Monday, July 18, 2011

Hallo allesamt!!

(That's German! Sister Kleine is teaching me all kinds of fun phrases and words!)
Wow the weeks are just flying by here on Temple Square. Thousands of people pass through these gates. We have so many little miracles every single day as we talk with people and help them feel the Spirit here. It's great to be back! :)
The Lord seriously places specific people in our path. There are no such things as coincidences here. Ever since I've been with Sister Kleine, we've met more German people than I have throughout my entire mission! We took two huge motorcoach tours last week. They were all from different parts of Germany, and I couldn't help but think about BLAINE and how he's the one serving those people! I wondered if maybe he even knocked on any of their doors or walked down their streets. They are great and kind people, but not very accepting to religion at all. Blaine is doing an incredible work over there, and he's working HARD, that's for sure! He had FIVE investigators at church yesterday!!!! Can you believe that!? What a miracle! :) We've also taken many individual German tours. Two couples really liked everything, and almost referred for missionaries, but didn't. But a seed has been planted! Maybe Blaine will be the one to harvest it! :)

On Friday, we met a WONDERFUL family in the South Visitors Center. I seriously thought they were members. But we soon found out that they weren't. We took them around, and ended in the Conference Center. There's a big art gallery there of stories in the Book of Mormon, and they were completely fascinated by it- by the stories, and the concept of another book of doctrine on the American continent. They will be an amazing member family- some day soon!!! 3 other people referred in the Conference Center too! There's just an incredible atmosphere and Spirit there. It is evidence of the Restoration!

We've been taking big youth conferences and YSA groups around too. It's exhausting, but fun! I love being tired in the service of the Lord. We don't have NEAR as much time in the call center anymore, but with the little time that we do have, we've found a couple investigators from Missouri and Texas. Whoo! :)

We had a meeting the other night that was spiritually uplifting, and made me think. Just like it's important to know about the apostasy before you can understand the need for the Restoration, it's ALSO necessary to know about the fall in order to understand the need for the Atonement. I'm really trying to focus more on the Savior as I talk with and teach people. He's the CENTER of it all! Where would we be without Him? People need to understand that they NEED Him. I want you to think of your relationship with Jesus Christ. Why do you need a Savior? What does the Atonement mean to you? If someone were to ask you why they need a Savior, what would you tell them? ... just some interesting thoughts. It's harder than it seems to put it into words! But I'm doing all I can to strengthen my relationship with the Lord- really knowing who He is. Then I'll be able to understand and explain things with more power and conviction. I love my Savior and I know that He lives!!!!!

Hab' dich lieb und hoffe, du hast eine schoene Woche! (Deine Schwester ist verrueckt!)

All my love-

Sister Rochelle Frogget!!!

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