Friday, June 18, 2010

Visitors Center Training

Happy Friday!!!! My p-day got changed because I am now part of another district!! We started the Visitors Center Training on Wednesday and it is absolutely amazing!!! It was very sad to see the Elders in our district leave, but it is nice to be with a bunch of sisters (they smell a lot nicer too!!! hahaha) Life is so wonderful here. I honestly think that EVERY single person should have the opportunity to serve a mission. It's the best thing in the world. The 3 sisters that I live with and I all talked to a returned missionary who served at a visitors center and she shared so many wonderful things! I am seriously SO lucky to be going to temple square. There's honestly no place I'd rather go. We get to go on a little field trip to temple square and go on splits with the sisters that are already there!! how cool is that?!? I sure hope Tara is having a blast at EFY. She is in my prayers often. Was Blaine able to come visit? How is the family reuniting? I sent a letter to Dad at the Nielson's house, so hopefully you got it! I love you guys so much! I sure enjoy hearing from you as often as I do. You mean the world and more to me. I wish I had more time to tell you about the experiences that I have each and every day! It's incredible! I am closer to my Heavenly Father than I have ever been before and it is amazing to see how the Spirit works so closely with us if we will have the faith to do it and the patience to listen! I would encourage you to develop such a relationship with the Spirit. Having Him as a constant companion is more than I could ever explain in words. Mom, Thank you SOOO so so so much for the package!! It made me so happy! Your cookies were delicious and everything else was just what I needed! (Except I didn't mean to have you send these gray pants! I was talking about my blue jeans! Sorry! If you want these ones back, I can totally send them!) You're so sweet. Thank you so much. And I got the coat the day after that! It's way cute! Thank you thank you!! You're an angel! :) Sister Denny and I taught 2 lessons in the mock visitor's center last night. It went absolutely amazing and smoothly!! We taught with the Spirit and from our hearts. It'll be awesome to teach real people with real needs and real problems!!! Life is so good!!! I love being a missionary!! :) On Monday I had a sudden feeling that you guys were close by!!! I felt your presence!!! Come to find out, you were driving by the MTC!!! Thank you for driving by and saying hi!! I was there in spirit :) I went to the temple this morning hoping you would drive by, but EFY doesn't end till tomorrow so I suspect you'll be coming tomorrow morning. But like I said, you should drop by temple square visitors centers and see if you can't find me!!! If you don't, then it's not meant to be. The Lord probably wants me to concentrate on the mission, so maybe we won't see each other. But I still love you so much!

I see Nick Hales all the time here! He'll be here for a LOT longer than I will!!! He contacts me in spanish it's pretty cool :)

Oh by the way, when the MTC called, I was THERE WITH HER! I wanted to yell out and say hi to you but it wasn't very appropriate lol. I ended up going to the orthodontist on Monday. It was a fun field trip. It was weird being off MTC campus though. The Spirit was definitely not as strong when we left. It was amazing when we came back! I'm getting new retainers and we have to pick them up on Monday. So another field trip, yay! Who knew going to the orthodontist could be so exciting! :)

I love you so much and thank you for everything you do. Send as many dearelders as you can before next wednesday! Have fun and no stress!!! I love you with all of my heart and being. I think and pray for you often!! MUCH LOVE

Sis Ro Frog xoxoxoxoxox

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