Saturday, July 17, 2010

Learning how to ACT upon the promptings

Hey hey hey from Sista Frogget!!

Happy Friday!! Life is good here on the square... even though it's one of the biggest emotional roller-coasters I've ever been on in my life. It's hard at times, but SO much fun and wonderful a lot of the time. I had my first Motorcoach this week!!! I'm sure you're wondering what a "motorcoach" is lol. It's when we give a tour of temple square to a huge group of people instead of individuals or small families/groups. People come from ALL over the world and big buses drop huge groups off for tours. Luckily I wasn't expecting it. Normally they assign us a day ahead of time. But this time, they paged us for a tour and we walked over to West gate and it was a group of about 35 people. I was nervous as we led them through, but the Lord led my speaking (and helped me speak LOUDLY haha) so it ended up being a great success!

I'm practicing the piano this week to perform this Sunday!! My former MTC roommate wants me to accompany her in playing Consider the Lilies! I love that song!! Wish me luck! I've only been able to practice less than 15 minutes a day for one week! Yikes! But luckily it's coming along :)

We had a First Transfer breakfast at Nauvoo Cafe the other morning! It's nice and convenient to have it so close! Lion house and the Church Office building are good places to eat too! Yummmm

Guess what?? Remember when I took you through God's Plan for Families video presentation? I took my first Spanish couple through that this week! They hardly spoke any english so I did my best in using my spanish skills! It went well!!! (Even though my spanish is sadly fading!! No bueno!) They were the sweetest people and so understanding. I have the spanish script so I'm gonna start studying that so I can give spanish tours one day! So exciting :)

We're doing "Fleet" Training this week... which is teaching us about safety with the mission vehicles... they scared us with a bunch of videos of car accidents with missionaries in them. :( I was going to take the driving test to be a mission driver, but now I'm not so sure!! haha

A couple days ago, Sister Nakjima and I were assigned to go contact people after the Joseph Smith movie. As people started pouring out, we talked to them about it and asked if they'd like to learn more or share it with their friends. A youth group from a different church was there, and so a couple of girls came out and started asking me questions about Joseph Smith and basic beliefs of the church. As we talked, more and more people started gathering around, and pretty soon I was surrounded by a bunch of people asking me questions. The Lord helped me answer simply and in a way they could understand and have some myths cleared up. It was a lot of fun actually! And 5 of them referred! It was a cool experience and made me happy for the next couple days after that.

I am learning so much here. I'm learning how to ACT upon the promptings that I receive from the Spirit, rather than assuming they're my own thoughts. Acting upon them truly brings miracles and blessings. I rely so much on the Spirit... otherwise I couldn't teach! Missionary work is amazing! Like I said, it's hard at times, and I'm still trying to overcome feelings of homesickness. But I found a quote that has really helped: "If you don't like the way you feel, change the way you think!" Changing the way I think takes a lot of effort and energy, but it really has changed the way I feel. It's awesome. There is still so much to learn and so many ways in which I have to grow, but God is helping me and guiding me through. I miss you all so much and long to hear from you each day. You are my pride and joy! I love talking about you and thinking about you. You're in my prayers always. MUCH LOVE MI FAMILIA!!!

Family and friends- PLEASE send me any personal experiences that you've had that has strengthened your testimony of the gospel. Any specific stories that shows how the gospel has blessed your life! These stories really help when we're giving tours because it makes them more personal and helps us connect with the guests! So anything you have to share would be awesome!!! Send them to my address or email address! I love you all so much!!!!! xoxoxoxox

Sister RO

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