Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Entirely worth it

Aaaaaah I can't believe Blaine hasn't gotten his call yet!! That's crazy! I've been looking forward to checking my email ALL week so I could find out!! But I guess I'll have to go through the torture one more week!!! Good luck Blaine! Be sure to pray to heavenly Father to know that the place where you get called is where the Lord needs you. If you are willing to go ANYWHERE in the world to serve the Lord (yes, that includes Provo haha), He will reveal unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost that you are needed in that specific place. I'm SOOO happy for you!!! :) This is so exciting!!! :)

This week has been CRAZY! And full of people that I know!!! I LOVE IT! First of all, I saw the Redds! I immediately recognized Jennifer Ogles' parents when I saw them. We saw each other in the Family Search Center, and her mom knew I was related to Cathy because she said I look and sound exactly like her lol :) So that was fun! Good luck to Lydia Ogles!! If you're reading this, I love you and hope you have fun at snow college! :) I also saw the CROSSMANS!!! We were on a Japanese and English tour (mixed), and we ran right into them in the Tabernacle!!! It was an answer to their prayers and it completely made my day! They kindly took us out to lunch at Nauvoo Cafe which was SO delicious, and it was so much fun to catch up with them! They're such an example to me. I love them so much!!! A couple days later, we finished our assignment in FS and I ran into Sarah Rands and her husband Trevor! It was so good to see them!! As we took them on a tour, someone even asked if Sarah and I were sisters :) Saturday was the craziest day. Grandma and Grandpa Frogget came to visit me in FS! We looked up some of our ancestors but unfortunately didn't find much... weird! I guess I'm not completely Family-Search-savvy yet! But I'm getting there! We took a picture at Ellis Island and then I had to get to work so it was a short visit. I love you Grandma and Grandpa!! :) After our shift I ran into my wonderful roommate from BYU- Dana Bramhall!! Who is now ENGAGED!! Aaaah they're super cute together and they're getting married in the SLC temple, so maybe I'll see them! :) (not likely). Do you remember Shawn and Paula Heusser (I think that's how you spell it)? They recognized me but sadly I didn't really recognize them lol :( They're from the Dayton ward, and Paula was the photographer at Girls camp. Tara do you know who I'm talking about? They were here for a family reunion. Later that day (this is still Saturday), a random lady walked up to me and said, "I've been looking for you! You're beautiful!" and I was slightly confused because I had no idea who she was. It turns out that she is Grandpa Ron's cousin so we're related!!! She hugged me and was glad to see the name Frogget on a missionary name tag. Her name is Jean Erickson Barnes. And she's a host at the Conference Center. So that was kinda fun to meet a distant relative! Last but definitely not least, I saw AUNT GLORIA AND UNCLE MARK!!!! When I saw them I threw my stuff down and ran into Gloria's arms. She hurt her right arm a while ago, so I think it was a painful hug for her (sorry Aunt Gloria!!! lol). We talked for a little bit- I was sooo happy to see them! They're moved back into their house in Provo! :) We only got to talk for a few minutes because we had to go to the Referral Center (RC). It was weird because Saturday was the day that I spent the LEAST amount of time on the square, and yet I saw so many people that I know or have connections with! It was great! :) Now all the sisters in the mission keep bugging me because they got so many people asking for Sister Frogget! Apparently more people came looking for me but didn't find me :( Make sure to call guest services and set up a 30-minute tour with me! Then I'll be able to see you! :)

Well this week has been full of miracles!! Miracles happen every day, every hour here! I love it! :) One of them was in the referral center!! I was making phone calls and I came across Sonya Davis on my list. She's actually a potential referral that I got from an Elder at the MTC a few months ago. I have called her so many times over the past few months and kept getting the answering machine. I was confident that I would get sent to the voicemail again, and since we're not encouraged to call more than 5 or 6 times, I decided to delete her off my list. But before hitting the delete button, something told me that I should try ONE more time. So I did, and amazingly enough, she ANSWERED!!! I talked to her about the church and it turns out that she has been visited by missionaries plenty of times before. She's actually in the middle of reading the Book of Mormon! As we talked, she told me that she's not sure if it's true, but she keeps reading it. I encouraged her to follow Moroni's promise and to listen to and look for the feelings that come into her heart as she prays to know if is truly the word of God. She said she would. Then, I was prompted to challenge her to baptism!!! So I started talking about Jesus Christ and how he was baptized even though He was sinless. He needed to set an example for all of us to follow. We all need to be baptized just like Christ was- by the proper authority and in the proper manner. I asked her if she would do that once she came to the knowledge of the truthfulness of the BOM and the gospel. And she said she would!!! It was an awesome conversation and I was glad that I followed the prompting to call one more time! :)

As we were contacting on the square yesterday, I met an old lady from Arizona named Carmela. She was so sweet. We talked for quite some time and I brought up the Book of Mormon, her countenance completely changed and she started getting really upset. She said she needs nothing more than the Bible. She told me the Bible warns us not to add to it and it was almost like something came over her as she went on and on about how evil the Book of Mormon is. It was slightly frightening to see that change in her, but I calmly and happily explained the purpose and content of it. I was reminded of 2 Nephi chapter 29. Carmela completely fulfilled that scripture!! You should read it! There will be plenty of people that say they need nothing more than the Bible. And Carmela was one of them!

Yesterday we got to spend the entire day on the square! Which is so weird after spending so much time in family search! We also got to go see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in the conference center!! It was INCREDIBLE! The Spirit was so strong! It strengthened and renewed my testimony in so many ways and I was as happy as can be the rest of the day. Renewed testimony brings miracles in missionary work. As I testified with more passion and more strength, people were able to feel the Spirit more strongly and want the missionaries to teach them at home! I now pray each and every day to receive a renewed testimony in some way so that I can continue to testify with the Spirit and more easily bring this happiness to others! I love this work so much!! As hard as it can be sometimes, the miracles make it entirely worth it. I love you all and miss you! You're always in my prayers!

Much love,

Sister Frogget!!!!

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