Saturday, March 12, 2011

TWO baptisms this weekend

Transfer number two with Sister Woo is pretty coo! :) We are having a blast together. Seriously. AND, we are having SO much success. God is pouring out his blessings upon us. We have also had some of the most spiritual and humbling experiences this week. I'm excited to tell you about them.

First off, we got an email yesterday from a man named Otus. He's from Malaysia, but currently living in Nigeria. He came onto last transfer and had terrible English, so we didn't understand what he wanted. But we found out his home address and sent him the address for the local church in his area. We also got his phone number and called him a few weeks ago, but again, we couldn't understand a word he was saying. So we hoped for the best and emailed him a link to the Book of Mormon. Well our email yesterday informed us that he initially came onto as a joke, but then he went to church one Sunday, met the missionaries, started taking the lessons, and is GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! He bore his testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and thanked us humbly for helping him find the truth. Wow.... talk about a miracle! We really didn't do much, but now another one of God's children is coming to his fold! :)

That makes for TWO baptisms this weekend!! Because guess who.... CHRISTINA!!!! is getting baptized on Saturday!!! We just called her last night and she's super excited about all her new friends and ward family members who are supporting her at her baptism. She promised us pictures, so I'll be sure to send those once I get them! She did send us some cute pictures of her, so I'll attach one to the email :)

I now want to tell you all about one of the most incredible experiences I've had on my mission. This one is up at the top for best experiences! It was early in the morning. The square was really slow. Sister Woo and I were walking around in the North Visitors Center with no one to talk to. Suddenly, some sisters who were assigned at the front desk told us there was a tour with 2 people at West Gate, and we should go take it. We walked in that direction, but saw no one. We figured some other sisters had taken it. But I felt that we should walk by anyway, just in case. We did, and we were surprised to meet a couple waiting for us by the Tabernacle- Kevin and Kathy: from Louisiana, on vacation for their anniversary, both members of the church, and both blind. They had never been to Temple Square before and wanted a tour. We happily introduced ourselves and began showing them around. These two were wonderful!!! They followed the sound of our voices and footsteps as we guided them to the Assembly Hall. We told them all about it, and they marveled at the original benches and pillars, but they were even more impressed with the Spirit that they felt there. They are SO sensitive to the Spirit. Of course they rely more on other senses since they can't see, and feeling the Spirit is one of them. That's what made the whole tour amazing. They were able to feel everything. Physically and spiritually. They felt that same spirit in the Tabernacle. We had the most profound conversations about what life is all about, and what matters most. Sister Woo and I were both so humbled. Kevin and Kathy were so happy, so grateful for what they have, so humble, so loving, so successful (Kevin makes furniture and is a full-time student, while Kathy is a full-time stay-at-home mom! They have 3 kids together!). And they can't even see anything with their eyes.... just imagine.... wow. The part that beats most other experiences I've had on temple square is when we took them up to the Christus. We were the only ones in the room. We explained what the murals and the statue of Christ looked like. We bore testimony of Jesus Christ, and one of their first questions was if they could go up and touch His feet. (That is seriously something I had never thought to do! During my whole mission! Yet it's so obvious! Of course it would be appropriate to go up and touch his feet!). We guided them up to the statue. They touched his toes and then felt the prints of the nails in His feet. Everything was quiet. We didn't say a word. The statue was too tall for them to touch His hands, but they stared up into the face of the Savior, and paused for a moment. Think about that..... it was one of the most spiritual moments of the tour, and of my mission. Sister Woo and I even had the chance to touch the prints of the nails in His feet- something we had never done before. Then I gazed up with them, and I pictured the time when Jesus Christ will come again- and Kevin and Kathy can go up and touch His feet... His hands... and His face, and then be healed by Him and look into His eyes. As I pictured that, tears came to my eyes and i was humbled even more. They each had such a profound love for the Savior, and I seriously saw light shining from their eyes and their entire beings. They shared their conversion stories with us- they both converted a few years ago- Kevin through the missionaries, and Kathy a little later, through Kevin. We went on to explain paintings and statues and displays. It gave us a new perspective on life itself. Going to the Conference Center auditorium was incredible as well. They didn't want to leave because they felt the Spirit so strongly there. We took them up to the second floor, to the Hall of Prophets- all the statues (busts) of the prophets since Joseph Smith. This was a new experience as well because they wanted to touch and study each prophet's face- study their features, their facial expressions, everything. (Kathy noticed that President Hinckley was the only one smiling. "He was such a jolly man!") Even though they're both recent converts, they both have SO much knowledge about the gospel and the history of the church! I was amazed. They really know what's important in life. Like I said, it was such a humbling experience. We're not sure why Heavenly Father blessed us with such a miracle, but we thanked Him for it and will treasure that moment for the rest of our lives. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. It broadened my perspective on life and filled me with love. Kevin and Kathy will always be remembered, and I'm sure they will continue to inspire and change lives. I look forward to the day when I can see them again. I love this life and this gospel. I know without a doubt that it's TRUE! There's no denying that- now it's time to LIVE it and endure happily to the end, till the Lord shall say the work is done, and we can all enter into His rest.

I really can't add anything after sharing that. The gospel is true my friends! and I LOVE being a part of this work!


Sister Rochelle Frogget

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