Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can you say MIRACLES!?

Hello from beautiful Temple Square!!

Today is officially the last p-day of the transfer! Wow. I'll be hitting my half-way mark next transfer. CRAZY! Anyway, I probably won't have the same p-day next week, so just be warned that there might not be an email waiting in your inbox next Wednesday :)

Can you say MIRACLES!? This week has been FULL of them! Literally.
We have had many chances to go back to the Humanitarian Center, and I absolutely LOVE it. It makes the whole week so much better. If you haven't gone there to take a tour there, you SHOULD! It's very moving. There's a special spirit that is there, and my companion and I have had many chances to share it with those who come! As I've mentioned before, when we don't have any people coming in for tours, we go upstairs and do service (my favorite is putting together the newborn kits or the hygiene kits, but we tie quilts too!). On Thursday last week, we were tying quilts with some of the older service missionaries that serve there full-time. Sister Peterson was sitting with us and talking to us. Suddenly she got really quiet. Sister Wilson and I looked up and she almost had tears in her eyes as she said, "I just get goosebumps with you two sitting next to me! I feel the spirit so strongly and know that you're truly called of God to be His missionaries." She was so full of love and we were all uplifted and edified. It also gave Sister Wilson and I a good reminder that we really are God's instruments in carrying His work forth. It pumped us up for the next tours we took that day. We took around two ladies from Spain and Venezuela/Greece (both members of the church), and the one from Greece mentioned that coming here really strengthened her testimony and made her want to come closer to God. (I told you it's a powerful place!) That was my first Spanish tour there! (which was interesting, considering I've never taken a Spanish tour there and I didn't know much of the vocabulary! But the Lord helped me out and the Spirit attended us!)

OK so on Friday last week, I was in the public restroom, and 3 Hispanic ladies walked in. I said Hello and walked out. Then I had an overwhelming feeling that I would be taking a Spanish tour at that moment. When I walked out, my companion said, "You wanna take a Spanish tour?" Without hesitation, I immediately said yes because I knew this one was for me; I could feel it! Well it ended up being those 3 ladies that walked in the restroom, along with one other lady who spoke some English. I took them on the tour and they were all so full of love! (and patience, since I was struggling that day with my Spanish skills haha). Downstairs in the North visitor's center basement, I was telling them about prophets and Joseph Smith. I was stumbling over all my words and sentences. It was so frustrating! Then I had the feeling to just testify of the Book of Mormon. So I did so. I testified with all my heart that I had read it and prayed about it and knew that it was the word of God. That's when they felt the Spirit and the power of that book. Laura was one of the ladies, and she decided she wanted to have missionaries come teach her more! Aaah it was such a miracle- and the Spirit helped me so much. Meanwhile, as I was giving the Spanish tour, my companion was talking to the lady that spoke English. And she had been searching for the truth! Sister Wilson was able to explain about the restoration of the true gospel back on the earth, and the lady also wants to meet with missionaries! In fact, we're going to call her and teach her over the phone until they get there! :) :) :) A few days later, I took two more Spanish tours! One was with 2 huge families who were full of love and adored everything they saw! They both referred to have missionaries and we'll be teaching one of the families over the phone this week! (During the tour, Sister Wilson and I both had feelings that these people would be baptized one day! What a privilege it is to assist in bringing families into the fold of God!)

I can't remember how much I told you last week about Becky and Kevin- but they're some investigators we have in New Jersey. Well we called them last week and found out that the missionaries have met with them and will be coming back to give them the discussions! As we talked to them on the phone, they had a completely different spirit about them. Last time, they were slightly argumentative, but this week they bore testimony of the scriptures and knew this is what they need in their lives! We're hoping to have a baptism pretty soon with them!!

We have a new investigator this week! Marcello from Ecuador, who is living in Spain right now! (I think I mentioned him before, but he was only a potential investigator. Now he's one of our new investigators!) I gave my first Spanish lesson over the phone. We opened with a prayer and talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He had a few LDS friends before, so he knew some of it, and was even bearing testimony to me about the truthfulness of it all! I was amazed. The missionaries are coming to visit him TODAY actually! I'm excited to call him tomorrow to see how it all went and if they'll be coming by again. It's SO NEAT to have actual investigators now, and to be able to see how they progress and everything! ¡Que milagro! :)

One more story, and then I sadly must go :(
In the Beehive House we took 2 ladies from WISCONSIN on a tour! (Sarah, and Aunt Gloria, this one's for you! haha) They were mother and daughter and a little quiet, but as we went through the house, they opened up a bit. We explained how Brigham Young would study from the Book of Mormon. The daughter, Nicole, mentioned that she saw one of them in the hotel room and had flipped through it a little bit. They both asked a bunch of questions about it. We testified of its truthfulness and assured them that they could know for themselves. Nicole's eyes completely lit up. This was something she had been searching for her entire life. She took the book from our hands and thumbed through the pages in awe. She asked how she could get one and we told her about missionaries in her home town. She said, "I'd LOVE to have the missionaries come! Where do I sign up for that?!" We gave her the referral card and she filled out all her info. She said she had been searching for a church! We offered to teach her over the phone and she willingly and happily excepted! And so did her mother!

My wonderful family and friends- diligence and obedience are the keys to success, miracles, and happiness. I have seen it over and over again. I know the power of the Book of Mormon. I know the Spirit is real. God is gathering Israel from all corners of the earth, and you and I must stay worthy of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to assist Him in this work. May God bless you! I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

Sister Rochelle Frogget

PS: For all those who leave comments on my blog: I've never actually seen my blog- I can only send emails to my family and they post it, so please send me an email and I can reply via letters: rochelle dot frogget at myldsmail dot net. If you include your mailing address I can send you a letter. I can only send email to my family. Thanks!



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