Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No fires this week- except for the Spirit of God, like a fire is burning!! The Spirit has guided us SO much this week. Sister Denny and I are really learning to stay close to Him and be BOLD and loving with our investigators, and with the people on the square. We have an investigator named Jorge- Sister Denny met him on her outbound! in North Carolina! We have been teaching him and trying to get him to church. The lessons have been powerful. He knows this is the path he needs to take... it's just going to take a while before he enters into the waters of baptism. To hear his prayers is SO amazing. He is so sincere and pure and loving when he prays. He knows what he need to do. The time will come when he actually does it. Sister Denny is planning on flying out to NC to witness his baptism :)
Remember a few weeks ago, when Sister Vennerholm and I met this young man named C. E.? I was prompted to go talk to him... and now I know why!! He is GOLDEN! We called him for a lesson, and he said he was here on Temple Square! (He lives in Salt Lake City, going to medical school! lol). So we left the call center and had a lesson with him on the square!! He loves everything we teach him, and is now praying every night (his prayers are also so honest and heartfelt); he went to church last Sunday, and accepted the invitation to be baptized!!! I sure hope he can meet with the missionaries soon, so he can take the lessons and get baptized within the next 2 weeks!!! Not likely, but I would absolutely LOVE to see his baptism. He has progressed so much and is coming to know the truth.
The Referral Center this week has been INCREDIBLE. The most memorable conversation I had was with SHELBY. Her member friend that referred her is named Rochelle!! She is an AMAZING member missionary and already invited Shelby to go to church this past Sunday! and gave her a Book of Mormon. Shelby had gone to youth groups of other churches before, but didn’t find any fulfillment in them. She knew something was missing. I testified of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. I told her it will fill the hole in her heart that she might not even know is there, and it will give her the fulfillment she’s looking for. She is SO excited to have the missionaries (and Rochelle) all come over and teach her. And she’s super excited to go to church today and feel the Spirit. We completely clicked and will probably be friends after the mission! We’re teaching her this Wednesday!!!
One morning, we were all walking to the square, past the reflection pool, and we saw THE CUTEST young family, posing for a picture in front of the temple. They were all dressed in white. There was a mom and dad, 2 adorable little girls, and a TINY little boy with a white suit and tie. SO CUTE! They had just gotten sealed in the temple together. It was one of the most precious things I've ever see on my mission. I wish I had taken a picture. I know that families can be together FOREVER. The temple is truly the House of the Lord, where those sacred ordinances are performed by the proper priesthood authority from God. Family is SO sacred and SO special. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! and I LOVE YOU, FAMILY!!! :)
ALL my love and prayers to you!!
Sister Rochelle Frogget

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