Friday, July 2, 2010

So many miracles

Thank you so much for the email! I love you so much and MISS YOU a lot. Yesterday was probably the best day EVER!! I was so happy and everything and everyone on the square reminded me of the happiness that I have found from my family. I love you SO MUCH. I can't wait to be with you again and continue to enjoy our time together. There are so many miracles here! It's amazing! Yesterday sister Nakajima was prompted to talk to a group of 3 people. I was very uncomfortable when we were talking to them because I knew they were not interested and they were even laughing under their breath because they thought it was amusing. I didn't want to teach them. But we ended up talking to them for like 40 minutes and my companion is such a good teacher so they began to feel touched. One of the guys (probably around my age) pulled me aside and asked some more questions about the BOM and the temple. He was so open and so accepting to it! He ended up referring and wants to receive one from the missionaries! The others ended up feeling the Spirit as well. It was a strong end to our day!! I just loved it! :) I was SO HAPPY! My perspective on things is going back to normal and I can focus on teaching and doing missionary work again!!

Funny story... earlier this week, we were contacting in the North Visitors center (NVC) and we were with 2 other sisters. It was hilarious because a family came up to us, and I ended up standing in the middle of a circle where my companion was speaking japanese to the RM in the group; another sister was speaking Portuguese to the mother of the group; and another sister was speaking spanish to the daughter of the group! It was crazy and I just stood in the middle marvelling at all the languages being spoken around me! lol. Having a japanese companion, we get to go on a lot of japanese tours! It's so much fun! EVen though I don't understand ANYTHING (except for hi, how are you lol) I can still feel the spirit and they're so accepting of the gospel. Temple square is full of amazing stories and wonderful people! God truly does lead his elect to temple square so that they can recognize his voice as we teach them.

I got to go to the SLC temple yesterday morning for the first time!!! it was INCREDIBLE!! I love the live sessions. They're amazing. And the artwork is unbelievable. The spirit was so strong and I was so strengthened that entire day. YAY FOR THE TEMPLE! :)

Yes, it's a lot of fun to be living with sister harris. Did you know she's on page 44 of the november 2009 ensign? haha Oh and mom you know how she reminded us both of someone we know? I think it's Sarah!! My byu roommie!! Don't you think? They remind me so much of each other.

I have seen quite a few people I know here! And sisters have been telling me that people come looking for me. Scott Jarvie was one of them! bummer i couldn't see him. I saw Jen Bowen and Hailey and Shelby Patterson! It made me happy to see them because they came around the time that I was feeling really homesick!

sorry, all my emails are so random... We get to work in the Referral Center 7 hours a week, and there are so many miracles in there! I have actually had a couple people refer after talking to them! The key is: Teach, Testify, and Invite!! That pattern works so well! I love it! I called one of sister denny's friends from home and she wanted the missionaries to come teach her more! This work is so incredible! I love seeing people want to change their lives and have the Spirit in their lives. It's great! I think everyone should have the opportunity to serve a mission!

I had my first spanish contact the other day! It went well even though it only lasted a couple minutes. Some sisters on the square want me to pass off the spanish tour pretty soon... we'll see how it goes! Wish me luck!!! I love spanish :)

You should email [some of my friends] and anyone else to read it. It's easier for me so I don't have to write the same thing in all my letters :) Thank you so much!

Please keep praying for me!! I need your prayers. They help me so much. I love you all SO MUCH!! I'd also love to hear from you in letters!! I love you!!!!

You are the best family I could ever ask for. Keep in touch. You mean so much to me and I want to hear what's going on in your lives! I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again. God bless!!

Love, Sister Rochelle Frogget!!!!

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