Thursday, January 6, 2011

Loving the Beehive House

Oh I just love getting on this computer and sending emails to my favorite people in the world!!!!! I love you and miss you all more than anything! :)

Well I'm loving the Beehive House more and more each day! It's starting to feel more like my own home! I get to show people around my home everyday and help them feel the Spirit while doing it! (Now we're just trying to convince President Holmes to actually let us LIVE there! There are some extra rooms upstairs- it would be perfect!.. I guess we can't be that spoiled haha) Well on Thursday I was able to take my first SPANISH tour in the Beehive House! It was challenging because I didn't know a lot of the words for certain things in the house, but luckily they were members and they helped me out a lot. They were so much fun and gave lots of referrals! I'm excited to make those calls! Speaking of which, I have a new investigator from Ecuador! He's living in Spain right now. His name is Marcello and he just loves the gospel :) He's my first Spanish investigator and it's awesome! My companion Sister Wilson has had some Haitian investigators so I'm learning some French too! :) We try to keep in touch with each of them about twice a week. I'll let you know what happens!

We have been meeting SO many prepared people at the Beehive House. There are a lot of skiers coming through, and many of them are not members. There was another wonderful Spanish family that came through and absolutely loved the home and the Spirit there. They had already referred on Temple Square and everything. They will be strong members of the church!

There are no more Christmas lights :( The last day of the lights was Sunday night. There are hardly any people on the square, compared to the last couple months! But God still sends his prepared children here to come here the gospel. I'm trying to get used to talking to nonmembers again. I was so used to talking with all the members and I have to switch modes! I'm really excited! I met a lady from MINDEN the other day!!!! What are the odds!!? She hadn't really heard about the church before. Unfortunately we didn't get to take her on a tour because we had another assignment, so I'm hoping that she went to Temple Square and talked with the sisters there. All I can really do at this point is pray that she did!

Guess what?!?! Today as a zone activity, we went to the printing distribution center!! And took a tour of the place! (it was interesting taking a tour instead of giving a tour! lol) We got to see how they make the Book of Mormon, ensigns, hymn books, magazines, booklets, etc, etc, of all the church-produced stuff! It was SO awesome! I'll attach some pictures to let you see some of it! It was a great experience! Dad, you would love it :) It's amazing to see everything that the church does so that we can have the things we need and so we can feel the Spirit!

Well I better get going! I'm really excited to hear from you soon! Much love!!!! xoxoxoxoxox


Sister Ro Frogget

PS: We didn't do anything for New Years! It was nice to forget about worldly things and just work for the Lord. I loved it.

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