Saturday, July 10, 2010

Come to Temple Square

Another p-day! Time goes by so slow yet so fast here at temple square! Let's see, where should I start! There have been SO many miracles this week! I think that will happen just about every week! I am learning so much and my trainer is wonderful and very patient with me. Church was amazing.. we have it in the Joseph Smith Memorial building so the chapel is incredible! I'll have to send you a picture sometime! I'm learning more and more how to teach by the spirit and it amazes me how I can really FEEL him working through me. The words begin to come so smoothly and naturally and I can listen to and hear him tell me what to say next! It's incredible! I love it! It's also very noticeable when I DON'T have the Spirit because I really cannot teach. Let's see, well I can do the pin drop in the tabernacle now! I was way nervous to do it for the first time, but it's fun and everyone loves watching it :) My feet are hurting less and less each day so that's a plus too! The Lord truly blesses us and being tired at the end of the day is a refreshing feeling! And it helps me get a really good night's sleep haha :) I dream all about teaching at temple square lol. It is now my life! One day this week we took a total of 7 tours and each one was a miracle. Sister Naka and I had worked things out between us and strengthened our companionship to a point where we really trusted each other and felt close to one another. We had referrals left and right. I know it was the spirit, not me! There was a family from Denmark and unfortunately we don't have any sisters right now who speak danish so we took them on a slow and simple tour so they could try to understand us. Simplicity is a lot of the time more powerful. The young woman in the family was asking so many questions and wanted to know more. I felt a connection with her and did my best to answer her questions. She ended up wanting a Book of Mormon! There are some people that are just so prepared to come here! God prepares his children to walk in the gates of temple square. They think they're just going on vacation and looking at the sights, but that's not true... they come here because God led them here for us to teach them His message! :)

You know what, the Lord truly knew this is where I was supposed to be called on my mission. For many reasons. One of those reasons is that I really draw energy from seeing people I know, or just visiting with people. I have seen so many people that I have connections with and it makes me so happy and motivates me to keep working hard! So whoever is reading this, come to temple square! I would LOVE to see you! :) Anyway, one miracle this week happened on the 5th! Sister Nakajima and I planned for that day the night before, and at 3:00 we planned to find two people around the Tabernacle area. We followed our plans, and sure enough, around 3:00, we found those 2 people we planned for! And it was BLAINE!!!!!!! and his friend from back at BYU-I!!!!!!!! I thought I was going crazy when I saw a guy in the distance that looked like my brother! They walked closer and closer and I turned to my companion and said, "can I hug my brother?" She thought I was kidding, but then when she realized that he actually was my brother, she said yes and I jumped into his arms :) I was SO happy to see him. I love you Blaine!!! That was seriously such a perfect moment for me to see him. I still get homesick at times and that really uplifted me to see him and give them both a tour of Temple Square. (I just got a letter today from Blaine telling me that it really helped his friend and gave her assurance to stay in the church! So it was a double miracle!!! YAY!) I love you guys so much! I seriously have the best family in the world. I miss you like crazy!!!

So what did you all do for the 4th of July? Watch any fireworks? Did you go to the beach on Saturday or Monday? Did you have a party, visit with friends, relax? Tell me everything! I HEARD a bunch of fireworks... that's about it lol. I was reading and writing in my journal with a bunch of em going off in the background. It was kinda cool, but it would have been cooler to see them! Oh well! I'm not here for fireworks, I'm here to work for the Lord! :)

I probably won't be on my outbound by December. I'll probably go in January or February. You BETTER come visit me. Whoever is coming to Provo, stop by temple square first! But let me know ahead of time so I can schedule an hour tour for you! I would love to see you! I love you all so much and miss you. Please get better at writing so that I can hear from you. You don't know how much happiness each letter brings to me. Love you like crazy! I promise I'll write you back :)

Well today for p-day we're eating lunch at the Lion House, shopping at Gateway, and having a sushi party!!! One of the cool things about having a Japanese companion is that I get to eat Japanese food!!! Yum! I'll let you know how it tastes :)

I love you all so much. Never forget that. You mean the world to me and more. Keep working hard and hanging in there. Strengthen each other. Pray for each other. Serve each other. Rely on the Lord. He'll never let you down. You are my happiness and joy and I can't wait to hear from you again!!

All my love,

Sister Rochelle Frogget!!!!!


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