Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How are you doing? I hope it's a great valentine's day for you :) I LOVE Valentine's Day! Especially being on a mission! I have thought a lot about the love that the Savior has for each one of us. I read about that during my personal scripture study this morning. I wrote about it in my journal- how I can do better in showing my love for the Savior by being the best person and missionary that I can be, and to engrave His image in my countenance. I have a lot of work to do, but I'm praying for His help! Luckily I have all of you to look to as examples! And, of course, the Savior himself.

So funny story- I got a letter from Elder Williams who was serving over there in Gardnerville last transfer. He said that he was in the middle of a lesson with one of their investigators, when some of the Temple Square missionaries called! So I thought I'd clue you in on how the whole process works. Her son (who's in our ward in g-ville) came to Temple Square and talked to sisters here. He referred his mom, and the sisters called her. After talking with them, she realized that she wanted to have missionaries come teach her more. So the sisters sent her information to the elders and continued calling her, to share more over the phone, until they got there. That is what we call a new investigator. When the investigator keeps commitments, they're called progressing investigators. We continue to teach our progressing investigators until the missionaries get there. When the sister missionaries called her, the Elders were already over at her house! That is what we call an IRC (investigator referral confirmed)! We love those. :) Anyway, be sure to fellowship her! :)

Tuesday was an AMAZING day. We went to an incredibly uplifting and strengthening zone conference, which got us all pumped up to be better missionaries! THEN, we got back to the square, into the motors, and got an AWESOME email from Christina!!!! The missionaries finally reached her!!!!! And she's getting baptized on MARCH 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) Man, we were so happy when we found that out. Christina is incredible. She already shines the light of Christ. It was actually kind of sad to call her that night because since the missionaries reached her, we no longer give her any more lessons. We're going to call her tomorrow though, to see how church went yesterday, and how the lessons are coming along! The joy of missionary work is greater than I could ever express!! I wish you all could be out here with me to experience this! :)

That same day, we talked to a wonderful lady named Sharon, who is living in 2 places at once- Kansas City, and GARDNERVILLE, NV!!!! What a coincidence that my companion and I were able to talk with her over the phone! :) She had been reading a book by Glenn Beck, who mentioned how the Book of Mormon has brought him such peace and strength in his life. She has been looking all over in Kansas for one, but can't find it! She said she was flying to Nevada that weekend and she wanted to go to church and everything! Initially, I gave her the phone number for the Bishop Jackson and told her where the Mahogany building was located. But then I realized that she could just go with YOU, mom!! So I gave her your cell number. But unfortunately we haven't been able to get a hold of her. We still don't know if she went to church or not... Guess we'll try calling again tomorrow! :( Pray for her! And fellowship her the best you can- follow the Spirit! And give her the Book of Mormon!! :)

Another one of our investigators lives in Fallon, Nevada!! The missionaries there have already met with her and everything! I like having a connection with them. I love Nevada :)

So on Thursday, we were walking up to the Christus in the North visitors center, and Sister Woo saw some Asians by the Jerusalem map. She felt like she needed to talk with them. Except she didn't actually tell me that until later! We looked out the window and saw them all the way across temple square. And when I saw them, I knew we had to talk to them too. We walked really fast (since we're not allowed to run lol) across the square, and casually approached them. They're Koreans, just waiting outside the tabernacle for the organ recital. Since it wasn't going to start for another 20 minutes, we decided to take them to the South visitors center to see the temple model. We ended up talking about modern prophets and Thomas S. Monson. They both have families of their own, and loved the clip from General Conference that we showed them. One of them wanted to learn more from the missionaries! It's a good thing we chased them down! :) And a good thing that we both felt the promptings of the spirit!

That same day, we were in the tabernacle, and 2 men from Texas walked in. They were here on business. We talked about the Book of Mormon after getting to know them a little bit. One was very southern baptist and wanted nothing to do with it. They both were about to walk away, and I didn't feel like we had brought the Spirit enough to invite for missionaries, but the thought came to me to offer it anyway. I did, and the other man, Eric, said "Sure, of course! I'll have missionaries over! I want to read the Book of Mormon" If we hadn't asked, we would have never known that he wanted to read it! (Ask and ye shall receive, right? :) That was a little mini-miracle, and a lesson that we should invite everyone. Even if they don't seem interested.

This weekend, the weather has been AMAZING!!! (although I'm not sure how long it will last!) The sun is shining, people are actually on Temple Square, and it's beginning to feel like summer again! We only had 2 hours on the square on Saturday, so we planned to walk through the south visitors center and go to the tabernacle. The amazing thing was- we never made it all the way through the visitors center because there were people EVERYWHERE! It was awesome. Everywhere we turned there were people to talk to. And we had some very spirit-filled discussions... amongst ones that were either very awkward, hateful and bitter, disinterested, or basically anything you could think of. The bad experiences make the good ones that much better! We meet so many different people. I love it.

Wow, it looks like my time is up! I could seriously tell you stories all day. Being a missionary has its difficulties, but the rewards are so much more numerous!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day! I like to make it a day to be happy and love others to the best of my abilities!


Your daughter and friend,
Sister Rochelle Frogget

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