Friday, April 1, 2011


Temple Square is SOO busy right now! It feels weird being on p-day when we could be talking to ALL those people! I'm really excited for tomorrow and Sunday. There is such a special spirit here during Conference. I LOVE IT! Let me know what talks stand out to you! We only get to watch one session, but it'll be worth it for all the miracles we'll see in the next few days. We won't have any Personal or Companionship Study, or full hours of meal time, meaning we'll be on the square from 9am till 10pm!!! We had a huge pump-up mission meeting this morning to get us ready for the weekend. Our current goal for conference referrals is 6,000 as a mission. We're gonna blow it out of the water, just watch! :) We've already gotten quite a few, so we're well on our way! :)

Well, this past week has been an interesting one! We met a lady named Danielle from Michigan. She wasn't sure what led her to, but she felt she needed to go there. She is now our new investigator over the phone! We had an amazing lesson with her, and there was so much power as we testified of Joseph Smith, and as she said the closing prayer. It was so sincere and so full of love. We had been praying so hard for referrals on the square that week, and the Lord answered our prayers! The zone leaders came up to us in the call center and told us they felt prompted that Sister Woo and I needed to go up on the square for an hour. So we did, and sure enough, we met an amazing woman from Romania!! We showed her all the New Testament paintings- of Jesus Christ, and went up to the Christus. As we told her of Christ's appearance to the people here in the Americas, her eyes lit up and she wanted to read the Book of Mormon!! The missionaries should be meeting with her sometime next week! How amazing is that! By the time the tour was over, our hour was up, and we went back into the call center and told the zone leaders about our little miracle that they helped us witness. Our leaders are truly inspired!

The Book of Mormon is so powerful- I've even been having dreams of testifying of its truthfulness to different people. I love dreaming about missionary work! :) We met a woman named Diane who had met a couple elders in a laundry-mat. They gave her a Book of Mormon. She put it in a laundry basket, and later accidentally spilled water all over everything in the basket. Everything was water-damaged, except for the Book of Mormon. It was left unharmed! She noticed that, and has kept the book in her car ever since. We had a beautiful lesson with her over the phone last night and challenged her to actually read the book and pray about its truthfulness. She has been searching and searching for the truth. And we get to tell her the wonderful news that she has finally found it!!!

Sister Woo and I have the assignment to open and close the Joseph Smith movie (the new one is out now! You should come watch it!). On Tuesday, we were going to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to do that, and we ran into the General Primary Presidency! We also saw the General Young Women Presidency. There are so many meetings taking place on Temple Square before Conference. It's fun to see them all! :) That same day, we didn't have lunch till 4pm because of all the tours we were taking! We met a couple of anti-Mormon girls too.... that was lovely (sorry for the sarcasm). Luckily, other sisters saw us with them, and they paged me so we could get outta there (finally... after an hour of being with them)! The Spirit was definitely not there. We were ready for lunch after that. But we met a man named Estuardo from Guatemala! He was SUCH a nice man who was trying to take a picture all by himself by the Christus. We offered to take it for him. He said he didn't speak any English, and I happily switched languages :) I was really confident in my Spanish that day, thankfully! Normally I'm pretty hesitant to speak. The gift of tongues is real, my friends! I was saying things that I never thought I could say... fluently!! It felt amazing. He had heard a lot of bad things about Joseph Smith, but when I told him all about the First Vision, he had tears in his eyes as he told me he had never heard that story before. It was really quiet at that moment, and the Spirit carried the truths from my mouth to his heart. He referred to have missionaries come teach him more about it in Guatemala. I had been so frustrated that we got stuck with those anti's, but if it wasn't for them, then I wouldn't have met Estuardo. The Lord truly knows what He's doing! :)

We met an incredible man named Aunpau from Ghana who is a convert to the church with an unwavering testimony of our Savior. It was very uplifting to have spoken with him. Later, we met a man named Sasha from Serbia! And another man named Tylone from the Virgin Islands! He was such a sweetheart, and he loved the story we told him about John Moyle- who helped build the SLC Temple (you should look up the story in Our Heritage!). He also wanted to have the Book of Mormon, so we're sending the missionaries to him next week!! That evening we had a Spanish lesson with a man named Arturo! Originally from Mexico, but living here in Utah. The missionaries just met with him and gave him the Book of Mormon (I'm hoping he'll get baptized, and then I'll actually get to ATTEND!!!!) It was a wonderful lesson, and once again, my Spanish was improved through the Spirit. That night we ALSO talked to OTUS (from Nigeria) on the phone! We thought he was on a trip in Malaysia at the time, but he was still in Nigeria, so we woke him up in the middle of the night! Whoops... lol. But he was SO happy to hear our voices and share his happiness from joining the church after we talked to him online. What a JOY this work is! I can't wait to meet Otus, face-to-face! That will be a glorious day :) Meeting all these people from all over the world reminded me of that one time when Isaiah wrote about us, here on Temple Square: "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it" (Isaiah 2:2).

I love you all and love hearing from you! You are the silver lining on the clouds! :) You motivate me to be a better servant of God!! :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Sister Rochelle Frogget (Everyone in this mission now thinks my name is pronounced FrogGET instead of FROGget. it's so silly!!!)

PS: Aren't you glad I haven't played any April Fools jokes on you this year?? :)

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