Monday, January 31, 2011

I still love training

OK, so it's been almost 2 weeks now, and I still love training! I have been so blessed with Sister Woo- she is still so submissive and loves to teach. I think she's learning a lot more quickly than I ever did 8 months ago! Even though a lot of our teaching consists of role-playing since there aren't many people on the square, we still have chances to meet incredible people. There are random conferences in SLC, or layovers at the airport (both of which we pray for, so that we can spread the gospel!). We met an awesome young man named Matthew from Quebec Canada. He had a cool french accent :) He loved everything he saw and was very open to what we taught him. He referred during the tour, and we will be teaching him over the phone once he gets home!

One reason (out of many) that I love seeing miracles happen is because I get to see the glow of happiness on Sister Woo's face. One night we were praying for inspiration for who we could meet the following day. Three young women came to our minds. We planned to take them to the temple model, and then over to the Conference Center. We would then focus our teaching on the importance of a modern-day prophet. (Sister Woo even planned to share a quote from last General Conference). Can you guess what happened the next day? We met 3 young ladies in the Tabernacle and took them to the places we planned! And all their questions were centered around why or how we could have a modern prophet! Taking them to the conference center was powerful and the spirit was strong, especially when Sister Woo shared the quote by President Monson that she had planned to share. Aaaah it was awesome! And I couldn't stop smiling when Sister Woo kept talking about it in amazement afterwards. As President Holmes says, "Planning is everything." Especially here on Temple Square.

Chat is one of my favorite things to do in this mission. There, we see the extremes of everything. We are exposed to the most crude and obnoxious comments and questions, but at the same time, we come across some of the most prepared people who want to find true happiness in their lives- and have been led to Some amazing people (from all over the world) have come online this week! We are teaching quite a few of them over the phone now. Hong Kong, Philippines, Romania, Australia, Chile, United Kingdom, Ireland... I love chat!

I also love those pass-along cards that give a phone number to receive a free Book of Mormon or DVD. A man named Fernando called in the other day (Spanish speaking! yay!) and has lived a rebellious life, but wants to turn it around and make it better. He met missionaries on the street who gave him the card, and felt like he should call. I assured him (to the best of my Spanish-speaking abilities) that he could be forgiven as he comes unto Jesus Christ. My companion conferenced in and we taught him a lesson right then and there! He's now our new investigator :)

Last week I told you a little about Christina. She's incredible!! The missionaries over there in Missouri still haven't contacted her, but we continue to teach lessons over the phone, and she's keeping all of the commitments we give her! One night we had an appointment to call her, but we were late because of another phone call, so she called and left 3 voice messages, wondering where we were because she had something she needed to tell us. We quickly called her after our previous appointment, and she said she had been praying all week about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and all the things we taught her about. And she knows it's true and wants to join the church! (We have been praying SO hard for the missionaries to get our referral and get over to her house!) Every time we teach her, she just feels like it all makes sense. It's all right. I love being a missionary! :)

These past few months, I have been working really hard to come closer to the Spirit and listen to His promptings. I can testify that it works miracles, especially if you follow the feelings you receive! Learn how to recognize the ways he communicates with you. You will see the greatest blessings, protection, and love from it, I can promise you that! I know that the Lord is there and he loves each of us. We have more divine potential than we could ever imagine. Let's get to work and reach that potential!

I hope Derek had a HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY! I brag about him (and all of you) all the time :)
Can't wait to hear from you all again.

All my love,
Sister Rochelle Frogget
(Frogoo is our companionship name- Frogget & Woo put together- haha I thought it was funny)

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