Monday, June 13, 2011

The fruits of our labors


Another week has passed, and more and more people in Vermont are being brought closer to Christ! The fruits of our labors are starting to spring forth- I love it! We have taught basically all of the lessons to Nancy now, and she is just the sweetest thing on earth. She was bearing her testimony of the Savior in one of our lessons last week, and it brought me to tears. It was so fresh and sincere. Then she reminded us of back in February when she prayed and asked God what her standing was before the Savior, and what she could do to become better. A week later, the sisters knocked on her door. And now, 4 months later, she will be entering into the waters of baptism. She found what she was looking for. She's nervous and happy at the same time. She knows the responsibility that will come from being a member of the church, and she's ready to jump in with both feet. I felt such a connection with her and love her so much! I now have a renewed testimony of the reality of Jesus Christ and the depth of His Atonement.

Not only was Nancy found from tracting, but so were ALL of our investigators that we have right now! Tracting really is successful- whether you find people to teach right away, or plant seeds for missionaries to harvest later down the road, it works miracles! Last transfer, we were street-contacting and met a Peruvian young woman, Regina, by the bus-stop. We've been trying to get in contact with her ever since then, but haven't until this week!!! We finally found her at home and had a great lesson with her (I even got to use my Spanish!! YAY! It's been a while!). She's Catholic, but doesn't really believe in memorized prayers or things like that. She believes prayer should be a sincere conversation with God. She's been REALLY busy lately- with 2 jobs, and she doesn't really feel close to anyone here, so her strongest friendship right now is with her Heavenly Father. I really admired that. We were SO excited to hear that and we'll be teaching her again tomorrow!

We also have a lot of potential investigators to follow up with, and so far they've been promising and successful! I find the most success when I give my whole heart to my Father in Heaven. I love Him so much. I know that He lives. I know that He is shaping me into the woman He knows I can become. Christlike attributes are not easy to develop! It takes one step at a time, but He knows we can do it. My greatest desire is to become like my Savior. Jesus Christ. As I study about Him, I come to know Him more. As I bring others closer to Him, I come to know Him more. There is no greater joy or happiness! I pray for you, each individually. I pray for your happiness. I pray for your safety. I know that God has you in His hands. I know He lives.

I love you with all my heart!

Talk to you SOOON

<3 Sister Rochelle Frogget!

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