Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fastest week

I'm pretty sure this was the fastest week of the mission! The summer is flying by so fast! We are taking so many tours and teaching so many people! It's great! Being tired at the end of the day feels good and then I get a really good night's sleep!! :)

Sundays are AMAZING here at Temple Square. I love visiting with all the members that come. They are such good missionaries! (most of them lol). We were giving a Japanese tour on Sunday with a wonderful host family, and I saw one of the guys from the Latter-day Night Live DVD that we have at home! Remember the curly-haired guy that was still single at 30 or something? I saw him and wanted to meet him but I was on a tour so I couldn't lol. Fun stuff!

That same day we met with some guests that were completely anti. I was so uncomfortable talking to them because everything they said was negative and rude about the church. My companion luckily handled it well. I love her so much and can really trust in and rely on her! I couldn't believe that anyone would be so discourteous to ANY religion. I literally felt sick around them. It was a relief when they demanded that we stop talking to them and walked away. Yikes!

Sunday morning some sisters are assigned to announce tours over at the conference center after the Mo-Tab's performance. Remember the pictures in the Ensign with them holding up signs of which language they speak? Those are Conference Center Announcing sisters! So my companion was assigned to announce that sunday! It was fun because I got to go on exchanges while she announced and I contacted all the people coming out of the CC. Maybe I'll be assigned to announce in English or Spanish sometime soon! We ended up getting a tour out of it so that was fun!

You know, anyone who wants to can call ahead of time before coming to the square and set an appointment to have a tour with me!!! So if you're coming, CALL and set one up!!! I want to see you and tell you all I know about the square! it would be so much fun! :) I love you all and hope to see you this summer!! :)

Guess what?! I saw STEPHANIE Zeller a couple days ago!!! She said she has the package from you guys. So we're going to have lunch at the Lion House tomorrow and she'll give it to me then! Exciting! It totally made my day to see her! :) I love my family!

Oh by the way, my performance went really well on Sunday! (wow, I guess sunday was an eventful day! All my stories are from Sunday lol.) Sister Artis sang beautifully and I was able to play with very little mistakes (even though my hands were shaking like crazy!).

Yesterday I saw ADDAM ROBERTS! He was attending his friend's wedding at the SLC temple and decided to walk around the South visitor's center, where I happened to be. It was the weirdest thing to see him after 2 years and 3 months!!! I couldn't believe it was actually happening! We gave him a tour of the square and talked for a while. Good times! He hasn't changed at all!! Except he was asking us a bunch of random weird questions about rumors that he has heard in the church... I guess that's what we get for telling him to ask us anything and we'll do our best to answer lol. But it ended up being a fun tour, and he gave us some potential referrals so that was good!

I got your family tape from Amy the other day!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! It was so fun to actually hear all your voices again and listen to your stories. I absolutely loved it!!! i will respond to what you said on the tape and send it to Amy. I'll have her bring the player over to your house to listen to it! I love you all so much! You're the greatest family a girl could ever ask for! :)

So many miracles happen on Temple Square! I know I say that every week, but it's completely true! One of them was with 2 young girls (probably my age). One from Kosovo and the other from Korea. We had planned the night before to find 2 people at South Gate at 3pm and sure enough, those 2 girls showed up and we gave them a tour! They were so willing to learn and so accepting of the message. I had a feeling right from the beginning that they would refer, and sure enough, they wanted to have missionaries to come teach them more and to bring a copy of the Book of Mormon. They even requested it to be in english rather than their own languages because they didn't want the message to be altered through translation! They were so prepared to hear about the gospel!!! My hope and prayers go out to them! Miracles happen everyday!! I love it!

We got to meet with the President and discuss one of my favorite documents: The Living Christ. President Holmes [see his picture in this article] is one of the wisest men I know. The Spirit was so strong and my testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ, was again strengthened and renewed. That helped me testify with so much more power and authority that day. It's easy to get into a routine and just take the same tour over and over again, teaching the same principles. But it's important to have that renewed testimony of Christ to remember that each person, each family, each group, has their own needs and we must teach accordingly. We must take them where the Spirit directs and speak from our hearts! We must remember why we are here and of Whom we are teaching! And that is Jesus Christ our Redeemer!! I know with all my heart that He lives and this is His true gospel, restored upon the earth! We are SO blessed to have it in our lives and enjoy the blessings that come with it! Let us never take it for granted!!! I love you all so much and think of you all the time. You bring me so much happiness and joy! I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Sister Rochelle Frogget!!

PS: I don't have as much time this p-day so I won't be able to respond to individual emails. Sorry :( But write me a letter and you will receive one in return! I promise! :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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