Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wow, FINALLY. If you haven't guessed, MONDAY is now my new p-day! :) Blaine and I are the same now! haha. What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! But it's good to finally hear from all of you and to tell you all about this past week!

Ok so Monday of last week was... TRANSFER CONFERENCE! (one of the most exciting events of the transfer). Our zone gathered in a small room (there's about 20 of us in the zone) at 7:30 in the morning to find out what we would be doing this next transfer. The zone leaders went through the room, announcing what each sister would be doing. And of COURSE i was the last one to find out! And to my surprise, I found out that I'M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't focus very much the next 2 days after that, wondering what my new companion would be like or where she'd be from. We had a "trainer's training" by the APs (assistants to the president), and it really pumped me up spiritually. What a privilege it is to train... but also a huge responsibility! We're helping set the foundation for the rest of their mission! (which is SO true! I still do things the way my trainer did. It's amazing the influence they have on you). I was still way excited, especially as I was moving apartments (back to Deseret Apartments!) and getting the room set up and making her bed. I bought some chocolate for her and put a little note on her pillow :)

Wednesday was the big day! I was companion-less for a few hours, so I went on exchanges with Sister Zhou from China. Hilarious! We all gathered in the theater downstairs where all the trainees were sitting. I glanced over them and got SO nervous, and then really excited. All but 3 were from foreign countries, and all their names were hard to pronounce! One by one, they introduced themselves, and then the APs announced who their trainer would be. One of the sisters, Sister Woo, stood up and started speaking, and I knew right away that she'd be my companion! I just felt an overwhelming love for her. Sure enough, they announced my name and we hugged, took a picture, and went to eat lunch together! Sister Woo is from Singapore and is the cutest thing in the world. She's just so lovable. :) She's a bit quiet and more reserved, but has a heart of gold and a testimony of fire. She's cute!

Training so far has been SO much fun! I love being able to show her how the Temple Square mission works. She is so submissive and does whatever is asked of her. Our first few times on the square were mostly me talking because she didn't know what to say, but she's warming up a bit. We met two women up by the Christus- one was a member and one wasn't. As I was talking to the member, Sister Woo spoke with the nonmember and I saw her open up the scriptures and share a verse with her. Then she was bearing her testimony, and the lady ended up wanting to see missionaries! She is now our new investigator :) I was so proud :)

Sometimes it's rough on her. And I totally understand her because I got easily discouraged my first transfer. Whenever she gets discouraged (if there's rude people on the phone or on chat or on the square), we take a moment and talk it through. I feel so close to her and love her so much! I love training :) ... (We'll see if I feel the same way in a week or two lol).

Miracle time! Chat can be SO discouraging sometimes because there are so many trollers (people who are there just to waste our time), and they aren't sincere about learning. But we stopped and prayed for someone sincere to come online. Afterwards, a girl named Christina popped up, and as we were chatting, I couldn't believe my eyes. She was so prepared to hear the message of the Restoration, it seemed almost unreal! She even said, "You know, this all makes so much sense! How do I become Mormon?" We offered to have missionaries to come visit her and she happily accepted. We also offered to call and have a lesson with her right then! She agreed and we had an amazing lesson with her over the phone. What a great girl! She's 19 and living in Missouri. She will surely be our first baptism this transfer. :) That really got our spirits up and brought back the missionary fire that we need to carry forth with God's work.

We are getting new investigators like crazy!! I don't have room in our area book to fit them! :) Even though it's pretty slow on the square, the world is our mission boundry, and we're teaching some incredible people all over the earth. Including Africa, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, and Taiwan. Who else can claim the best mission in the world besides Temple Square!??! :)

Well my wonderful friends and family, it is now time for me to go! I love you all and appreciate your prayers. This is the true gospel, restored on the earth. Christ stands at the head of it. We must make Him the very center of our lives. I'm so proud to wear His name and be His representative! I love helping others come closer to Him and pray that He will be my strength and my guide in the year to come.

Can't wait to hear from you!!!


Love, Yours,

Sister Rochelle Frogget

PS: Yesterday was our EXPLORE DAY! (So Sister Woo could get to know everything on Temple Square) And we went to the Church History Museum! I LOVE that place!

Sister Kleine and I - Blaine is now in a town in Germany where her family lives! Flensburg I think!! She is so great. I'm excited for Blaine to meet her family.

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