyone I meet! Thank you all for your examples and your support. I love you from the bottom of my heart. And I want to let you know that transfers are coming up next week, so Friday probably won't be my p-day anymore. And maybe I'll go outbound!!! I'll let you know, whenever my next p-day is.... wish me luck! :) Sister Woo and I are hoping to stay together, but we both have a feeling it might not happen.... we'll see!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Sister Frooooooggggggeeeeeeettttt

PS: (Otus thinks my name is pronounced Rochellee- it's so cute!! haha)

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