Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last P-day of my First Transfer

Today is my last P-day of my first transfer!!! how crazy is that?!? We start transfer #2 next Wednesday! All the new sisters from the MTC will be coming in! I'm excited to meet them and have a new perspective (not be the baby anymore! lol) The beginning of this transfer was so slow!! But it sure has sped up so fast- and I'm pretty sure that's how the overall mission will be. I love it! I'm learning to choose to be happy and have fun! Missionary work is amazing!! I'm so lucky to be on Temple Square (thanks again Judy Keele! haha) and have people coming to me, asking to learn!! No doors slammed in my face. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of negative people with not very nice things to say, but so many are so accepting and loving. Today we only had 3 hours on the square, and sadly didn't take very many tours. But the one we DID take was a complete miracle. I'm so lucky to have Sister Nakajima who was in tune enough with the spirit that she followed the prompting to talk to this couple from Texas by the Assembly Hall. We took them through the tour and it turns out they have a distant family member who is LDS, as well as some students and co-workers who have all left lasting impressions on them throughout the years. God truly prepared them over the years and then brought them here to the square. They told us they have been looking and searching for the truth and I testified with all my heart and ability to let them know that they found it!!! They referred and will have the missionaries over soon! I just pray that the missionaries out in the field are all in tune with the Spirit enough to continue to carry this message unto their hearts!!! All I can do is pray with all the energy of my heart that these people will continue to listen to the voice of the Shepherd calling out to them. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! Another cool thing about that story is that you set an example whether you know it or not!! People observe you and watch what you say and do. You do make a difference in people's lives with those small and simple things. You could have an influence on someone and never know it! So keep setting a good example and choosing the right!! You never know who's watching!!

Last week on the 24th, it was PIONEER DAY!!! YAY!! I've never been in Utah on Pioneer Day, so it was quite the event!! The square was completely dead in the morning because there's a HUGE parade each year in celebration for the pioneers! We heard all the bands and the people cheering and I kinda felt trapped inside the gates.. I wanted to go see the parade!! But luckily our President is AMAZING and let us see the 2nd half of it!!! How awesome is that?! It was fun and I'll print out some pictures today and send them to you! Good times! What did you all do for pioneer day? Did the ward have a party? As much as I love pioneer day, I was glad not to have to dress up as one! :) After the parade is when Stephanie Zeller and her fiance came and met us at Lion House!! They bought us lunch and we took them on a tour afterwards!! Funny thing is... the reason for coming was to drop off the package, but they came without the package!! lol. So Steph will come again sometime soon and drop it off :)

We haven't had a lot of Japanese tours this week. Sister Nakajima has been a little discouraged because lately they've all been rude or un-accepting of the gospel, so she wasn't confident that she'd get any referrals. But I assured her that the next one would be a golden Japanese tour and they would be totally prepared and ready to refer. She just said "sure sister Frogget, whatever you say!" But sure enough, we got the Japanese tour we planned for and they were so nice and loving and accepting! And they referred at the end!! We were so amazed and so happy for such a little miracle! :) Moments like these make missionary work the best thing I've ever done!!

We had quite a scary contact the other day.... we were waiting for a tour at Westgate and a man walked up to us and wanted a tour. I immediately felt uncomfortable around him, but after talking to him he seemed so nice and genuine so I was confused. But we began our tour by the temple and then I found out why I initially felt sick around him... He was an anti!! He knew the Bible like the back of his hand and just wanted to bash us and prove us wrong. He was not there to learn or to listen, but simply to make himself think he was sly and smooth as he tried to prove wrong every word we said. I was so upset inside but I knew I couldn't show it or else his goal would have been accomplished. We had to be kind to him and send him on his way because we're not here to waste our time bible-bashing or arguing with people. We're here to teach! There was one point in the conversation that I felt completely sick to my stomach and wanted to leave! It was such a relief to leave him!!! It was scary, but it brought my companion and I closer together because we trusted in and relied on each other. I had such an increased love for her after that!!!

On Tuesday the 27th, we went to LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON for a picnic!! It was SOOO much fun! That's the place where the pioneers got the granite to build the temple!!! They had to haul it over on wagons with teams of oxen and each 5,000lb block took about 4 days to bring over!!! That's partly why it took them so long to build the temple! (40 years!!) Anyway, we went up there and played tons of games and ate tons of DELICIOUS food that president and his counselors made for us. We had SO much fun! I'll send pictures of that as well! It was a nice break!! President loves and cares about us so much! I love that man! The only down part of the day was that we didn't have time to go home and shower afterwards so we were all gross as we went back on the square to teach people! lol. Oh well, thank goodness for perfume and deodorant! haha :)

Aaaah there's so much I wish I could tell you!!! But I'm glad I was able to give you some of the highlights of the week! I love you all so much! I haven't seen anyone from our ward yet, so COME to temple square!! And look for me!! Actually if you want to schedule a tour with me, you can!!! Just call Guest Services at 801-240-1706! :) And ask to have a 30-minute tour with Sister Frogget!!! (Family can have an hour tour)!!! You are all such shining examples to me and each of you have played a part in my life and have led me to this point that I'm at right now!! I love you so much and miss you like crazy!! Keep me updated and let me know what is going on in your lives (and yes I'm talking to the people reading this in my blog too!!) Much love!! Keep up the good work! You're amazing!

Love love love,

Sister Frogget :)

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