Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am so thankful for a companion!

If I think back to all the interesting weeks that I've had on my mission, this one would definitely make the top 5. My companion had a jaw injury back when she was 14 years old, and has recently had some major pain in her joints. We went to the doctor, then to a dentist, then finally to a jaw specialist who told her she can't talk for more than 20 minutes in an hour! ... In normal life, that wouldn't be too bad. But we are missionaries and we are talking 24/7! So you can imagine how different it has been this week! I feel like I'm training again! I do most of the talking, and she says a few words here and there. Some tours, she doesn't say anything at all because she's in so much pain! Poor girl! So I do my best, but I have really increased my appreciation and need for a companion. We support each other, we testify to what we are saying, and we both have different stories and backgrounds that can help the guests. If it's just one of us doing the missionary work, it's definitely not as effective. I am so thankful for a companion! Anyway, the jaw specialist gave Sister Vennerholm a bottle of muscle relaxants.... so her jaw doesn't have much pain... BUT, she is extremely tired all the time... I sometimes feel like I'm walking around with a zombie! haha A funny zombie. She is a good sport about it all, and tries her best to help out, of which I'm grateful for. We've had less time on the square too, so Heavenly Father has reached out His hand in love for us each day and allows us to witness some amazing miracles.
For example, we were about to head home when 2 men passing by us asked a question, and it ended up being an incredible conversation about the gospel. They were from NEW HAMPSHIRE! In the same city that I served for a week! The older man, Richard, was a sailor, and looked like one too! It was funny. His 25-year-old grandson Matt was with him, and he was the one that was super interested in the church. But every time we tried to teach him, his grandpa would interrupt with a story. I didn't know what to do... but prayer WORKS because then his cell phone rang so he excused himself for just the right amount of time that we could talk to Matt :) It was perfect! He wants to learn more and read the Book of Mormon! He's excited for us to call and share more with him too!
We've met some incredibly prepared people this week. I'm always in awe because Heavenly Father just places them in our path at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place. We planned to meet someone at the Tabernacle at 4pm and take them at the Conference Center. We headed that direction, and I saw a couple, and knew that we were meant to talk with them. Sure enough, we did! And we took them to the Conference Center, where we had a very open and spiritual conversation. They sat down and just soaked everything in that we were saying. They told us their beliefs (they aren't part of a specific religion), and they were so aligned with the Church's beliefs- I was amazed! As our love for them increased, so did our ability to be bold with them. They ended up referring for missionaries :) They said they weren't planning to come to Utah, but something happened in their trip that led them here. They believed that God sent them here just to talk to Sister Vennerholm and I! That was a special moment. They knew God sent them here for a reason, and they heard the whisperings of the Spirit telling them so. I love this gospel! :)
Sister Vennerholm and I have really been seeing the Spirit work through us this week. After our tours, we evaluate how they went, and that's when we realize that we both felt inspired to take them to the certain places that we did. It feels SO great to know that the Spirit is guiding both of us and helping us increase our unity and reliance on Him. I love being a missionary. There's no place I'd rather be right now. I am strengthening my relationship with my Father in heaven and with His Son, Jesus Christ. That brings true happiness! :)
I hope all is going well back in NV! I think of and talk about all of you almost everyday!!! You mean the world and more to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Sister Rochelle Frogget
PS: One more story! We were telling a couple about the temple, and started talking about eternal marriage. The man interrupted us by saying, "Oh yeah, I've heard about that! Don't you believe that women are eternally pregnant too?" ..... LOL! I thought he was joking at first... but he wasn't! I've never heard that one before! People think the weirdest things about us lol. I'm glad we could clear that up for him :)

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