Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TRANSFER CONFERENCE was yesterday! Tomorrow is when the new transfer starts. It'll be my 12th.... and last??!! Aaaaaah!
SOOOO.... are you ready for the news? My new companion will be..... SISTER DENNY!!!!!! She was my companion in the MTC! We started our mission together, and we're ending it together! We are both SO excited. And to make it even better, we are ZONE LEADERS!! :)  Neither of us have been ZLs before, but we are going to give it our all, do our best, and rely on the Spirit. AND have a ton of fun together. It'll be a good transfer :)
But this transfer isn't over yet! Not for a day at least :) Last week we met a genuine and sweet couple from the Philippines. They were truly prepared to hear this message. It made us smile whenever we taught them something because they were just in awe. Especially about the Book of Mormon. They're Catholic, but they don't agree with a lot of the practices, and they've been searching for something more. It was fun to see the lightbulbs turn on in their minds. You could see the sincerity in their eyes. They know where the church is near their home, and they plan on going the week after Conference!
We contacted a Russian Motorcoach. It was funny! And very long. They had so many questions. I wished I could speak Russian so I could help Sister Chernyshova out. But she did really well. One of the men came up to me and with broken English, he asked if I had ancestors who were Vikings. LOL. I wore my hair really big and wavy that day, so maybe that's why he thought that. HAHA :)
Did any of you (women) watch the General Relief Society Conference? Wasn't it incredible!? Our mission president allowed us all to attend in the Conference Center. We are so blessed! You will not believe this though... I guess there has to be opposition in all things! ...While 21,000 righteous women were in that building, listening to words from God, there was a group of 1,500 men and women who were running the "Underwear Fun Run." All of them were only wearing underwear and tennis shoes, as they ran from the University of Utah, to the capital, to Temple Square. They even gathered in front of the Beehive House to take a group picture! Security had to come and kick them out! HAHA! Luckily we were where we were supposed to be (in the Conference Center), so we didn't have to witness that.... although it would have been a funny sight! Can you believe that?! People protest in the weirdest ways!
On Sunday, we took a tour with 8 black Texans!! I bet it looked funny too, since Sister Vennerholm and I are probably the whitest sisters on Temple Square! Anyway, they were just having the time of their lives and loved being on such beautiful and peaceful grounds. None of them were very familiar with the Church. However, one of them, Virginia, had been given a Book of Mormon by a friend years ago, but she had always been afraid to open it up and read it because she didn't want to be confused. After coming here and learning more about it, she is now going to go dig it out of her shelf and read it. We didn't find that out till the end of the tour- but not coincidentally, Sister Vennerholm and I had focused our entire tour and teaching on the Book of Mormon. We expressed our love for it and really testified from our hearts. It all came from Above because Virginia needed to hear that in order to develop the desire to read the Book of Mormon. I love that book with all of my heart and know that it is the word of God. And if we study it and follow it, we will feel true happiness, and eventually be led back into our Heavenly Father's presence.
You are my treasure! I will pray lots for you this week! Have fun watching Conference. I'm so excited to hear the words of God through His servants.
Talk to you soon!
Sister Frogget

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