Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring in full force

Hi again!

Long time no talk, eh?? It was SO much fun talking to you last night! I love you all so much and can't thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm as I serve. You are my GEM!

Like I mentioned on the phone, Spring is coming in full force, and it is breathtakingly beautiful here! I really feel like I'm in a landscape magazine! It's gorgeous. When I'm not the one driving, I just stare out the window in awe because of all the green rolling hills and trees everywhere! I love it! It has been raining a LOT here. Which has been causing a lot of flooding. We knock on people's doors and they say it's a bad time because their basement is flooded. Roads have turned to rivers. The lake is higher than ever. And there's still so much snow in the mountains that will be melting soon, meaning more flooding.

We've been tracting a lot of boonie areas too, so that means a lot of walking in the mud and puddles. I take full advantage of it, since we don't get much of that at Temple Square! I was jumping in all the puddles like a little girl, and my companions thought I was insane. We sing hymns and share miracles to keep us focused on the work, and to stay happy!

We've been having lessons left and right, attended a baptism (one of the Elders' investigators), and uplifting the members. The ward here is incredible. They are all such great missionaries, and they help us as much as they can. They have helped set an example for me- for who I want to become and how I want to act. That's the beauty of living in families and wards and in friendships- so we can all uplift and strengthen each other, and buoy each other up. I love relationships with people and the love that we can have for each other. It all comes from our Heavenly Father. I've really been striving to have more of His love and His Spirit in my life. In fact, as a companionship, we've decided to pray about ways we can improve as missionaries so we can come closer to Him and really set this area on fire (as far as missionary work goes lol).

Talking to you was such a boost! That was the last time that I'll be talking to you until November! Crazy! I'm trying to treasure each moment out here. They go by fast and they don't last forever. I love this work and I love my Savior. I know Jesus Christ lives and I know this gospel to be true. It has brought me the greatest happiness. I LOVE IT! and I love you!

Have a wonderful week and remember what Christ has done for you!!

Sister Rochelle Frogget

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